In our walk with the Lord,  many feel called to witness.  Some are called to serve, and still others are called for something else. Today I’ll discuss what the Lord has shown me  on a lesson on witnessing.

    I have had the opportunity to do much spreading of His word online. Often I find myself in lengthly “debates” with people who are “professing” to be Christian. After a email or two it quickly becomes evident that they are A)  choosing to ignore scripture B) contradicting scripture    C) mixing their traditional beliefs with scripture’s word or  D) Misinterpreting scripture.  I often become exasperated because I will steadfastly “protect and guard” His Laws as scriptures says (prov 7:1,2) “My son, keep my words and store up my Commandments within you. Keep my Commandments and you will live, GUARD my teachings as the apple of your eye” . But unfortuantely many times to no avail.

    So it slowly started to dawn on me ( after several debates) that maybe I was spending useless time against some one who REFUSES to see the truth(?)   So I asked the Lord and began to search scripture on what the bible has shown on “witnessing” to those who refuse to listen or heed.

    Some  scripture’s are very direct and cutting  against those who “ignore” or attempt to “refute” our speaking about God’s Laws  ( Prov. 28:9) “If ANYONE turns his ear from hearing of the Law, even his prayers are an abomination”  Wow, pretty powerful words from the Lord! It basically says their hearts are  NOT right and receptive to God’s truth, expressed in his Laws. Notice it doesn’t say “If any Jew…..”. The anti-Law Christians act as if it does! 

    (Psalms 119:51) “The arrogant utterly deride me, yet I DO NOT turn away from your Law”  I very often get a sense of arrogance from anti-Law Christians.  It’s almost  like the attitude is “How dare you even think of following Old Testament Laws! ”

    Now we go to the New Testament. Jesus says  In (Matt 10:14) “If anyone will not welcome you OR LISTEN TO YOUR WORDS, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town”    So here it is clearly saying to start out friendly and proceed to tell them the truth in God’s word. And in my case, many times it’s about God’s holy Moral Law. And if they refuse to listen,  according to Jesus , I should get away from them. This is a hard lesson for me due to my compassion to keep on showing them more and more of God’s truth. But after “learning” from experience I have found the Lord is right!  

    So We must not spend time arguing with people who want to turn away from God’s word or Law. I believe , due to their heart’s hardened condition, the Holy Spirit must come to the rescue! Instead let us spend that energy on spreading His truth to where it will bear fruit! To the meek and humble of heart, for they will “listen well” to the truth!  Amen.

2 Responses to “Witnessing”

  1. Todd G Says:

    Like casting pearls before swine to be trampled under foot.

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Excellent analogy, Todd! After feeling drained and exasperated on trying to “make them see” I’m glad the Lord has guided me to “go and produce fruit where the the land is ripe”.

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