God’s signs give us renewed faith!

Recently I witnessed a sign from God that renewed my faith. About a week ago I had finished work and headed to my favorite restaurant called “hometown buffet”. I had eaten there  hundreds of times in the last 7 or 8 years. Never have I had a person or couple sit at my table without my permisson! I had paid for my dinner and picked a nice table real close to the food.It was a table for 4. I put my ticket ( a big bright yellow ticket) and my book I had with me called “Ten commandments twice removed”on my table to let people know it was taken. I wanted to read alittle while I was eating. 

The place wasn’t that crowded and there were some empty tables near by.  I went and got my food and then proceeded to come back to my table. As I arrive there were a middle aged couple sitting at my table! They were casually eating as if everything was just great with them. I say “hi” and they said “hello”. I was starting to get alittle hot under the collar and picked up my ticket and said “did you see my ticket?” They responded with a smile and continued to eat. Immediately our Lord reminded me i was now a true Christian, so I smiled back and sat down with my new guests,lol. I felt alitte awkward but I started to eat.

They just seemed so at peace and I started to feel at ease also. I casually asked “how are you doing tonight?”  They said “fine, do you like the food here?” I said “Yes, it’s my second home” and they laughed. Something about them seemed so easy and calm as if they were “suppose” to be eating with me. Little did I know they were! We chatted and they commented on my book and asked”are you seventh day adventist?  Isaid “yes” they said “so are we”. Now, I felt it was “meant to be” but I was to find out even more it was INDEED meant to be. After all it  seemed so unreal for them to walk up and sit at my table (with many other tables  empty).

 Our conversation shifted to God and what great things He’s doing today. We reinforced each other that our faith (believing in our Lord Jesus, and following His commandments, and spreading His word) was truly the way. So I had a pleasurable dinner with “strangers”

Last Saturday evening our town hosted it’s annual “festival of lights” parade in downtown Palm Springs. It attracts thousands of people ( in this case maybe about 50,000 plus). Because I was one of the primary workers in making this years float I was invited to be on it. I arrived early that night to be ready as I had never been “in” a parade much less ‘on” a float. So about 6:15 we started up our float and made our way in line down the parade route.

 I was to be up front on the right. As we come into downtown so many people were lined up, many places 6 or seven rows deep. I began to wave as we proceeded. Our Christian band played in the rear part of float. I was glancing around be not really focusing on the individual people as there were So many of them. They waved and cheered and I was really surprised at the reception we received.

 I amused myself thinking “wow, so this is how it feels to be a star”lol. But I kept waving (feeling my arm about to fall off after the first 5 or six blocks) But as we get about midway the holy spirit took over! He guided my eyes to the right. I looked into the crowd and who did I see? THAT COUPLE! the strangers that had crashed my table! Wow. I thought , this is a sign from GOD! Immediately I felt a great elation and I waved at them and they waved back, our eyes locked. We broadly smiled and I gave them two thumbs up.

 I had not even once stared directly into any faces of the crowd until that moment. I was just glancing not focusing. But God planned it that I would see these people and thereby strengthen my faith knowing He is guiding my life and I’m on the right path.  In life we sometimes get alittle too much “doubting thomas” in us but if we are ever watchful God speaks to us in so many ways and signs.

 Praise our Lord for His ever watchful eye!  I had been in need of a boost of late in my Christian walk and God didn’t let me down.

5 Responses to “God’s signs give us renewed faith!”

  1. Richard Says:

    Praise God that’s awesome! As I always say, “nine times out of ten, God works through people. I also have found it so.
    Bless you brother!

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks my bro,
    Yes, it was amazing. I sometimes think could those have been angels(?) It gives me the chills to think about it because of all the strange circumstances that happened in seeing them. 50,000 plus people and I am guided to directly notice these people in that large crowd. wow!

  3. Todd Says:

    Dude that was a really amazing story, actually gave me goosebumps. God has given you a talent with writing, so here’s my suggestion: I think you should keep writing about these encounters and eventually you’ll have enough to put them all together in a book that could touch even more lives.

    People would be blessed and strengthened to read about the many miracles God gives His followers…and how much a part of their lives God can be.

    Just my thoughts. Thanks for the story.


  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Todd, thanks for the comments and will consider your suggestions. I never really thought about that, interesting. Yes, I agree, we must continue to “spread” His word and work to strenghten others.

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