Fishers Of Men

Note: Due to the involved studies I am in now, with regard to the “special  resurrection”,  I request your prayers, that this very deep subject comes to clear light for us as truth believers. I am hopeful this will be published within a week or two.

One of the first things our Lord said when He began His ministry was “Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt. 4:19). We notice that Peter and Andrew “left their nets” and followed our Lord. This showed our Lord had “called” and they answered immediately with all their heart. In these very last hours, our Lord is calling many but are we answering? The reason for the call is that not only does He want us saved, but that He want’s us to go out and “fish” for our wayward brothers and sisters.

As with so much Scripture, the above words have a double application. They were true and applied to the people after our Lord spoke them and now, today,  they are true, yet in a different sense,  during the current anti-typical Elijah message. Let’s look at the application for us to today, it’s present truth application.

As any good fisherman knows there is much need for preparation. He must have all the necessary supplies and bait. He must also learn a very important asset–patience. Personally speaking I was never much of a fisherman because of this needed asset. If the fish didn’t bite within 15 or 20 minutes, I was bored. In our work to reach our brothers and sisters however, this asset is most precious.

If we reach out to them to let them know the precious message of the hour and they seem somewhat dis-interested, we should be patient and wait and watch for any new signs that they are willing to engage. Remember our Lord specifically said that we, the Laodicean church are in need of eye salve. This means we, the great majority within our church are not  “seeing” properly because we don’t feel we need any more truth.

 We know from the prior posts that the ones who we seriously need to “fish” for are right there in our own churches! So how can we reach out to them today? Let’s look at some good ideas applicable for today’s world.

1) Attend church functions and get to know your brothers and sisters in the church. Ask them if they want to do a bible study. Keep in mind that because we are so close to the church judgment, we should try and study “present truth” as much as we can. Nothing is more “present” than the Elijah message. Most will need help to know what it is, due to the fact that they have not been taught it in the church.

2) Get involved on Facebook, and join a “present truth” SDA group. We have a growing site called Truth Tellers. We are actively spreading our Lord’s last message, the Elijah message. We started with about 100 and it has grown to about 300 from all around the world, praise the Lord!!/groups/268904846461984/

3) Pray frequently for the Lord to help guide others to you.He knows  those who will need your attention and possibly be a study partner. The Lord’s words say that the “Spirit of Truth” will guide us, if we will honestly seek the truth.

To continue with the fishing analogy, we must have some good “bait”. That would be good solid teachings for them. Because the Lord is so close to coming down in a surprise visit, we can explain that EGW prophesied that a prophet would come after her. Our quotes would be (Testimonies for the Church, P. 475) and (1 Selected Messages, p. 412). His clear identifying mark will be that he interprets Scripture and foretells with his message , of the great and dreadful day soon to come. He speaks predominately to the SDA church, the Laodicean church.

Also keep in mind, there are quite a few brethren, who are at the ready to help in the present truth studies. Here are just a few. Feel  free to contact them for a private study.

1) Brother B.Albert (BG) Graham

2)Brother Jim Kakouri   (direct phone in London, England  is  011-44-785-399-6570) (His direct website is )

3)Yours truly, bro. Rob

Back to the fishing analogy. When we as fishermen today cast our line, it must be in an acceptable area. This means that if we go out into babylon and try to catch some fish, we are doing the exact opposite of what the original Elijah did. He did not even think of going out to the heathen and spreading God’s message. In Elijah’s day, God was concerned with His own people. Elijah’s  purpose  was to “fish” among his own people, to save them from idol worship and the wrath of God. Like wise we are to go among our own people today, as we are doing the anti-typical work of Elijah. Yes, there will come a God appointed time when we will fish among babylon in the near future, but God has not appointed it now because the Elijah message must go forth first because of the next to come  beginning phase of the church judgment. The Lord’splan is our plan, amen.

Men and women are waiting right there in our churches for someone to guide them. Just as the true men of God have always stepped to the forefront and lead the people to the truth, so too we as last day leaders must not forget our brethren. We must go out and be– fishers  of men. May the Lord guide us as we go out and bring in some catches.

In Christ, bro. Rob

2 Responses to “Fishers Of Men”

  1. BG Says:

    Saying:> Right on, brother.

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Praise the Lord! Yes, we must go out and fish bro, amen.

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