” The 144,000 “

Recently many in the world braced for a startling “end of the world” as we know it on May 21, 2011.  The false prophet Harold Camping AGAIN was wrong in predicting the end of the world or in  his words the ” rapture” of 200,000,000. Yet far from being the end of the world, instead  it would be a monumental day in my Christian walk. I would be  “stunned” by the end of that day. The Lord told me something beyond doubt that would shock me, but it WAS CLEAR and has greatly affected me. I must share this in a spirit of hope but also stern warnings.

I must tell you upfront,   due to the most important nature of this message it will be the longest I have ever posted .

Last week I posted on another site, how apostle John,  and how God had trusted him to write His last book to humanity(Revelation). It would be the “deep” things of God, which God knew John understood and was worthy to write. Of those deep things, possible the most mysterious and baffling is the subject of the 144,000 sealed “servants”. I was not unlike the many who were stumped as to the direct meaning of this. So I have prayed for a while “Lord, is that a literal number or a symbolic one, please guide me as to the correct understanding of this?”  I didn’t forget to remind Him I wanted the truth on this matter, for it was growing more  and more of a concern. Let me tell you why it concerned me.

The Lord works things out in His perfect way.When I was a
baby SDA member, I remember being asked by “oldtimers” of the church to go to lunch at the local restaurant. Thinking nothing of it, I said sure. Later as my walk developed I learned it was a “bad” thing to do on the Sabbath- buy and sell (Nehemiah 10:31). So then I scratched my head and wondered  — how is it that these people who have been Seventh Day Adventist for so long think nothing of breaking God’s CLEAR instruction on keeping His Holy Day–HOLY?”   That bothered me. His word was ignored for their “customs”.

Then later as I began to become familiar with the church and the people,  I discovered many would not keep their word with me. We would talk and agree to do something and I would notice nothing would come about what we discussed. As if we never discussed it! I didn’t feel right about reminding them so I just blew it off. It was the motivation for my post “Just how important is our word?”  listed under “keeping our word” on www.oursword.blogspot.com in Feb. of this year. This also greatly bothered me.

Believe me I am far from being perfect, but I do believe in the basic good principles of keeping my word and GOD’S WORD. These two CANNOT be compromised! As I let go of my Idols (things I put before the Lord) I can see sin clearer and clearer and my walk grows.  I have hid in my heart the following words of God  (Isaiah 59:2-3) “But your sins have seperated you from your God , so that He will not hear you. For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity, your lips have spoken lies, your tongue has muttered unrighteousness.” God CANNOT listen if we insist on doing unrighteousness.

Then the MOST disturbing thing happened about a month ago. One of our local churches , the Desert Hot Springs Seventh Day Adventist church, I learned owned a large property next door to the church. As I happened to be driving by it, it occured to me to stop by one of the businesses that was in the large property the church owned. It was a chiropractor office. I got their number from the sign and I called and asked ” Are you guys opened on Saturday?”   They said  “Yes we are”. I said thanks and hung up. I was in mild shock and many thoughts ran through my mind.

As I was driving down the road after I heard that I couldn’t contain myself and wept. I felt so sad and devestated for our Lord. Here was His “professed” people telling people to keep His holy Laws and His Sabbath yet profaning His Holy day right in front of His face!!  The words of His Commandment “within your gates” are dead words to that churches leaders.

The Lord was watching all this. What I would do?, how I would respond to these abominations? HE REMEMBERED MY EARNEST PRAYER! The 144,000. He would not let me down and would answer this BEYOND DOUBT.

I did not know this scripture ( Ezekiel 9:4) “…set a mark upon the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry for all the abominations that are done in the midst thereof “. But I soon was to know in a big way.On the eve of May 21, I prayed again to know the truth of the 144,000. Because I had been thinking that just maybe this was the actual saved “servants” number somehow(within the SDA in these last days),  due to all the unrighteousness I was witnessing in our SDA churches. The next morning (Sabbath) I got two signs CONFIRMING it was a real literal number. But the clincher was a sermon the Lord guided me to hear. It was SO CLEAR I must tell you IT IS A MUST TO HEAR!  If you never listen to anything else I say PLEASE listen to this. Your salvation may very well depend on what is discussed in it because it applies to today’s truth for those professing the Lord.

If anyone who is of the SDA faith say’s that the sealing of Ezekiel and Revelation are not one and the same sealing, then they do not   believe Ellen White’s words were inspired of God, plain and simple. That means ALL her words cannot be relied upon. We cannot pick and choose.

The sermon is called “The 144,000, who are they?” you can order this free CD, and some other end time CD’s from this site http://www.11th-hourministries.org/audio/cd_request.html or if you prefer, you can listen now online to it here http://shepherds-rod-speaks.org/2010/11/the-144000-who-are-they/ 

The speaker , brother Glenroy Matthews ,  ties in beautifully Ezekiel, Revelation and Ellen White’s writings (I believe she was indeed a Prophetess).I found NO ERROR in this sermon (believe me I even triple checked it’s references). It reveals truths that  many in their wildest dreams aren’t  aware of. The truth I have learned is that Ellen White said that the Revelation sealing and Ezekiel 9:4 sealing are ONE AND THE SAME!

But our Lord had been watching me observe so much sin and error of the people around me that He knew I was ready for these truths. I now am called by God to share it without compromise. I feel a sense of power yet BIG responsiblity because THERE IS HOPE but also a most serious warning I must give.

The next night I got a dream (further confirmation). In it I am helping someone find a key to a locked room, someone gives me a large book, it has alot of numbers and many pages. I quickly scan down to the middle of page and find the right number which helps find the key. The people are amazed and so am I.  The Lord was telling me I have a new “key of truth”. a very hard to find important truth that I must use to help people open their hearts and mind to the truth.

Now, I would like to reveal more of what I have been shown. Basically God has two people in the world right now . The “gamers” and the “non-gamers”, meaning that the gamers are those professing and trying to follow His word(varying degrees of success). The non-gamers are out of the stadium, not even “trying” to keep His word, they don’t care and are sold out to the lusts of this world.

Of all the gamers, He is watching closely the ones who have “the truth” in the form of His Laws. This defintely would be the Seventh Day Adventists. They know above all other denominations the “truth” as said in scripture. BUT  because of this truth known  by these people there is a big responsiblity and accountabilty to the Lord. Once we know about the Sabbath and His Commandments, we must keep it holy and WALK IN THEM.

And here is the most important part of this whole message   WE  MUST  HATE  SIN!  Let me repeat that   WE  MUST  HATE  SIN!  For God knows we truly love Him if we hate sin, because when we do, we are professing we LOVE RIGHTEOUSNESS. Ellen White nails it when she wrote “The Lord abhors indifference and disloyalty in a time of crisis”. She also said (desribing the end times) of God’s people “They will feel most strongly the wrongs done by God’s professing people”.

The STARTLING truth I have been told is that you must “sigh and cry” for sins you see and hear. Admonishment MUST come from you if you are made aware of sin. For by doing so you are no longer connected to it and can “save” yourself from that sin.

I certainly was hurt by the what is done by that church and made attempts to contact the general conference and let them know. The man in charge,  I was told was a Ernest Furness ( Ministerial Director) I spoke to him over two weeks ago and he said he would check into it–nothing back from him yet. for some reason I don’t think I will hear ANYTHING back!  My point is I will not sit idley by and play the fiddle while Rome burns.

So we must not go through the motions in these last days, for the Lord spoke the truth when He said (Matt 7:14) ” ..Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life, and ‘few’ (the translation here in greek is puny, which means very tiny)  will find it.”

The 144,000 sealed servants of God will come from the Commandment keeping people and will then go out and save people (Called the Great Multitude in Revelation)  from the “babylon”(False teaching Churches)  to bring in the total saved before the Sunday law takes effect (mark of the beast).So God’s church will be “purified” and a “clean vessel” to go out and do His final work.

Please be zealous my friends, like my friends at www.keepnotsilent.com they are out in the field watching and protecting God’s word and Laws. We will make it, be assured,  IF we love Him with all our heart and walk in His Laws and hate sin. We call it out and let Him know we can be counted on to try to go out and keep the wayward from dying. This is TRUE LOVE, to warn a wayward soul!   Amen.   Ps. the sermon will tell you much more truth about the 144,000.     in Christ,  your servant Rob

10 Responses to “” The 144,000 “”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hi Robert
    This is a very timely story…..thank you so very much.

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks sister, yes it is an urgent mesage that MUST go out. The world is being fooled into think ‘”many” will be saved, but it is not true. We must be holy and pure, claiming God’s promise yet walking righteously everyday. The Holy Spirit comes into our life and ENABLES us to do so IFWE LET IT! amen.

  3. namuddu barbra Says:

    Well, I may not know how to quote the verses in the bible like the way some other people do. I may not know how to preach the gospel like any other person, but i know one thing is true, that being in the adventist church has shown me more light on GOD’S WORD and iam so thankful to GOD that he has given me the opportunity to be an adventist and so being an adventist has made me realize what pleases GOD and what is against him, any ordinally adventist knows what we all should do on sabbath, that was so wrong and not exemprary to the rest of the world, iam not judging any one.i have never read these posts, and felt so painful deep inside, iam so sad about what happenned. We have gone away from the word of GOD as a church but as individuals we still have those who live by the word, the qn is iam i among those who still abide by the GOD’S word? i have to say FORGIVE US LORD, WE HAVE DESERTED YOU SO MUCH AND LOVED THE WORLD SO MUCH, HEAR THIS PRAYER LORD AND BE MERCIFUL AGAIN LORD!! AMEN!!

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thank you Barbra, a very heartfelt comment! Yes, we must sigh and cry for the errors we see. It really is sad indeed that God’ s professed people are now sleeping and and ESPECIALLY the leaders ( I do see this). BUT we can and will do something and not be lazy. God be with you my dear sister!

  5. Wilfred Says:

    My dear brother Rob,
    Right from the time I knew you, it has been evident, that we are, you and I of the same spirit and Bible understanding. Sometimes back I discussed the 144,000 with a certain lady from the USA, telling her that the 144,000 are thoses to be sealed from among the “House of Israel”, and that is why in verse 9 of Rev. 7, the Lord tells us that John was shown an innumerable company, oa all nations, kindreds and peoples and tongues. Indeed those were the ones saved after the swelling of the Loud cry of the Third Angel of Rev 18:1-4. In otherwords, the sealed from among the House of Israel (SDA) are identified as “These are they which were not defiled by women(fallen churches) FOR THEY ARE VIRGINS, these are they which follow the lamb whereever He goes….”And of all the religious bodies, it is the SDA church which knows where the Lord is currently and that He is officiating in the most Holy place.” So in short , brother, the sealing is done first in the House of Israel , meaning the SDA church. That is where the 144,000 comes from, and these are the ones to give the loud cry of the third Angel , they are the ones Zachariah refers to as the bay team in Zach 6:3. You can see that the fourth chariot had two teams of horses, the GRISLED AND THE BAY TEAM. The wheat and the tares. BUT separation of the wheat from the tares is what Ezekiel refers to as the sealing and the slaughter to begin from the Lord’s house.

    Brother when I told the lady from the USA that point she abused me and I surrendered discussing it with her. The sealing aimed at preparing for a pure and sanctified ministry that will receive the Holy Spirit in fluent to go for completion of the gospel commission as seen in Matt 28. Then the cleansed church will appear as Song of Solomon 6:10 and p,k 725 “Fair as the moon, clear as the sun as terrible as an army with banners, the church is to enter upon her final conflict. She is to go forward conquering and to conquer. My brother the Spirit is leading you.

  6. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Wow, that is quite an understanding Wilfred. praise the Lord for His letting you be enlightened. I will admit this is a HARD truth to grasp, but if I have learned one thing concerning this 144,000 truth, that is Jesus’ awesome sacrafice carries with it a GREAT responsibility for us. We MUST walk uprightly and not tolerate sin. The Holy Spirit makes it possible, for we could never do it on our own strength.

  7. cynfree gimel Says:

    Rob. U never cease to amaze me. U truly are GOD’s minister of righteousness. reminds me of the first cry to GOD of my heart. I was a brand new baby christian. searching for a home hopping from one sunday to the church to another (did not know there was a such thing as a sabbath church had not had the ten commandments 3rd scripture lesson.) every church I would choose I’d pick up a Pugh bible and pick a scripture (I’m not even sure I owned a bible yet I was using my ex-husband’s the dust had dust) and everyone would state I was among devils and congregation of of evil. everyone. anyway my cry to GOD was after attended 3 churches ” My GOD my GOD why after 2000 when u walked among the ppl and ate w them showed them the character of GOD why r ur churches so devoid of ur SPIRIT AND U? WHY DO THEY SEEM TO KNOW U LESS NOW THAN 200 YRS AGO?! HOW LONG WILL U CONTEND W THIS EVIL AND WICKED GENERATION. ?” . My heart was sickened and the GOD of the universe let me cry that out another 6 weeks and 4 more churches…

  8. cynfree gimel Says:

    I don’t remember where I was before the call so I’ll just finish and go to the next item, very relevant promise. God let me be led to a group I dubbed the prophetics they were baptizing ppl into the spirit of confused tongues yes I spoke tongues for maybe a month, 3 weeks before GOD shut it off the phrase “do not babble like the pagans” kept going off in my brain. I did not know it was even a scripture. He let me go that way so I would recognize the spirits that were out there seizing confusing tongues and keeping ppl in deception the same ones that led me for 30 days thinking I was saved after following after a tv evangelist in the sinners prayer which omits crucial items which r claiming the divinity and lordship of christ. Anyway he pulled me out after 3 meetings and by then he had shown me the sabbath in the ten so I had been attracted for that they met on sabbath and other reasons I was seduced by the ability to hear GOD the way they seemed to. He led me by my again near failing kidneys

  9. cynfree gimel Says:

    To his truth. Long story. i’ve always thought that the ppl of 144k were implants E G spoke me them as the ppl HE will bring in if the ones he raises up lose their zeal for he and his ways. I strongly believe this supports my belief that they are implants (they who were NOT born raise adventists but more than that they are a special pick in that they have walked deeply in the world as a worldling and have come to the truth not by way of man but by GOD alone.! That’s my theory on the 144k. They are not just adventists but a hand picked ppl by GOD. KEEP up the great work brother I’m praying for u. much love n many Jabez blessings cynfree.

  10. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks CG, very interesting how God kept directing you to the truth. He always does to those who REALLY seek him. Not satisfied with ‘traditions”. amen!

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