“Let our works save us”

Unbelievably as this sounds, many believe this today, even unbeknownest to themselves. Some think they can earn their way to heaven. But it is a very “sneaky” trap by the devil. Let us look at this most close delusion of the truth.

Keep this most revelant scripture in mind as you read this (Ezekiel 33:13) “When I say to the righteous that he shall surely live, but he trusts in HIS OWN righteousness and commits iniquity, none of his righteous works shall be remembered, but because of the iniquity that he has committed , he shall die”. Here it basically says that righteous works MUST be according to His word not done by what WE think is right.

I have know “Jan” (her name has been changed) since about 2004. She and her husband run a ministry for poor and dis-advantaged children and families. It’s an actual real life building and large property and is well known through out the area. I had been a regular donater. About a year ago, the Lord had inspired me to contact her via email to let her know about my walk with the Lord and to possibly shed some new light to her as well.

I was well aware of her fine minstry, as I often received their monthly mailer telling of individual heart moving stories of dis-advantaged families and the children’s plight and sometimes their success in finding Jesus. I was moved on more than a few of them. So it was with a real hope and desire I contacted her to see if it was possible that they might be able to teach the kids about God’s Holy Day-the Sabbath.

So I heard from her and we agreed to do a “online bible study”. As I usually do , I first explained how God gave me a direct sign at the end of my first Sabbath. I felt it is good to let people know I am not “raised” a Sabbath keeper, so I don’t have a prejustice to it. I SAW God’s hand work and His sign letting me know His Sabbath is for real. She appreciated it and our study began.

God had given me this vision of her big ministry bringing the many kids into the light of the Sabbath. But as the study went on, my soul became more despondent. For all the many truths I showed her was like water on a duck’s back. It just flew right off her. God knows I really tried. I poured out my spirit in trying to show her the “truth”. But she continued to refuse the light, she was steadfast in her reasoning that “The Sabbath wasn’t biblical” as she put it. This got me to thinking -what was exactly going on in this woman’s head?

Recently, with another person I know making this same error, I felt it was time to bring awareness to this very “real looking” deception.It has to do with “works”. In the book of James we learn how works is a MUST in our Christian walk. (James 2:17) “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone”. The BIG PROBLEM is when we think “our” works can replace works that glorify God.

So I got to thinking about “Jan’s” situation. I mean here is this lady who is doing VERY GOOD things in the name of the Lord. Providing a most gracious giving enviroment for the dis-abled and dis-advantaged. YET she has turned downed the LIGHT God showed her through me, His servant. What are we to make of this?? Let me tell you the God’s truth in this matter.

Many remember the Saul story. Israel’s first king. In the book of Samuel, we learned that Samuel had told Saul( at God’s specific direction) to go into this evil village and destroy EVERYTHING, leave nothing or no one alive. Saul agreed. But Saul became presumptous. Instead of doing as God instructed through His Prophet Samuel, Saul decide to “spare” the finest animals as HIS SACRIFICE to the Lord . BIG  BIG MISTAKE! Saul in effect decided HIS way was better than God’s word. God was very upset and was grieved!

This story has BIG implications for us. In (Samuel 15:22) we read “…to OBEY is better than sacrifice..”  This is a profound statement. That means God want’s  us to obey rather than sacrifice ANYTHING! That means our time , our money, our anything! Is that not what Jan is doing? She is in effect saying “God, I won’t  obey your Commandments BUT here’s what I will do. I’ll do many good works for you, “sacrifice” my time and devote my life to doing good works in your name”. She has placed BIG FAITH in her works pleasing God. Is it really? Instead can we not see how God’s face would smile if she did these works IN ADDITION to obeying His word! Wow, that would be the ticket!!

Many today are saying “We are close to the Lord, look at all the things we do for Him”. Yet the very next Sabbath they can be found shopping at the mall, or watching the ballgame. Just trampling HIS Holy day and making it of no effect! His word means nothing, their works have justified them, so they think.

Sadly, a most fitting scripture describes these people (Romans 10:3) ” For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own righteousness have not SUBMITTED to the righteousness of God”. His holy 10 Commandments is  His ultimate “righteousness”.

For kind of a last word to Jan I told her this. “Jan, suppose I am right and that God really does want His Commandments kept. Do you think if you’ll die, He will say ‘Jan, you did a foolish thing, you kept those old outdated Commandments, sorry you can’t come into my Kingdom”?  Ofcourse not.

To summarize, let us always remember that “our” works are to be done as “supplement works” AFTER   “His”  great Commanded works-His Holy 10 Commandments!   In Christ, Rob

5 Responses to ““Let our works save us””

  1. Todd Says:

    do you think she would agree to go through the amazing facts study guides? they do an excellent job of ‘priming the pump’ as it were, and laying such a logical foundation that by the time they reach such truths as the Sabbath it is near impossible not to see how biblical it truly is.

    we’ll have to keep her in our prayers, that God will send His Spirit to her to guide her into all truth. 🙂

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    You know Todd, that’s a good idea! I’ll put her name down for the study guides from Amazing facts. Which are great by the way. They do prime a person to see the truths, amen.

  3. namuddu barbra Says:

    Hello bro,
    Thanks for writing and always endeavoring to post such message to us. Well I think that some people who really have just been introduced to the truth, need patience and a lot of prayer for them when they are learning all these new truths of the bible more so the 10 commandments!
    People need time and a systematic tactic way on how to introduce to them such message otherwise if the truth is just bombarded unto them; most people will run away from it because it will be contradicting from what they know and what they believe in. For me, iam saying such people need good care and not so much figure pointing in the first place because they have a lot of unanswered qns!! And doing right things is gradual, it only needs the Holy Spirit to lead us to do the right thing, we can’t obey the commandments without the Holy Spirit which guides us!!
    Be blessed all,
    Barbra (Uganda, east Africa)

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Amen Barbra, but let us pray that “self righteousness” doesn’t overcome us and blind us to our need to obey! Many say “I’ll love you Lord MY WAY” (just like Saul did).

  5. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Just a update, I did enroll her in the free bible studies course by Amazing Facts. May God open her mind to His truths!

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