3 miracles from God

This story I read in the paper this last week. A man who had been robbing stores in this small Texas town happened to pick the WRONG store,lol. Late in the afternoon this lady (wife of the owner) was behind the counter in their small grocery store. The hapless criminal burst into the store,  looked around, then approached the counter, he quickly pulled a gun on the lady and demanded “give me the money, now!” The lady stopped for a moment, then looked straight into the man’s eyes and said ” I command you in the name of Jesus! Get out of this store NOW!”  The man stood there alittle stunned, then started shouting obscenities. The lady was getting even more powerful, she said    “I arrest you in the name of Jesus, now get OUT!” as she pointed defiantly to the door.  The man became almost as if he was frozen! Then he quickly ran out the store!  (No doubt with visions of the lady looking like a monster ready to eat him alive,lol)

Wow, if only we “professed” Christians had such faith in the Lord! The Lady drew on the “power” of Jesus and defeated evil! Amen.

The next one is about our Church’s missionaries in the quake torn city of Diquini, Haiti. Last week we had a Seventh Day Adventist medical doctor come and present his experience in treating the people there. What a disaster it is there. He described the suffering and the hardships. But he told us that the Seventh day Adventist Hospital was one of the few hospitals to come away relatively “unscathed”. Praise God. He knew  to help “save” this hospital. Most hospitals suffered substantial damage or leveled but “Haitian Hospital Adventiste” was preserved! Amen.

 The following is the most inspiring miracle. In the Philippines in a village called Panias. The people there faithfully give their tithes, which the church treasurer keeps in a special bag until she can go into town. Unfortunately the trip is dangerous. Logging trucks and motorbikes are the only mode of transportation. people often risk their lives perching on top of the trucks as they wallow along the muddy roads.

One day the treasurer headed to town. She brought with her God’s money to give to the district pastor. Reaching the dirt road she sat with her daughter at a waiting shed, as they waited for a truck. The church treasurer sat on the money bag to keep it safe as more people gathered inside the shed. Then a truck came and She and her daughter found a safe place on top of the truck. Then the truck headed down the road.

After they traveled about a half mile, the daughter asked ” Mama, where’s the money bag?” With a sinking feeling, the treasurer realized she didn’t have it.  “Mr. Driver, STOP!” she shouted. The truck stopped and they climbed down. They ran as fast as they could, avoiding if they could all the mudpools. As the treasurer ran she prayed “Lord, please keep your money safe”. 

Looking ahead, she could see the waiting shed. Two  men were waiting inside the shed for another truck. Reaching the shed, she saw the bag EXACTLY where she left it!  Grabbing it, she prayed out loud “Thank you Lord, for keeping your money safe”   “what are you talking about?” one of the men asked. “I just thanked God for taking care of His church money” she answered.  “I don’t understand” the man said. “well, didn’t you see this bag? it was right there” the treasurer pointed to the spot where she’d left the money. “I left it behind when I ran to catch the last truck”    “No, we didn’t see it” the men said.   “but a stranger was sitting right there. Where did he go”? the first man asked the other. The other man responded “He was sitting right there where you picked up your bag, but left when we saw you coming”   “Thank you Lord” the treasurer shouted. “Thank you for sending a angel to keep your money safe”

God does use His angels often, but sometimes we just don’t know it or aren’t aware of it. Praise God!  Amen.  This is a story from the SULADS missionaries Seventh Day Adventist in the Philippines.

5 Responses to “3 miracles from God”

  1. Richard Says:

    Bless the Lord! I particularly like the first story. Why? Because God gets all the glory. There is no mention of denominations that might make it’s appeal to men. When God gets all the glory, that’s the best!
    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes Bro, these are powerful stories that God’s power works! Each story is unique. Praise Him!

  3. todd Says:

    That last one gave me goosebumps! We serve a powerful King!

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Amen Todd, the thing that gives me the goosebumps, is knowing the angels impersonate real humans. I wonder if WE’VE ever met an angel? Makes you think of (Heb.13:2) ” Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it”

  5. todd Says:

    I’ve wondered that EXACT thing!

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