Looking For Signs and Wonders

There can be no doubt that to a Christian, one of the most exciting parts of this life is the interacting with our Lord through signs and wonders. Our walk takes on a whole new level when we actually see such signs and wonders and know beyond doubt HE SENT THEM! In (John 14:21) we read “He that has my Commandments and KEEPS THEM, he it is that loves me and shall be loved by the Father, and I will love him, and WILL REVEAL MYSELF TO HIM.”

In the above quote we find a great promise. That is once you show God you are sincere and “love” Him as He has asked, He then in return shows you Himself  by  revealings. These revealings certainly include His signs and wonders. They are given us to see Him through them, to know He is with us, to strengthen us.

You see our Lord likes to be held accountable, He wants so much to answer us  but He is stopped cold, because we don’t believe He will, or fail to “look” for them. We remember when He went down to Nazareth, His hometown, He was unable to do miracles because of their unbelief (Mark 6:5). So my question is –Why do so few Christians experience direct signs and wonders from our Lord? Is it because they are just like the people of Nazareth, they don’t believe? He is just as willing and able to give them TODAY as He was yesterday. Only believe.

While it is true that the Lord is holding back right now, to release His power collectively through the church, due to the sinners among His professed people(His church), He still hears His Commandment keepers and  as such they can call upon Him and receive His revealings for “refreshings and guiding” in our walk.

Now I shall do as Nebuchadnezzar did and say “I thought it good to show the signs and wonders, that the High God has done towards me”.(Dan. 4:2) Recently God has been gracious enough to answer some prayers of mine, that may strengthen your belief that HE DOES communicate through signs.

Awhile back I had planned on going on a long trip overseas but decided to go before the Lord in prayer, asking for His blessings. Let me stop here and say that in many of our more important plans (getting married, moving out of town, big trip, new job, etc.) we should ALWAYS go before the Lord  for His ok. Otherwise you’re on your own and good or bad will befall you without any warning from Him. You’re like the sea captain charting your own course, and maybe that big bad iceberg will be hit head on, due to your own planning.

Anyway back to the story. So I prayed, “Lord I am about to make plans to go overseas, please let me know if it is ok, give me a sign to know whether I should go.” I don’t remember if it was the very next day or the second day, but a good friend of mine called me in the morning. I had told him a few weeks earlier of my plans. As we start talking, soon he says OUT OF THE BLUE–“Hey, I got a real bad feeling about your trip, I just wanted to tell you that.”  Wow. I immediately looked up and said quitely “Thank you”.

As some of you know (who have been following this blog for the last 2 years) I have posted this year about the “Shepherd’s Rod”. After being led by God to delve into these teachings after listening to the sermon called “144,000, who are they?” I have made some posts about what I now know to be the “Elijah to come” end time message. But this was quite a revelation, as it generally has  NOT been the teachings of mainstream Adventism. So I was going into unchartered waters, but convinced by God’s leadings it was true.

Neverthe less, I doubted and struggled. I now know as propheticly shown by EGW (Early Writings, page 269), that the last day messengers of the Davidian truths will be attacked spiritually as the devils know that this last message must not be spread to the people. So as I was discovering these truths, serious doubts came. I needed God’s assurance on this big time! My readers were used to me teaching straight line SDA doctrines and teachings. Would I be committing “blog suicide”? Looked at as a “way out there” guy? God’s power was to come through and remove all doubt through His signs! (The Blog is on pace to more than double the readership from last year, praise the Lord, who divinely guides it!)

So I prayed earnestly to the Lord, “Lord I want to know without doubt that these new teachings are for real, please guide  me, I need your help here”. He KNEW how important this was, I didn’t need to tell Him. I received several signs, let me share the 3 important ones.

After I had made the post on the 144,000. I received  a dream shortly after. In it I am helping a person find a key, as I scroll this large book with much writings I quickly spot a number which I poin t out to the person  that this is the number which holds the key. He is amazed because there were so many pages and I found it quickly. Now, we know dreams are not always completely understood, but I received from it that the “new teachings” I had were a “key” for the people to have. I was real happy to have gotten this dream from the Lord as confirmation.

But even after that I wanted more confirmation. I often tease the Lord and tell Him ” I’m like a  weak friend who needs support all the time” lol. But He smiles and says ” I’m right there for you, don’t worry.” So I continued to pray for more signs as doubts still would creep in. Then soon after another prayer asking for confirmation on Shepherd’s Rod teachings, a direct sign came, that thrilled me.

I went out that morning to go to work, as I pull out of the driveway and drive onto the road, a van pulls up next to me at the light. I look over and it has SHEPHERD’S plumbing. I had never seen this van before. Immediately I recall my recent prayer of asking for more confirmation. This I felt was a sign but it was to get even stronger. I drive on ahead and pull into the shopping center parking lot, and this van follows me and pulls up right next to me!  That was a clincher that it was a sign! God was saying that these teachings are true and they will stay close to you, amazing!

But this last one was the final clincher, and I have never doubted after this. The Lord kind of “cemeted” this issue for me. Let me say here that this spiritual battle was from the dark forces exerting their pressure on me, hence the severe beginning doubts on these teachings. After once again praying for strength and leadings in these new teachings, I got a ‘big” sign. I had been listening to the video called “Daniel’s vision” by brother  Glenroy Matthews on the computer (based on the Shepherd’s Rod teaching of the Daniel 2 vision).

After I had watched a portion of it, I had to stop it, as I was late for work. So I put it on pause thinking I would watch later. Later, after work I came home and walked into the house. As I come in, I hear this man speaking from my back office room. I was a little perplexed. I continued cautiously to walk into the room, I peak in and it is that same video of brother Matthews playing right where I left it on pause! I am in mild amazement as I knew it was the Lord’s doing. I was thrilled to know He had sent His angel to turn back on the video when I got home, confirming it was to be LISTENED TO.

As you can see from the above,  3 important steps are involved in this  “sign”  communication from the Lord. First, I  request HIS GUIDANCE in some important matters. Second, I look for them knowing He WILL respond. Third, I believe that they are FROM Him and I act accordingly.

In these last days many are saying “Oh the Lord doesn’t work like this anymore, that was back in the old Apostle days, you needn’t look for these signs now.”  Let us read what Ellen White said on this matter. (Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 5 , page 211) “They (the teachers and leaders) had taken the position that we need not look for miracles and the MARKED MANIFESTATION of God’s power as in former days. Times have changed.  These words strengthen their unbelief and they say, ‘The Lord will not do good, neither will He do evil.”  So the people think then, that God doesn’t move about anymore in this regard, He’s asleep at the wheel! Let that not be YOUR belief.

In speaking of the last days  (2 Tim 3:2-5) we read ” for men shall be lovers of their own selves ….having a form of godliness, but denying the  power thereof, from such turn away.” He we read that the unbelief (denying) of God’s manifested power shall be prevalent among the professed people of God. They do not look for or even want God’s signs and wonders, they care not to know it!

In the very near future God will call upon His elect, the 144,000 to do His mighty powerful work. This will include signs and wonders and amazing miracles. He has longed for the time that the “world” will know and see His power. As His servants let us get in the habit NOW of calling upon Him for guidance in our walk, your walk will take on a whole new exciting level when you know He is able to show you His signs and wonders. Let us ONLY BELIEVE.

Lastly, let us keep in mind that when we do receive such revealings  from the Lord, we should SPREAD them. The Lord  said in (Luke 8:39) after performing a great sign “Return to your home, and show how God has done great things for you.”  We must also be ready to speak of His signs and share them to bring glory and honor to Him who is worthy! Amen.

In Christ, Rob

5 Responses to “Looking For Signs and Wonders”

  1. lynne Says:

    Hi Rob, glad you found the Shepherds Rod message. Do you live in California? Peace to you~ Lynne

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes Lynne, it was quite a revelation knowing these truths. Yes, I live in California. Keep in touch. Are you on Facebook?

  3. Debbie Says:

    Thanks Rob!! Great testimony!!

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    To our great God be the glory! thanks Debbie, God continue to guide you.

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