Is Obedience legalism?

One of the most contentious debates among Christians today

Unfortunately, the popular thinking and beliefs among Christians today is to “obey” laws  in the bible is “outdated” and not necessary. But we can look at scripture for a clear view.

One of the strongest and direct text found is (1 John 2:4)) “He that says ‘I know Him’ and keepeth not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him”. What we find here is that original greek word for commandment here is “entole”. And once you study other scripture you find the word “entole” means the 10 commandments (or moral law). So John is plainly saying we MUST keep His commandments to KNOW Him. You see to know Christ is to love Him and to love Him is to OBEY Him. Look at the original sin of the world. Did it not come from disobedience?  God in His infinite wisdom placed the tree of Knowledge as a “test” of our obedience. He needed something to point to, to see if Man could “prove” his love of God by OBEYING God’s command. God, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit DO NOT CHANGE. The real test of ‘love” is whether we are willing to “obey” Him. But as His word says “the commandments are not burdensome” (1 John 5:3) The Master Himself gave us direct words on “how” to love Him (John 14;15) “If you love me keep my commandments”. Now there is NO confusion “what” commandments He is talking about. It is again the word “entole”.

Here is where the problem comes in. Most people are happy to go to church on Sunday and profess to be a “Christian” but if they have to  CHANGE their lifestyle, then that’s a different story. Unfortunately most people today are not looking for the truth. They are looking for a smooth, comfortable religion which requires not much “obedience”. If they work their religion around “their” schedule they are happy to have such lifestyle. But ask them to obey His moral law (ten commandments) like devote an entire 24 hour period to the Lord (Sabbath) and they bring up 1000 excuses. “Oh done away with”   “oh I do my own 24 hour period when I can” “oh the Lord doesn’t really mean the seventh day, he means the first(sunday)  I ask them give me a direct commandment from the scripture where it says “Thou shall keep the FIRST day of the week holy”

To sum  up let us never think to obey is to do outdated or foolishness. Let us do as James points out in scripture (james 1:22)” Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, lest you deceive your own selves”

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