Prayers answered

Recently I prayed and got some results. Aboutsix months ago I received a “red light  camera”ticket. I guess I wasn’t paying attention and ran the yellow light which turned into red. I saw the big flash as I proceeded through the light. I thought “oh no, I’m busted”. Then about 1 week later (they are fast aren’t they,lol) I received in the mail my “bail” for the ticket. I opened it up and WOW! I did a double take –$450.00 I thought “this isn’t right!”  afterall I have been an excellent driver with NO tickets in over 5 years.

I decided to fight it. If nothing else just because I thought it was outrageous. I postponed it as long as I could. But I had to face the music soon. About two months ago I had to appear to let the judge know what I wanted to do about it. I said I’ll go to trial(by judge). So the day came about a month ago.

 That morning of the trial I kneeled down in my room and prayed. I started out telling God I would like Him to help me on this ticket (meaning get me OFF this thing!) but as I prayed I was led to make another prayer. I said ” Lord I will accept ANY decision you make, YOU do the right thing” I was content to live by our Lord’s will.

Then I went to court. There was about 25 people like me waiting in the court to have their cases heard. The judge called about 10 people to start off. ALL were dismissed! Then he calls me. Mine would be first tobe heard. I thought “oh boy this doesn’t look good” I was already thinking I would ask for traffic school to save on my drving record (not money). The cop was there too.

 The Judge asked the cop for the evidence. He proceeded to pull out his laptop complete with all my photos, face picture, truck license, etc. The judge strolled over to the cop’s laptop and watched  the video. Yep, I’m busted I thought. Then the judge walks back to the bench. He says to me “Mr. Peralta look up at me for a minute” I looked up and he looked at me intently. Then he looks at his papers. “I cannot say with 100% certainty that this is Mr. peralta in the pictures, CASE DISMISSED”  Wow!  I was amazed.

It was indeed a divine work of the Lord. I understand normally all the judge has to ask was “was that you driving this vehicle at that time Mr. peralta?” And I would have had to say “yes”. The Lord had set the judge’s mind to dismiss no matter what! I walked out of there 10 feet off the ground. But as I got in my truck I remembered my prayer (the holy spirit reminded me) of my prayer. IT WAS ANSWERED!

 And here is why. it was revealed to me. The 8th commandment says “thou shall not steal”. The city was trying to “steal” from me by way-overcharging for that ticket. It was not right and the Lord knew it. The key I believe is that I prayed correctly by saying YOU do the right thing. His righteousness prevailed. Not my will be done but Yours.Amen!

The second prayer answered was more like an admonishment from  the Lord. I am an avid chess player and I used to play sometimes 10 games a day, every day of the week. it had become like a God to me. The second commandment is “Thou shall have no God’s before me”  After I became a Christian it was slowly being revealed to me about this problem.

So about three weeks ago, I prayed to the Lord and promised Him I would only play two days a week (Sundays and wednesdays) Last Saturday night I was bored, so I thought maybe I could just slip in a few games. I knew before about my promise but I tried to ignore it. I went to the computer. I had about 8 sites up and running. One of them was the Christian station I proceed to pull up the chess site. As I brought it up, IT DISAPPEARED! And the Christian station appeared instead. Wow! I was instantly reminded by our Lord of my promise. I looked up and said “your right Lord, I am sorry” I was thankful the Lord cared so much to show me.   Praise God through our watchful Lord!

2 Responses to “Prayers answered”

  1. Todd Says:

    LOL that was really funny about the chess (and really cool about the ticket)…I used to be an avid chess amateur myself, even had a chess blog.


  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes, Chess can be “addicting” as I’m sure you know. No two games are quite the same. The ticket “miracle” was a bombshell to me. I mean I was SO convinced he’d lower the boom “guily”,especially after I saw the cops evidence. But God had other plans. He was telling me ” I will protect my righteousness and show you”

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