Pray in the Spirit

There are basically two ways to pray — praying in the flesh (carnal)  and praying in the Spirit. It is a sad reality that the ability to communicate with our Lord through prayer is not a common occurance even though many “pray” on a frequent basis. Let us see clearly how we can pray in the Spirit, as God would have us.

Our  great King made His most passionate prayer in the garden of Gethsemane as he prayed (Mark 14:36)  ” Father, oh Father, all things are possible with You,  take this cup from Me, but neverthe less not what I will, but what You will .”  I believe there is a BIG key right there in that prayer and that is this. When we pray we should be mindful that if we ASK for something, we should conclude it with NOT MY WILL BE DONE BUT YOURS.

Many times I have used my own experiences, in this blog,  to bring home the point more clearly. In Novemeber of 2009 I posted a post under “prayers answered”  about how I was led to make a prayer prior to a court date for a ticket. 

To briefly explain, I received a red light camera ticket. I was guilty. I was ready to pay the ticket but when it came in mail and said 425.00!!  I said NO WAY! To me that was outright “stealing” and I knew governments can do this just as well as individuals. I mean I was prepared to pay something reasonable and fair (maybe like 200.00 or so). So I made up my mind to fight it to the end at court.

That morning of the court date, I knelt down in my room to pray. I started praying “Dear Lord, I don’t think this is fair, can you help get me off this…” But then suddenly the Holy Spirit began to guide me in the RIGHT prayer. I changed  it and said ” Lord, YOU do what YOU think is fair.”  I said it because I had in mind His Holy 8th Commandment  “Thou shall not steal”. So I was confident HE would make the right decision who was in the right, either it was them, with me running the red light   –or me, with them trying to steal way more than charge what was right.

Do you see how I placed it ALL into the Lord’s hand? Instead of thinking I DESERVE a good decision, I switched  it around and wanted the LORD”S RIGHTEOUS LAW UPHELD( His will be done). This is KEY to our prayers if we WANT something. It must be according to His will and LAW. The ticket was dismissed, even though it was my face in the photo(and my license plate)!  The Lord had made the judge see someone else’s  face in the photo, unbelievable! Guess the Lord doesn’t like thiefs, even if it’s the city government!

Recently I had a young gal write me about praying for her “big day” that was coming. It is to be a big financial decision made for  or against her. I wrote back and said “Sure, ofcourse I will, but  I want you to ask that HIS WILL BE DONE, not yours. And I want you to praise Him NO MATTER WHAT THE DECISION.”   This way, I told her,  God will certainly take care of you, whatever the decision.

Also, let us always remember to thank Him, for our prayers being LISTENED TO,   let alone even answered!

Finally, you should know God wants SPECIFIC prayers. A person wrote me awhile back and said “Please pray for me”. I said “what for?”  They were alittle taken aback–like  “uh I don’t know just pray.” That’s like you saying to your best friend “do something for me”  Huh?  God want’s to show you He’s listening and can do that which you ask, but you must know what to ask FIRST.And you must BELIEVE and WATCH, otherwise if you forget and aren’t watching–it won’t come. Please,  if you’re going to waste your words at least don’t waste them in speaking to God in prayer. For always remember we PRAISE HIM even in decisions that go against us.

In Christ, your servant, Rob

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