Sold Out To The Lord

I remember back in high school, a good friend of mine told me something that I’ve always remembered “If you gonna do something do it right, otherwise it’s not worth doing”. How true those words are to the “Christian life.”

As we all know, we are living in the very last days of this world. And we as people of God are called by our Lord “Laodiceans.” He describes us as ‘lukewarm.” So obviously He want’s  us to “come alive” and “be zealous.” I thought it would be helpful to show you an example of a Christian life that is—SOLD OUT TO THE LORD.

Another day has just begun, he opens his eyes, and the first thing he does is, to look up and say “Thank you Lord, for another day.” He remembers all those mornings when the Lord was the last thing on his mind as he awoke–what a change!

After he washes up, he grabs the bible and begins reading some scripture. It’s not alot of reading he does(maybe a chapter or two),  but he’s made a “new habit” of doing this FIRST since the Lord inspired him to do so. Before he had an idol, and unfortunately many Christians today still do–IT WAS THE COMPUTER! He would awake grab a drink in the kitchen and go right to the computer, searching, chatting, etc. Now that comes after he’s had a chance to commune with the Lord via scripture.

Today is another day of service calls. He’ll go to maybe 5 to 10 homes in the area and have a chance to meet many people. He’s made sure to be prepared for the Lord. As he drives many miles every day, he put  two bumper stickers on his truck. They say “The Seventh day is the Sabbath” on the left side of bumper, on the right it says “for God never changed it.” He figures he can silently testify for God’s Sabbath without getting out of the truck.

He arrives at his first call, it’s a nice older woman. He comes in and one of the first thing he notices is a picture of Jesus on the wall. That is his clue. For the Lord and him have a deal. If any customer has any thing showing Jesus or the cross in the house, that is our signal to give them “Steps to Christ”. Which he has a stack of in the truck. So he makes a mental note and when he’s done with the repair, he mentions “So you’re a Christian huh?”  The lady responds “Oh yes, for about 40 years.” He says “Hold on, I got a great little book for you.” He gives the book and she graciously thanks him.

He’s on his next call. He arrives and is greeted by a middle aged man. They chat a bit, then he begins the repair. After a short while the problem is discovered and he mentions to the man what it was. The man replies ‘Well G-D D—–.” There’s a short awkward moment then he says “You know sir, it’s better to say Gosh darn”  The man responds “oh, yes, you’re right, sorry.”  The job is completed and he leaves.

As he drives away he knows he’s done something good and upright for the Lord. He’s shown that he won’t tolerate his Lord’s name taken in vain AND just maybe when that man says it again, he’ll remember and think twice about it.

On to another job, he meets a woman who has a dryer problem. He takes it apart and it’s just a fuse. But he remembers the Lord’s words (1 Cor. 10:31) “…Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” So he doesn’t just stop there while he has it apart he checks the lint housing. He knows God looks approving  on good hard honest labor—“If you’re gonna do something—-  well you know already 🙂 He always thinks carefully before charging. What is fair, what is right, he thinks before telling the lady the cost. He doesn’t want to break the 8th Commandment- Thou shall not steal.

It’s friday late afternoon and he arrives home. He knows it is Sabbath shortly so he get’s ready. After a long thorough shower, he begins the Sabbath with prayer. After this he begins to get “dressed up”  and guess what? —he lives alone! (at least until next year when his fiance comes) He get’s a shirt and tie on cause he knows it’s the “special day” –it’s the LORD’S DAY. He knows this day is holy, and he wants to be respectful to the Lord. No one sees but he know the Lord does.

The next day he again dresses up sharp. he remembers to bring his bible, tithe, extra Steps to Christ for the church. He also remembers that the bumper stickers are getting low at church, so he brings more to pass out.

In church he greets many friends. But he notices a man he’s been wanting to speak to. This man always wears a hat IN CHURCH even while praying. He remembers God’s word  (1 Cor. 11:4) “Every man praying or prophesying having his head covered, dishonors his head.”  He walks over and gently let’s him know it’s better if he doesn’t wear his hat in church. He is rebuffed. This is a “proud man.” So he has to walk away, sadly knowing this is the type of situation best helped by God, it’s between that man and God now. He has done his job (calling out sin when and where he see’s it).

The rest of the Sabbath is good and he goes home. After a short nap, he reads more inspired writings and does bible studies. Another Sabbath is about over and he prays once more, thanking Him for another beautiful Sabbath and speaking to Him about the upcoming week.

Hopefully this example will inspire you to do a few things you may not have thought of. Notice how all these “little things” add up to God. Your walk will not be lukewarm and you’ll discover, as you keep His ways and Laws, that a certain closeness comes. It is because you are—Sold out to the Lord.

In Christ, your brother, Rob

Ps. If you’d like to order the bumper stickers and the Steps to Christ, you can call Harvestime Books at 1-931-692-2777

11 Responses to “Sold Out To The Lord”

  1. Michael Says:

    Excellent example on how we should spend our sabbath. I only disagree with one point. It is not a sin for a man to wear a hat in the church on the Sabbath. It is only mentioned once in the Bible by Paul, but Jesus never talked about it. All sins come under the Ten Commandments, I John 3:4.
    Thank you,

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks brother Michael, to God be the glory in His truth. Yes, technically you may be correct about the hat. But when we realize that those instructions actually mean “Shames his head” in other words, he is a disgrace in God’s house of prayer(not to mention the example he is showing), I find it very necessary to point that out to the man (out of respect for our Lords house). As I said, after pointing this out, it is now between God and him. But guess what? I got good news! The last two times in church he’s been hatless! praise the Lord!

    • Brother Reid Says:

      Perhaps grace might apply, maybe he is balding and ashamed of his condition and it has become a habit (no pun).

      • godsloveandlaw Says:

        Hello brother Reid, good to hear from you. All I can go by is what Paul said and what I posted,God be with you bro.

  3. Alyce Says:

    Bumper stickers still available ?

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    No sorry sister Alyce, we don’t have any but check with Harvesttime.

  5. alyce williams Says:

    ok thanks, but what is harvest time?

  6. godsloveandlaw Says:

  7. pammy Says:


    Sold Out To The Lord | Godsloveandlaw's Blog

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