Let us act on what we receive

In the last post I wrote about how we should be on the “lookout” for God’s answers to our prayers. Now, I wish to discuss how we must “act” on what we receive sometimes.

As many of you know, I have talked about the many ways God can answer your prayer request. For me personally it seems to be dreams. Many questions I have had were indeed “answered” in a dream by God. And an important thing to remember is that when we receive  an answer or sign from God, if at all possible SHARE IT. Jesus said (Matt 5:15) “neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it gives light unto all that are in the house”. ( Luke 8:39) ” Return to your house, and show what great things God has done for you”.  In other words SPREAD the wonderful thing that God has done! Other’s may be inspired.

When Ellen White began to receive visions of the last days messages from God, it is said that a man named Hazen Foss received the same visions months before. But unfortunately he did not “act” upon them, to tell of them to the people. How sad it is when we too keep silent on our special signs and wonders received by God.

For awhile I have prayed a prayer about a certain person who is close to me. This person is a professing Christian. As far as I know he seems to be walking uprightly before the Lord ( except for the Sabbath). That has really concerned me. I mean, I asked God “is it possible this person is righteous still?”  This person even walks the streets telling people about Jesus. So I was in turmoil of the situation. But the answer came.  I got a dream about a week ago.

In this dream I am in the car with this person. I am in the passenger seat and he is driving. I look over at him and his eyes are open yet glazed over , almost like sleep walking (driving). Then I look ahead and there is a car coming straight at us! In a panic I reach over and grab the wheel   and steer it away and we just miss it. I look at him and say “what’s the matter with you!!?”  Then I awake. It took alittle while but the answer became clear.

God was telling me that this person is heading down a dangerous path. He is not fully awake of God’s truth and I am to reach out and warn him (try to help him). As I attempted to do this already in the past, it was now from God. So I must now “act” upon this vision. I must let him know about this dream and perhaps it will “awaken” him to some things. Sometimes we must do things that may seem hard to do, nevertheless it is right before God.

If, for example, you get a dream about your uncle Charlie and he’s in distress, it could be God telling you to reach out to him. That is why I say be aware of things sent by God  and then ACT on them.

In my case with this person I think it’s clear God was telling me that even when people “profess” to know Him and remain committed to ignoring and breaking His Commandments, they are NOT walking righteously before Him.

So remember to be ready to act on God’s signs and wonders given you. Please pray for “Rob’s special person” to have God open his eyes and to see the error of his ways.   Yours in Christ.

5 Responses to “Let us act on what we receive”

  1. wilfred Ondande Says:

    Yes !brother Rob it is true,we must be used to divine communications.Sometimes people do not understand the language of heaven,and that inability signifies our state of being too much involved with worldly affairs thereby benumbing our spiritual eyes,a fact which makes it impossible to discern tokens of God’s language.
    An important information brother Keep it up .you will arose many to their assumed responsibility,me included.

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Amen brother Wilfred. Yes, God reaches out to us and we should be ready to respond. Blessed are those who hear and “act”, thanks Wilfred.


    hi there, ope u a all fine, be blessed all


    long time since i last commented here , the problem was i used not to fill in the website, now i have succceded, Thanks bro rob, for yo inspiring and teaching messages. well this posts is so good. BUT ME personally i hardly dream, but i believe GOD answers my prayers in different ways apart from dreams. you are so blessed that GOD answers u in such a way, on the other hand, i do believe some pple are answered in dreams but dont take such dreams so important, how can some one answered in a dream know that surely this is GOD speaking to me not just mystries?

  5. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Nice to hear from you Barbra. That is ok that you don’t receive dreams from Him, not all are given messages through them. But you asked a good question. When we pray for a “specific” thing, we should be on look out for the answer. It may come in all different kinds of forms. People, writings, dreams, visions, etc. So if you get a dream that is NOT in response to a concern or request you made of God, it may well be just your own dream.

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