God’s power is waiting to be unleashed

The more I grow in my walk with the Lord the more I become aware of His “speaking” to me. One of the first signs the  Lord gave me was about a year ago. I began to read the bible (from front to back) for the first time in my life. A few nights later I got to exodus and read about the “Ten Commandments”. The very NEXT day I was called to do a service call ( I do appliance repair) in a town close by. After the repair the elderly gentleman handed me a book ON THE TEN COMMANDMENTS! Obviously this was a direct sign from the Lord that I should seriously look into these “commandments”. That I did. And it turned my whole life around. It also revealed new truths I was not aware of in regard to our Lord. Since then there has been many signs given to me and I have been so strengthen by them. Christians should ALWAYS be on the look out for His signs. I believe our Lord wants to be involved in even “trifles” of our life. Think of Him as a great thoroughbred race horse locked in the racing stall, prancing and puffing, just waiting to be released! He wants to show you His great power and signs! So many times us Christians go to church and sing praise songs and such yet don’t witness His great power in our lives. We pray and then forget! How about going back to the Lord and inquiring of your prayer? What happened? Did He answer you? Do we ask Him to “speak” to us someway , somehow? Remember he is ALWAYS listening but is our faith strong enough to believe He’ll answer us? Keep your prayer in mind then watch and be aware because He want’s SO MUCH to show His power and love to you! Then you can go to church on His holy Sabbath and REALLY praise Him! Not only because He’s worthy but also because you’ve witnessed it! I  feel our churchs need to be more “in the spirit” of praising Him and less in the “performing” of praising Him. Once we come to Him in obedience to his word, He is WILLING  and ABLE to answer us, even in trivial areas of our lives.

2 Responses to “God’s power is waiting to be unleashed”

  1. Todd Says:

    Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on one of my old blogs (the one where I was posting all of the Amazing Facts study guides). Your message meant a lot to me. I have been far away from God for what seems like a long, long time now. I am so glad to hear from people like you and to read your blogs. You are changing the world and saving souls from your constant seeking of Christ and His power. I truly hope God blesses your work abundantly. Paradise is waiting for you and those you influence.

    -Todd (27 Bible Studies, Our Sword)

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Todd, it was amazing because I really don’t remember how I found your blog. I googled something and found it,lol. Thanks for the comment and DON’T give up! God is right around the corner saying “Todd get on back here” 😉

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