Watch your Pearls

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Our King said, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” (Matt. 7:6)

Quite some powerful and direct words for sure. Let us look at this great admonition and how we can observe it.

If you are active in the Lord’s vineyard, hopefully proclaiming present truth message of Elijah, you should be acutely aware of this instruction. By obedience to this rule we can save ourselves much precious time and even heartache as the Lord warned.

You see, the Lord’s truth is as priceless gems to us. They are our meat, our  golden nuggets and yes–our pearls. Understanding why we should not cast them to the swine is very important lesson for us.

Our confidence in the Lord and His word should be guarded.

“So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you!” (Hebrews: 10:35)

And we can throw it away if we continue to cast our pearls of Truth before those who will trample it afoot.

Recently I have been in an email study with a brother we’ll call bro. J. He is active in studies but unfortunately he has been led into one of the adversary’s rabbit trails– Feast day keeping. As we have posted many times before, the last message of the Lord, the Elijah message, shows us beyond doubt that the Old Testament Feast days observance has been replaced by Christ and His work in the heavenly sanctuary. The sermon address that dealt with this is here —

But as we continued the study the Spirit started to remind me of what I was doing. The hard work and plentiful study I have done to know this message, was being dangled about to someone who either a) wasn’t reading the truth I was showing him  b) was reading it yet it was like water off a duck’s back–or put another way–trampled under his feet.

Either way I sensed I was barking up the wrong tree. So the Lord reminded me to stay focused and not venture into a situation where your pearls are being chewed up and spit out. Here is where some thoughts came.

What I sense is that if we get involved in a discussion and very soon it becomes obvious that the truth (plain obvious statements) does not get agreement or acknowledgment, then we can come into perilous ground. Why?

Because we can start to lose our own confidence! Yes, we can think, “maybe I need to show him more truth because this is not clear enough” yet it is very clear, it is just our desire to come down to his non-truth loving level that starts to blur our vision, make us doubt our own message.

The message deals with this subject–


Question No. 132:

   If we are to “prove all things; hold fast that which is good,” and be ready always to give an answer to  every man that asks us a reason of the hope that is in us, then ought we not challenge those who are enemies of “The Shepherd’s Rod” to prove it in error?


   Even those who have settled it once and for all that The Shepherd’s Rod contains a heaven-sent message, not to mention those who are incapable of defending it in all its aspects, are in no wise  justified in exposing their precious jewel of Truth to the Enemy, whose only aim is to take it away from them. Especially so when he is not coming with a promise to give them something that will replace that which they already have.

They cannot afford to invite his challenge to prove whether or not he can cheat them of their  treasure. When it is gone, the “proof” will be sad  consolation! Placing themselves thus on Satan’s vantage ground will make them guilty not only of the folly of presumptousness but waste of time and of energy as well. It will be but inviting the Devil to rob them of eternal life.

   All of us must guard our heavenly treasure with the utmost care, and preserve our faith by studying to give an answer to every man that asks us a reason of the hope that is in us, but not by challenging him to ply us with deceitful questions, and then debating with him.

   If, though, for any compelling reason you assume the risk of meeting the Enemy in this great spiritual warfare, then you must at least hold him to answer to the whole Truth; do not let him switch you to some certain moot point which no one, perhaps, at the moment could clear. Do not permit yourself to be backed into a defensive position, but rather keep yourself on the  offensive, yet never debate.

   Do not forget that the Enemy who seeks to take your crown is mightier than you, and that therefore if you are not absolutely settled on the message,  then by all means rather than to study with its enemies, go study with its friends. Not until you have thus done all to let the messengers prove it right, and are still convinced that it is not Present Truth, can you rightly study with its opposers. Do all to make sure that someone does not cheat you of a message from the Lord. Let “no man take thy crown.” Rev. 3:11.

   Remember that if there is someone ready to undermine one truth, there is another one ready to undermine another truth, and so on and on. In fact, the Enemy is ready to dynamite every truth in existence, even the Bible Itself, if you but give him the chance. Certain it is, though, that Satan does not begin to have as much room for an argument against the Rod’s truths as Sunday keepers have against the Sabbath truth.

   Ever bear in mind that “the efforts made to retard the progress of truth will serve to extend it” (Testimonies, Vol. 5, p. 454), and that you will be promoted with it if you faithfully keep in the middle of the road, not running ahead with a zeal that is not according to knowledge.

   “Our convictions need daily to be re-enforced by humble, sincere prayer and reading of the word. While we each have an individuality, while we each should hold our convictions firmly, we must hold them as God’s truth and in the strength which God imparts. If we do not, they will be wrung from our grasp.”–Testimonies, Vol. 6, p. 401.

   Hence, for one who is settled in the Truth and who is searching for more, to challenge the Enemy,  is like putting one’s sword in his hand and daring him to cut off one’s head.

   Never challenge, therefore, but ever be ready to give the right answer intelligently and convincingly to every man; never debate, but always teach the Truth; never go to an enemy or to a non-believer of a message to prove it right or to prove it wrong; rather, do all your proving with its friends, with its authors–those who know all about it. (Answerer Book, vol. 5, Q-132)

Back to brother J. In regards to not keeping the feast days, I showed him this unequivocal statement–

Broadly speaking, the law of Moses consists of three parts.  The first is the Ceremonial law, the law of the temple — the sacrificial law.  This law, of course, we today must not observe, except in antitype, for it foreshadowed things to come, particularly Christ’s first advent.  Thus it is that if we had lived in Old Testament times and had failed to comply with the sacrificial law and system of that day, we would thereby have demonstrated unbelief in Christ, Who was to come.  But since we are living in the Christian era, if we should now observe the typical sacrificial law and system, we should thereby demonstrate unbelief in Christ, Who has come.

  And so, as this law was nailed to the cross (Col. 2:14), we need not, and must not, observe it now. (TG, vol. 2, no.37, p.14-15)

Ok clear enough right? Not according to the types like brother J. You see we must be very cautious when we show Scriptural plain statements, for a fictional example– “The lady had on a blue dress.”   And they come back, “Well it’s not really blue because, blue has other colors in it to make it blue. So it’s a mixture of different colors scientifically.”  Huh? We say or think to their secret mysterious meaning!

The message tells us that the wise will understand (Be guided into all truth) and the wicked will not.

“Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”(Dan. 12:10)

SOP also gives us great counsel–

“The truths most plainly revealed in the Bible have been involved in doubt and darkness by learned men, who, with a pretense of great wisdom, teach that the Scriptures have a mystical, a secret, spiritual meaning not apparent in the language employed. These men are false teachers.” (GC, P.598)

Now to be clear, we are not advocating avoiding good back and forth discussions, but once it becomes clear that straight clear Scripture, SOP or Elijah message does not have them agreeing or even acknowledging, that should be our Que that we may be “casting our pearls…”.

“I have beheld angels grieved as the most precious jewels of truth have been brought before men utterly incapable of appreciating the evidences in favor of the truth.”( Testimonies, vol. 3, p.425)

In closing my brethren, let’s hold onto our pearls bought at a great price( hard study and deep devotion). If we give them away let it be to our friends and the Bureans.  If we obey the Lord in His admonition we shall not get snared in time-wasting.

“No one is lost for believing a false interpretation of a prophecy before the truth of it is revealed, provided the false interpretation does not draw him away from some other truth.  Such individuals, however, are in great danger because, as history reveals, very few who become thus involved in error are willing to humble themselves by renouncing their errors and accepting the truth when it is made known. 

They are consequently in constant peril of sinning against the Holy Ghost.  And being acutely aware of this, Satan misinterprets the prophecies before they are divinely revealed.  He realizes full well that many, unwilling to be corrected and to exchange their errors for revealed truth, will thereby be led to eternal ruin.  All-important, therefore, is the need that the student of the truth fortify himself with all honesty and humility..” (Tract 5, p.7)



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