God’s commandments are for our benefit

In my spiritual journey I am quite amazed when I speak about the “Commandments of God”. Most agree they are holy and good. However there are MANY Christians today who scoff at them. Saying “Oh don’t be legalistic, God has replaced His Commandments with the Blood of our Lord Jesus”. This to me is so amazing.

If we study the Commandments(the Great 10 Moral Laws) we find NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR GOD! (first 4) and love for man (remaining 6). Now, some one please tell me how Jesus has replaced God’s rules of “love”? They are so misguided and blinded, I can only think of WHY that is(?)The blindness I believe comes from not “opening” up their hearts to the truth.

Anytime we witness to some one about the Law, we should find a willing and open ear. In (proverbs28:9) we read “If anyone turns his ear from hearing of the Law(rules of love) even his prayers are an abomination”  Wow, powerful stuff from God! God says that those people are not right in there heart and therefore even their prayers are not in truth and spirit. God’s rules of love are indeed righteous and pure, so why would a spirit filled person want to turn away from hearing about this?  It must be blindness and stubbornness!

We must continue to pray for those who mock and disbelieve in His Moral Commandments. A good prayer to use is something like this  “Please Father, remove their blind glasses, so they can see CLEARLY your word” But they must want to receive the truth, before they can understand it. Therefore they must not close their eyes to scripture, or ignore scripture. You see, if the Christian is obeying the Commandments of God (and that includes the Sabbath) scripture says  the Lord will THEN REVEAL Himself to us. (John 14:21) “He that has my commandments and KEEPS them, he it is that loves me and shall be loved by the Father, and I will love him, and WILL REVEAL MYSELF to him”. Notice our Lord saying how important it is to keep His Commandments?

I know of a prominent Radio speaker who daily talks about God. Yet , he adamantly calls people who obey God’s commandments-“Legalistic”. We must pray for this person, particularly because he is “teaching” others in this great error. It is one thing to not believe that the Moral Law is in effect today, it’s another to “teach” about it. I believe it is VERY bad to the Lord. Let us be the opposite and TEACH about His Laws as we enjoy obeying them! Amen.

2 Responses to “God’s commandments are for our benefit”

  1. Mary Says:

    Hello sisters and brothers in Christ

    What will the world will be without Law?
    What will happened in our Family if theres no Law?
    What will happened to our self if we dont have Law?
    What will happened to our job if there is no Law?
    What will happened to our generations?

    Its like street without traffics light.
    Can we imagine that street without traffics light?

    Why God give every human the Law?
    1. God’s Law leads us to see our guilt and drives us to Jesus…Rm 3:20
    2. God’s Law is an agency leading us to conversion…Ps 19:7
    3. When we are saved by faith, we desire to keep God’s Law…Heb 10:7/ Jn 8:29

    God’s Law is a morality.
    Why do we have subjects Moral in our school?
    Its because morality is important and it bring peace.

    God’s Law is not some burdens or to heavy to follow.
    but the matters is our heart,mind,lifestyle and social life.
    Jesus said if you love Me…
    Keep my commandment.

    Do you love Jesus friends?
    Dont answer but ask our self…

    I LOve you all


  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Amen! You are right, they are not burdesome as some believe. I’t amazing how they want to “love” God their own way. In their own reasoning. Let us be willing and able to obey God HIS WAY, thereby fulfilling His will for us.

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