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I am online many hours, especially in the evening and happen to find the site called  biblestudy.org  and  I was simply blown away with advice on how to properly inform people about God’s holy day. I don’t know all their views and cannot attest to everything but I did study their views on the Sabbath and particularly their scripture references about it .All scripture based with supreme logic. Simple and direct yet very thorough,  it is so effective in my estimation that ANY Christian who wishes to become more enlightened would benefit greatly from it. With SO MUCH false teaching today (rapture, go immediately to heaven or hell upon death, Sunday as God’s worship day, etc.) it behooves us to study and learn the REAL truth from scripture. I’ve taken a small snipet from there site. Here it is.

  Are arguments against observing the Sabbath true?

Often Sabbath observance is attacked by arguments that sound very spiritual, BUT lack real substance.Evangelical Protestants will make general arguments against keeping the Sabbath that would attack observing other laws that they believe are in force.They give a general principle against keeping the Sabbath that is so broadly drawn… it has to be rejected.Often Evangelical Protestant rhectoric, when carefully examined “In the light of scripture” and logic, simply evaporates.It’s almost as if after merely invoking the name “Jesus Christ” all careful thinking about “salvation theology and the law ceases. Sloppy thinking about the interrelationship of such terms as “grace”, “law”,”justification”, “salvation”,”faith”, repentance”, “sin”, “righteousness”,”works”, “baptism”, and ‘sanctification” hold MILLIONS unknowlingly in it’s thrall. Often anti-law evangelicals hide their careless reasoning by sprouting vague, vacuous rhetoric or generalizations about Jesus’ role as Savior, IGNORING that the conclusions they’re drawing don’t follow from the premises they’re using.

In order to put their Sabbatarian opponents on the defensive, they will usually claim spiritual superiority ( I have indeed seen so much of this, because when one feels superior, they feel you must address THEIR points, and they don’t have to on yours) by saying something about Jesus’ role as Savior in order to “prove” that the Sabbatarians are obeying an abolished law. But merely citing Jesus’ role as savior of humanity from it’s sins doesn’t prove the conclusions they wish, since their premise(something said about Jesus) lacks the SCRIPTURAL support for the conclusion they want (the Sabbath was abolished).Simply by asking them whether these same general arguments against the Sabbath would abolish the other laws that the arguer DOES believe are in force often is enough to “Refute” (my word) their argument.

Enjoy this site and learn,  this is my sincere wish and prayer for ALL who call themselves “true believers”

2 Responses to “A good Christian teaching site”

  1. todd Says:

    Man forgive me for posting off-topic but I just have to get this off my chest…I cling to the sin I enjoy. Every time I begin feeling a pull to God something comes and brings more pleasure…women, pot, games, movies…you name it. When I became a christian for the first time it was so easy. I sold my xbox, games and movies and rid myself of everything worldly in my life. Now it seems so much more complicated because I have such an addiction to these things. My Bibles, concordance and other literature is actually stuffed in a box in the garage. How sinful to toss aside the Word of God like some cheap romance novel. I don’t really have a point except I wanted to thank u for continuing to be my friend and remind me that all these things I’m so caught up in are leading to my destruction. Please pray for my return

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes, Todd I’ll pray for you as I have already done. While I am certainly not perfect, I found reading everyday from the Bible (God’s word) or even Ellen White’s books will keep me focused on the most important thing–Salvation with our Lord. Make sure to review His commandments are ask yourself, are you keeping them? If not, it’ll indeed be hard to get back close with Him. While I am trying to keep them I am still sinning, but am working these out with Him in prayer. So to sum up, I think Prayer, keeping His commandments (including the Sabbath), and reading His word are the keys to get you back in the fold.Remember He is greater than your sin and can replace that joy(in sinning) with a FAR GREATER joy in communion with Him. Your brother in Christ, Rob

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