Go back and make things right

Once we become a “true” Christian, our life and the way we look at things becomes  new and different. We were used to thinking about  our own likes, lusts, pleasures and a myriad of sins.But now we understand that He lives in us and we look at things differently.

In my case, the Holy Spirit has brought to my attention some of my sins of the past. As we know God’s moral holy Law is the standard by which we will be judged (James 2:12) “So, speak and act as those who are to be judged by the Law of liberty”   Once we come to God we look at our life through those holy rules.  I was shown that I made some mistakes in my past that could be righted.

In my past life, I was involved in much worldy business. Often borrowing from people for expansion, etc. Well, not really thinking about Him or His holy Laws, I got alittle complacent. I’d borrow quite often and I paid back very well until a real rough spot hit about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay back everybody due to the tough times I experienced. I moved out of town and lost touch will some people. But recently God has impressed on me to “Go back and make it right”.  I have been blessed the last few years with a great business and I really started to think about my “past mistakes”  In God’s word we are called to be “righteous” (1John 3;7) “Let no man deceive you, he who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous”

So I started my search for the people who I still owed. I found two of the 5, and promptly sent  them checks( Thank God for google,lol). God’s 8th Commandment is “Thou shall not steal” God is working in my life to make me more “Christ like” and His righteousness is truly a great feeling to DO as  well as believe.

So if you’ve done wrong to people in your past, I believe it is important to “go back” and make things right as best you can.(1 John 2:29) ” If you know that He is righteous, you know that everyone who PRACTICES  righteousness is born of Him” Our God is a God of righteousness and therefore we ,too, should practice this!

8 Responses to “Go back and make things right”

  1. Todd G Says:

    Amen brother, just like Zacchaeus who showed the evidence of his salvation by an immediate desire to repay all the money he had taken from people before.

    It’s so clear that God is leading in your life and taking you step by step where He wants you to be. What a powerful witness you become to these people who probably assumed that they’d never see the money again…now they can see that it is the power of Jesus Christ that has caused this good in you.

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Good example with Zacchaeus. Yes, righteousness is God’s way of “doing it right” and the more we as Christians obey His holy Laws the closer we get to Him! Amen. Thanks Todd.

  3. Richard Says:

    Amen Brother!
    It is really tough. I remember back when I was newly born again, and I had to go to my employer and tell him that I had took some stuff without paying for it. I added it all up and gave him a check for it all. It was very humiliating, especially since our dad worked there too.
    Thanks for the blessed post!

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Way to go bro! Yes, being right is tough sometimes but if we dothe right thing even if it’s difficult, we’ll come closer to Him and enjoy knowing the “truth” is in us! Amen.

  5. Namuddu Barbra Says:

    Some times ROB, we run away from our sins with out knowing that GOD is watching us. And you are true DEAR that we do wrong to poeple, and many of us have been there but what we have to do is not to turn back because when ROb you came to JESUS , the gates were open so just say to what ever you have done in the passed that you really have been there , and you are not turning back. I know that you have entered through the salvation door and that you are not turnind back .i also should say the same thing NO TURNING BACK. THANKS DEAR FOR THE TESTMONY IT HAS MOVED ME, AND I HAVE LEARNT, NOT TO ALWAYS HIDE OUR SINS BUT TO BRING THEM TO JESUS.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ROB

  6. Rob Says:

    Interesting post Namuddu, thanks, Rob 🙂

  7. eternallyhopeful Says:

    Great post! This is so true to go back and make things right, at least what we can do on our side leaving the rest to God knowing we did our best to reconcile in whatever way we could. God bless! Roxanne

  8. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks Roxanne, yes we should do what is in our power to right our past mistakes, blessings to you also, and don’t be a stranger 🙂

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