Meet the Lord’s Young Workers



(Brothers (from left) Ali Mwanza, Boniface Mwanza and Elvis Mweetwa)

Today’s youth are bombarded at every turn. They are diverted into outrageous music (noise), perverted and violent TV shows and video games. The diversions are never-ending it seems. Yet to the ones who avoid all that and stay on the straight and narrow, the Lord declares in His word, “They shall be Mine,” says the LORD of hosts, on the day that I make them My jewels.” (Mal. 3:17)

Let us meet some of His “jewels”. These are young people who are not only professing to be followers of His word, but –doers!  Recently I received an email from  brother Boniface from Ndola, Zambia,  that I knew had to be spread. In the following letter, note the obvious fact that the devils are very active once we  start obeying His word, standing up for His unpopular truth,  and attempting to show others. Showing us another obvious fact that we’re on the right path towards His Kingdom.  These kind of stories really bless us and motivate us to continue on that “straight and narrow road”.

His word is clear, “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.” (1 Peter 4:12-14)


Greetings brothers and sisters in the lord Jesus Christ,

Last year in August we decided to move to another Church having seen that were known and that our names were polluted. We moved to the church which is just near by the Military Barracks, so most of the Church members are in the military, we went their with the aim of inviting the brethren to our Bible studies, and to avoid open conflicts with the leaders, we talked less and invited more.

We were welcomed very well the first time went there, a month after, we started distributing literature and DVDs, and some people got interested and wanted to know more. The opposition started last year when the Church elder received the Rev 7 booklet, He didn’t even bother to read it but he just announced in Church on Sabbath, saying “we’ve been invaded by offshoots and you can even see how good your leaders are that we are even warning you, currently they are in a habit of distributing literature and how I knew, I was given one, and if they won’t stop, we are ready to fight”.

People were confused, they didn’t understand what he was trying to tell them thus some got interested to find out, and also when were learning the Sabbath School study guide, we use quote to from the Spirit of Prophecy many people enjoyed our contributions and some approached us, trying to find out were we learned the lessons from, others wanted to be associated with us so that they to can have the same understanding , we invited them to attend our Bible Studies, they really enjoyed the lessons, others failed to attend because we usually have the lessons in the afternoon on Sabbath,.

Last month we sat down and began to evaluate what we’ve archived and planned the way forward asking the lord to guide us, we came up with the plan to join youth movement so that we have some time together, we get to know them better, distribute some DVDs and to share the message of truth with others, we praise God that the plan worked.

Last Sabbath we went to Church early in the morning, upon entering the Church we kneeled down prayed and then we sat down according to, 6T 362

“We do not obtain a hundredth part of the blessing we should obtain from assembling together to worship God. Our perceptive faculties need sharpening. Fellowship with one another should make us glad. With such a hope as we have, why are not our hearts all aglow with the love of God? We must carry to every religious gathering a quickened spiritual consciousness that God and His angels are there, co-operating with all true worshipers. As you enter the place of worship, ask the Lord to remove all evil from your heart.

Bring to His house only that which He can bless. Kneel before God in His temple, and consecrate to Him His own, which He has purchased with the blood of Christ. Pray for the speaker or the leader of the meeting. Pray that great blessing may come through the one who is to hold forth the word of life. Strive earnestly to lay hold of a blessing for yourself.” {6T 362.4}

We were told to take the morning service together with the bro who is interested in the message, and enjoys watching prophetic DVDs, he prepared a power point presentation about the use of music and the wrong use of it with Ali and I was asked to lead them in prayer, when they started their presentation, bro Ali read Rev 3: 17, and then whist I was in front I noticed that

the Sabbath school leader got upset so much so that she wanted to end the presentation, but we thank God that they did the presentation, the Sabbath school leader reported us to the head deacon and so they sat down and planned what they’ll do to us, having done the presentation the Sabbath school leader said that she wanted to see us after the main service, we were certainly sure that what we are being called for was nothing good, just after the main service I prayed to God, asking Him for guidance and that we may stand for that which is written.

We were called by the Sabbath school leader and her name is SR Siyamwinga:

SR Siyamwinga > “As a prayer Band Leader or the prayer Ministry Leader, brethren the reason why I called you is about what you usually do when you enter in church, you like kneeling down when offering your silent prayers and am telling you that, what you do is not correct, it is wrong, you are disturbing the order of service, in the Church we have different times when we stand and kneel down together as a Church, am not encouraging you to be doing that.”

BRO Boniface > “If you remember very well, just before we got baptized we made some vows and vows that said that we believe in the Spirit of Prophecy and we also read in Isaiah that if we do not speak according to the law and to the testimonies then there is no light in us, you should have asked us why we kneel down upon entering the church, and where it is written, we kneel down because we’ve read from the Bible and the Spirit of prophecy that it is our privilege to bow down when offering our prayer unto the Lord.”

BRO Ali > “SR we are not saying that we know everything, perhaps we’ve gone wrong, give us the references as to why praying whist kneeling down when we enter the Church is not correct, where is it written?

SR SIYAMWINGA > “what am saying is that what you are doing is not correct, as the leader of the prayer ministry, I am not encouraging that!”

BRO EURIAHS > “”If you wont give us the references, we won’t stop kneeling down when we enter the place of worship”

SR SIYAMWUNGA > “Brethren you are just bring confusion, we must follow the order of service, when you come to church in the morning, just sit and offer your silent prayers whilst sitting and you’ll be kneeling down when the whole church is asked to do so, and brethren we don’t even know where you came from, you started worshiping with us some two years ago and now you want to become problems!”

Upon failing to give the references she decided to call the head deacon and they came the head Deacon was like

“Mwanza I don’t want confusions here if you want to bring confusions go and create your own Church because if you continue I’ll beat you, I don’t want to see you here have you heard, we don’t need you here, just go back where you came from!”

.BRO BONIFACE > “Am very disappointed with the way you handling the issue as the head deacon, I thought you are going to handle this issue with love and caring, you should have told

us where we’ve error according to what is written unlike what you are saying, you should have asked that brothers why do you do that, where is it written? And if we are wrong show us according to what is written”

THE DEACON “you think you know everything just because you’ve studied one or two books of EGW, let me tell you young men, I have EGW’s book, I bought them with my own money and for you, you didn’t even buy them, I know I know what they contain, where in the Bible have you read that must be kneeling down when praying and if you won’t find it, Mwanza I’ll beat you!!!”

BRO BONIFACE > “lets read Philippians 2 vs 9-11.” “2:9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:

2:10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of [things] in heaven, and [things] in earth, and [things] under the earth;

2:11 And [that] every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ [is] Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

THE DEACON “have seen, you don’t even understand the English very well, what can you tell me! Mwanza you are just a grade eleven pupil, what is it that you know about the Bible, I’ll beat you If you are playing with me!”

BRO EURIAHS >”lets read another quote”

THE DEACON >”silly! What grade are you? There is nothing that you can tell me!”

BRO ALI “well brethren let us not fight the battle which does not belong to us, we don’t want to engage our self into a physical fight, for it is written that “it not by mighty nor by power, and are not talking about education here.”

BRO EURIAH “we’ve given you the reference, now give us the your reference as to where it is written that we should not bow down when praying.”

THE DEACON > “have never read that scripture which says “”as He stood”?

We all replied in unison “no, show us please!”

THE DEACON > “huh young men, stop playing games, you mean you’ve never read that verse?”

BRO BONIFACE “Well sir, I have the Bible with me, we don’t know where it is written, show us please.”

THE DEACON > “let me go and get my Bible, and if I find it, am telling you that you will be in trouble!”

SR SIYAMWINGA > “brothers let us not try to challenge another and let us not exaggerate the issue, I just wanted to tell you that what you like doing just show hypocrisy and that you should stop”

THE DEACON > “they think they are more Christian than us, like they are more learned.”

The deacon flipped the whole book of Luke and never found the verse and upon falling to give us the reference he said that “brethren what you are doing is disturbing worship you might even be arrested if I report you to the police!”

BRO ALI >”the order of worship was given to EGW in the book 5T 490-491, don’t forget that she’s the founder of the SDA CHURCH”

BRO BONIFACE >”brethren I think this discussion won’t help us in any way because you don’t want us to read the quotes and you are upset, find time, so that we can sit down together and prove everything according to the law and to the testimony.”

THE DEACON >”I don’t have time to sit and discuss with you, am a very busy man, in the mean time go back were you came from!”

After the discussion the deacon pushed us out of the gate and shouted on top of his voice that we should not go there again.

The next Sabbath we went back early in the morning even before the leaders arrived, we prayed and sat down, then we started singing hymns, just an hour after that the church leaders came and found us in the church, upon seeing us they went out and called a police officer who congregates at the same church and he came in, he called us out, I recorded the conversation that we had, its is attached to this file.

They didn’t spare us that time, the same deacon wanted to withhold us, so that his fellow deacon whom they say he’s violet could find us, but the police officer refused his evil plan, the deacon chased us out, the police officer was shocked with the move that was made he followed us whilst we were walking out of the church premises and told us that he didn’t want us to leave, we gave him the quotations that talks about the behavior in the house off God, after we read the quotes he said “Brethren what I can tell you is that, a person can be a pastor, an elder or deacon but he doesn’t have the truth, he is useless.” We gave him the leaflet on the same topic although to him it was quite hard to get it in the eyes of the church members, but we thank God that he received it.

The church members have aroused to their senses, they were disappointed with what the church leaders did, (chasing us for kneeling upon entering the place of worship) the bro whom we were with the other Sabbath when we took the Sabbath school, followed us and told us to meet in the afternoon, we called him in the afternoon and invited him to attend the Bible study, and when he came we even changed the lesson and presented New Light And Personal Investigation, after the lesson we escorted the brother home and whist on the way, we met three brethren from the same Church, they too got interested to study with us and promised to be with us next Sabbath.

Although they’ve chased us from the church, the Lord has opened another way through the Adventist Youth Society, they requested for a Bible study next week on REV 7.

They can prevent us from going to Church, but they can’t prevent the truth from reaching the people. Let us join hands and pray for the leader of this Church so that the Lord my help them and also for the brethren who’ve started studying the message, we are also requesting for your prayers, so that we can stand firm despite the opposition and leave up to the truth that we have.


Please keep these young workers in your prayers and may our Lord continue to guide them. All they want to do is show the right path and honor fit for our King. They continue to fight the good fight. May the Lord see such young men as these and do a mighty work among the people there.

At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.” (Matt.11:25)

Boniface brother (Brother Euriah Chileshe)


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