7 truths anti-Sabbath keepers choose to ignore

With so much on the line, in these last days, I thought it would be important to show some powerful truths  from God’s word about the Sabbath. There is actually a tremendous amount  said about the Sabbath(mentioned 169 times in the bible!)  Here are some specific powerful  truths anti-Sabbath keepers (hereafter referred as AS) cannot accept as truth, even though it is plainly written in God’s word!

Number 1.   Jesus never broke or trespassed  the Sabbath. We know HE is our example of how to live a “Christian” life. So how can (AS) overlook their OWN LEADER’S example???  (1John 2:6) “He that says the Lord abides in him, ought to walk, just as He walked. So where did Jesus walk every Sabbath? You got it, the Synagogue  (church).  Jesus’ example of obeying the Sabbath must be ignored by the (AS).

Number 2.  In Genesis we find God blessed and made HOLY the SEVENTH DAY.  Now, here is the million dollar question. Where in all of scripture can you show where the  HOLY BLESSINGS  HAVE BEEN REMOVED???  Answer-  Nowhere!  So if the blessing and sanctification has never been removed for the holy seventh day, it must mean IT IS STILL HOLY!  And if it is, should we not show any special observance on this day, as God commanded? (AS) must ignore that the HOLY BLESSINGS are STILL there! I think they prefer to ignore  it instead of keeping  it holy as commanded by our Lord.

Number 3.  It is very plain to see, and straight forward, I might add, that ALL people will worship the Lord on the Sabbath in the FUTURE. (Isaiah 66:22-23) “For as the NEW  heavens and earth which I will make shall remain before me, says  the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain. And it shall come to pass from one new moon to another, and from ONE SABBATH TO ANOTHER, shall ALL FLESH come to WORSHIP before Me, says the Lord”  ok, if we are definitely going to worship the Lord on the Sabbath in the future, why is there a break from Sabbath observance now  as (AS) must believe???  It makes NO SENSE.

Number 4.     One of my all time favorite scriptures (Psalms 111 :7-8)   ” The works of His hands are truth and judgement, ALL of His Commandments are sure. They STAND FAST FOREVER AND EVER, done in truth and uprightness”         Here we see when He wrote the GREAT 10 Commandment law with His own Hands, they were true. They also are to “STAND FOREVER AND EVER”     The Sabbath is in the HEART of those Commandments that stand forever and ever.So the (AS) must ignore that the Commandments are STILL standing and are to be obeyed and observed.  These words of God’s do not count as truth to them. By the way, I have never   heard or seen a  remotely clear attempt to counter this word of God by the (AS)  Why? Because  they can’t.

Number 5.    (AS) love to quote Paul as to justifying their position on not observing the Sabbath. If they will only STUDY God’s word, they will very quickly learn that Paul (through God’s spirit) speaks about TWO different “Laws”. One  is the Moral Law (10 Commandments)  the other is the Mosiac laws. They were the sacrificial, ceremonial, ritual laws, foreshadowing Christ as our Savior. There is TREMENDOUS confusion within Christianity about the writings of Paul. Infact God forsaw the day that people would “distort” Paul’s writings when He inspired Peter to write about Paul’s writings (2 Peter 3:15-16) “….just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him. He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are HARD TO UNDERSTAND, which the ignorant and unstable people DISTORT, as they did other Scriptures, to their own destruction.”

But if we study scripture the ONLY time Paul is mentioned WORSHIPPNG is on the SABBATH! The bible records at least 84 Sabbaths Paul honored and observed!  And he is shown to be converting GENTILES as well as JEWS on the SABBATH. What were the Gentiles doing there if  “Sunday” was already being preached as the “Lord’s day”? Paul continued Sabbath after Sabbath to bring all the people back into temple(church) on the same day each week– the Sabbath! Not Sunday, Tuesday or even Friday! Surely the Apostles were gathering every “Sunday” and  word  should have spread to “abandon” the Sabbath for Sunday, right?   Wrong!

Paul was brought before the Sanhedrin and their spies(many years after Christ’s death on the cross). In their accusations they did not  accuse him of breaking the Sabbath. Why?  Because he DID NOT!  Infact he said (in his defense) (acts 24:14) “…I worship the God of our Fathers, believing all things written IN THE LAW, and in the Prophets”   We know Paul wrote very clearly about the Mosiac laws being done away with, so it had to be that  he ” BELIEVED in the MORAL LAW ” (which includes the Sabbath). And He believed in the Prophets (ALL of whom believed in the Sabbath).  So much truth here the (AS) ignore!

Number 6.     The wise man, Solomon, wrote in Ecclesiates about all the trials, tribulations and doings which man can do in life. It was all “meaningless’. Except at the end where he made his summary of  all he had spoken. (Ecc 12:13)  “For this is the SUM of the matter,  Fear God, and Keep His Commandments, FOR THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN”  Notice it does  not say “this is the whole duty of JEWS”  He said man!   (AS)  are you part of mankind?  Then God is talking to YOU,too! Your DUTY is to fear God and obey His Commandments.  But this is another word of God that (AS) must ignore and explain away. They must say “it is no longer true”. (Numbers 23:19) ” God is not a man, that He should lie,  nor a son of man that he should CHANGE HIS MIND (in other words (AS) believe we no longer have these duties now because God has changed His mind and these words are no longer true). Does he speak then not act? Does He promise then not fulfill?”   Can we see the absolutely strange logic the (AS) must use to explain away God’s true words?

Number 7.   Jesus’ spoken words in (Matt 5:18-19)  “Truly I say to you, until heaven  and earth pass away, NOT ONE IOTA or letter shall pass from the LAW, until all has been accomplished.  Whoever, therefore, breaks the LEAST of the Commandments and teaches others to do so, shall be called LEAST in heaven, but  whoever DOES THEM and teaches others to do so, shall be call GREAT in heaven”       In our Christian world today, which Commandment , do you think is looked upon as the “least”?  You got it, the Sabbath!   Ok, our Lord warns you (AS) don’t break it, or be called “least in heaven”

May the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, and may you know this truth, that His Sabbath is to be honored just as it was in the beginning of the world.

Amen Lord, may your words be forever true and righteous!

For those of you who would like to see a most thorough Sabbath study click here http://www.the-ten-commandments.org/ten_commandments-new_testament.html

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  1. Todd G Says:

    Awesome, Rob! Where are points 4, 5, 6 and 7?

    Talk about plain truth! Crystal clear. It seems as if those opposed to the Sabbath must come up with extraordinarily long and complicated explanations as to why we should be able to break one of the 10 Commandments…and they often rely on the same 2 or 3 Bible verses (out of context) and a whole lot of human reasoning!

    They don’t realize that it’s not SAFE to trust the reasonings of our mind…because “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” – Jeremiah 17:9

    And the one that our heart deceives………..is ourself.

    The only SAFE way to live is by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God! (Matthew 4:4) And where do we find the word of God by which to live? In the Bible!

    Amen Rob, keep up the good work!

  2. Todd G Says:

    Wow man number 5 is a great blessing to me! I’ve never heard the points about the fact that the sanhedrin DIDN’T accuse Paul of breaking the Sabbath, which they SURELY would have if he had been…and Paul’s words when he said he believes all things written in the law, which must have meant the moral law because he clearly states elsewhere in his writings that the (ceremonial) laws were nailed to the cross! Brilliant stuff!

    God’s truth is SO PLAIN…how can anyone NOT see it? I think they are just like the pharisees of old who, when convicted by Stephen, “cried out with a loud voice, stopped their ears, and ran at him with one accord.”

    They must intentionally plug their ears and attack those who obey God.

  3. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Excellent points, Todd! You are so correct about the (AS) coming up with long rambling words to try to CANCEL out God’s pure plain SIMPLE words! Also I , too, have often thought that they are today’s Pharisees. Blinded to truth and pluging their ears to truth. So many times they say “Oh, Jesus is our Sabbath” A truly clever excuse to disobey God’s Commanded Rest and observance of His holy SEVENTH DAY SABBATH. We can only pray their eyes and ears are opened.

  4. Seth Says:

    You certainly do provide much scripture to “support” your position, however, the point of those verses IS Jesus.

    Here are some things I know we can agree on:
    The laws (God’s Ten Commandments, which includes the Sabbath) lead us to JESUS. While we can agree on this can you see the real significance of this?

    The 10 Commandments are Holy and Good but we are NOT. While we can also agree on this can you begin to see what this means?

    God wants and DESIRES a personal relationship with us but what kept that from being a real possibility? We can agree that it was Sin. And what IS Sin, the Transgression of God’s Law (His Holy 10 Commandments). But let’s think about this some more. What was the BARRIER between us and God? Can you see it? Yes Sin, but how would we have even known we had sin? What showed us that we were sinners? Yes the Law but can the law make us RIGHT with God? We can agree that the law does not because we both understand that JESUS made us right with God. How? By removing the barrier of our sins. Does that mean the Law that showed us our sins was removed? Absolutely NOT! But again, what REMOVED our sins? Was it the LAW (our keeping it) or JESUS? Do you see? What is the ONLY thing that can make us right with God? The LAW or JESUS? Of course we agree it’s JESUS. Does that mean the LAW is done away with. Not at all!

    But here is the key: What IS the PURPOSE of the law? To make us right with God? No, Jesus death does that. To give us something to believe in? No, Jesus death is what we believe in. To cleanse us? No, Jesus death is what cleanses us. To show us what Sin is? YES! Can you begin to see?

    Listen, Jesus MAGNIFIED the law on the Mount of Olives. Matt.5. Even if you LOOKED at a woman with lust in your heart you were just as guilty as someone who actually did the deed. Now the “Spirit” of the law is shown. Why? What is Jesus trying to get at? Is He saying that it isn’t just enough to not commit adultery but you can’t even THINK about another so He can show us how to “Better” please God? But what pleases God? Our keeping of the LAW or our FAITH in Jesus’s Death?

    If we could keep the law would we even need a Savior? That is the point. The point that it’s ALL about JESUS for WITHOUT HIM, YOU, ME, EVERY LIVING SOUL can do NOTHING! What came first? The LAW or JESUS THE LAW GIVER? Can you see? If we focus on the law and not on the one who gave us the law and died for us because we failed to keep the law we’re missing the purpose of what Jesus Christ did for us? Can you see that? It’s not that the LAW is Bad, it most definately is NOT! But we can never keep it WITHOUT Jesus. WITHOUT a RELATIONSHIP with our LORD and Heavenly Father FIRST, no amount of focused attention on the law or your sins will cause you to grow closer to our heavenly Father and Jesus. Can you understand this?

    Let me put it to you this way. When someone has a child born. What comes first? Law or Love for that child? Yes, love of course. Your parents, siblings, children and close friends what do we have for them? LAW or LOVE? How do we RELATE to them? With LAW or LOVE? You see?
    How do you believe God, your LOVING heavenly Father wants us to RELATE to Him? With LAW of LOVE? Now I know the response most likely is, well the LAW shows our LOVE for God. No it does not! Our FAITH in what JESUS (What GOD DID FOR US) shows our LOVE for God. We show our love for God when we embrace His FREE Gift of Redemption for us. It’s a Gift, which means it cannot be earned. When we RECEIVE this most blessed Gift with thanksgiving we show our Love for God for what He did for us. Praise God.

    Listen, do we go around passing out slips of papers to potential friends or your family or children or parents that show them laws that will keep us in RIGHT relation with them? Absolutely Not! It is FROM the RELATIONSHIP that our behavior is changed. When we grow to know them and love them it is THEN that we respond through that love and respect for them. We get to know their habits and things they like and don’t like and from that RELATIONSHIP we respond more and more appropriately. But the RELATIONSHIP comes first! Can you see that? We don’t have them relating to us through some laws we gave to them. Is that how we’d like our own children to approach us? God doesn’t want that either. That is why He sent us Christ. So we could be JESUS conscious NOT Sin conscious. But as long as we focus on the law and NOT the law giver and savior we’ll miss the point and even CHEAPEN what God has done for us.
    I KNOW God and Jesus LOVE me! I wake up and say GOOD MORNING Jesus, what are we going to do today. I AM the Righteousness of God through Jesus! God has a picture of me in His back pocket. I have all confidense in His love for me and never feel condemned but loved instead. We can’t feel loved if we’re focusing on OUR right doing verse what Jesus has ALREADY done right for us.

    Personaly I have no problem assembling with believers on Saturday but My Jesus is not LIMITED to any day (that He created) to assemble. The assembling is more important than the “day” we’re to assemble. Jesus IS our Sabbath rest.

    Praise God! Remember, God desires a RELATIONSHIP. Rest in His desire and Love for you through what Jesus has done for us on the Cross and you’ll keep His commandments better by accident than by any of our focused efforts to do so.

    God Bless You and Keep You

  5. Seth Says:

    The Law was to show us our NEED of a Savior. It was to show us how we are HELPLESS. Therefore the LAW was to LEAD us to JESUS! So stay focused on JESUS and HIS love for you. We can’t go around trying to “prove” or “do” something to show our love for Him. We will fail everytime because WITHOUT HIM we can DO NOTHING! Stay connected and focused to the source of all right living. Seeking HIS Righteousness. Resting in HIS love for you. When you understand someone loves you, you’re always happy to see them and it’s a great feeling to have. But if you always approach them feeling like you messed up again and again, condemning yourself. Your first intention is not to draw closer but to hide or draw FURTHER. God doesn’t want us to do that so He gave us JESUS. HE wants to embrace Him and ENJOY HIS Presence. You can’t enjoy it if you’re always feeling that you’ve fallen short. There is a Humility in simply receiving what God the Father has already provided. Receive it today and you’ll see. You’ll rejoice everyday. You’ll find praise in your mouth more and more and you’ll walk with confidense and boldness to God’s thrown knowing you’re walking into Daddy’s Room where He loves to talk with His children. You.

    Receive it today. Amen

  6. Seth Says:

    I meant to say He wants YOU to embrace Him and Enjoy His Presence. 🙂

  7. godsloveandlaw Says:

    While your points are well taken, when we invoke the name of Jesus we should never dismiss or diminish His loving Laws to live by. Yes, we will make mistakes but that does not mean we QUIT trying to obey. We draw closer to Him because He says “If you LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS” so we try, with the help of the Holy Spirit, God bless!

  8. Todd G Says:

    Seth you are sooooooo on the right track. It’s ABSOLUTELY true that we can’t earn salvation by keeping the law, but only by Jesus Christ. And it’s ABSOLUTELY true that our focus should remain firmly on Him. But, where in the above post did you read anything about keeping the law to be saved? Or where did you read anything about keeping the law BEFORE having a relationship with our Heavenly Father? Nowhere, my friend. This post said nothing of the sort and I think the poster believes very much the points you made about Jesus Christ of highest importance in our life.

    But where did you get those ideas, if not from the post itself? Can you now begin to see that something is predisposing you to assume these negative things about those who wish to obey God? Can you begin to see that the opinions and teachings of others is what is causing you not to keep your heart open to what someone says just because they write or speak of Christian obedience?

    We all agree that a Christian does not keep the law TO be saved…but a Christian keeps the law BECAUSE we are saved. We all agree that it is only by the power of Christ that we are able to keep the law.

    You obviously know that the law is holy and that Christ did not come to destroy the law…you have said as much in your response. Praise GOD for that! You do not try to ignore or reason away the Scriptures which so plainly reveal otherwise. Amen! I am so happy for your firm grasp of the holiness of God’s law and, furthermore, your grasp of the greater importance of the One who gave the law.

    The first verse that the Spirit impressed me with as I read your response was the same that Rob posted above…if you love Me, keep my commandments.

    You asked how does our Heavenly Father want us to relate to Him. In other words: How can we be sure we are relating, or having a relationship with, Him? Let us always go back to Scripture, brother. He gives us a very easy way:

    1 John 2:3-6, “Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.”

    God says if we are keeping His commandments then we know we have a relationship with Him…because no one can keep the commandments of God without Him. He is our righteousness. He says we ought to walk as Jesus Christ walked…righteously.

    Which comes first…the keeping of the commandments or the knowing Him? Knowing Him, of course, because if we know Him we will keep His commandments naturally because it is not us who lives, but Him who lives in us.

    Again I want to reiterate…NOWHERE in the above post does the poster say that keeping the law should come, or can come, before knowing God. I can understand your apprehension…who knows what kind of legalism you may come across from those who profess to be Christians…but this is not it, brother.

    This blog is not focused on the law above Christ simply because of this post, just as the apostle Paul is not focused on the law above Christ simply because of his MANY and lengthy writings on the law. Paul understood, as I believe Rob does, that any focus on the law is only to point others to the One who gave the law…and kept the law…and died to save us from the punishment of breaking the law. He is worthy of our love, adoration, worship and obedience.

    God bless YOU, Seth! May you continue on your path with Christ, and the same of Rob and myself. Let us all walk joyfully with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! 🙂

  9. Todd G Says:

    Rob and myself are just pilgrims making our way to the Celestial City, just the same as you, Seth. We’re not perfect and surely don’t claim to be. God is teaching us more every day, just like you. Remember that Jesus Christ is our Saviour, Lord and Friend just like He is your Saviour, Lord and Friend. We all serve the same King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Please don’t judge us too harshly…especially because of the errors that others may teach about those who wish to obey God.

    It always shocks me to hear the venomous, unChrist-like attitude and words spoken by those who wish to oppose christian obedience.

    Whatever different views we have, let us keep a Christ-like love for each other.

    I’m blessed to be able to speak to believers like yourself and Rob, and count it so.

  10. godsloveandlaw Says:

    All truth spoken Todd, amen.

  11. godsloveandlaw Says:

    By the way Seth, it is my hope and prayer that my post here leads you to really understand that the Sabbath HAS NOT been done away with. It’s truly was blessed and hallowed (The seventh day) in CREATION and has NEVER been showed to be removed or changed in ALL of scripture. So it REMAINS His holy day, a day in which, as you say we come together and praise our Lord Jesus and worship Him because He is worthy to save wrenchs like us.

  12. Seth Says:

    Oh I really hope what I said didn’t come off as judgmental or condemning. If it has I am very sorry for that, that was not the intent.

    I mentioned the law because the Sabbath was mentioned, which is part of the law. Those believers that are striving to keep God’s Laws deserve no condemnation for their heart is right toward God as they are sincerely trying to serve Him. They are still our brother’s and sister’s in Christ. Yes, it is sad to see some of those attitudes of condemnation toward each other. Much of that could be avoided if we all understood that we are all in varying degrees of revelation.

    Yes, Jesus is our Friend, Praise God! I’m so glad to hear you say that. The question is, do we REALLY believe that? No, I’m not questioning you in a condemning tone. I speak to myself as well. But think about that for a moment. My best friend is my wife. I let my hair down around her more than any other. She hears my whinning, griping, and most importantly my HONESTY. THAT’S Relationship!

    Notice King David (a man described BY GOD, as a man after His Own Heart). King David was VERY honest with God. When you read the Psalms, David speaks of his fears, his hurts, his anger even asking God to avenge him of his enemies. David was an open book to God. He knew he can be honest to God about anything and everything in his heart. God wants the same with us. He REALLY desires a REAL intimate relationship with us. It’s not just a platitude! God looks at your prayers like Incense, a SWEET aroma to God. He LOVES IT! Because He LOVES YOU! He loves me! JUST like a friend. A good friend, who looks out for your best intersts. Who wants the best for you. Who encourages you, always there for you telling you that you can do it. A friend who’s always open to hear you out about anything on your mind and heart. And when you get angry about it, your good friend doesn’t walk out the door, he says, yeah I know they ticked you off. etc. THAT’S our Savior, you can count on it. You can count on Him!

    Listen, I can remember many times being in fear and just telling Jesus, Jesus I’m really scared about doing this. It is at those times I can hear Jesus saying, yeah I know you’re scared but don’t worry I’ll be right here with you, you know that and I won’t let this go wrong for you. WOW, what encouragement from our Loving Savior! He doesn’t say, what do affraid of, you must not really love me or you must not really believe me. Nothing condemning like that ever comes out of His mouth toward us. Look how gentle Jesus was with His disciples. I remember once when I was feeling sorry for myself, Jesus actually speaking to me (of course not in an audible voice, he speaks to REVELATION, you just have a response revealed to you) and He says to me, Are done feeling sorry for yourself? But the way that it was said made me laugh out loud. I said yeah Lord, I guess I am thanks for the laugh. And I was refreshed.

    I encourage you all to see Jesus as a REAL friend because you are so right, He Is! Praise God. He loves you all soo very much, and wants the best for His children. Just like any parent wants for their children. Remember you ARE the child of the MOST HIGH and LOVING parent God the Father. May His love for you be revealed in your hearts more and more everyday.
    God bless you and keep you. (Numbers 6:24-26)

  13. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Excellent words Seth! Totally agree with what you said. May your love keep growing onwards and UPWARDS! Your friend in Christ, Rob.

  14. Seth Says:

    Godsloveandlaw, I certainly do understand what you’re saying. I certainly am not saying that it’s “Wrong” to keep the Sabbath. By all means let God’s blessing and revelation continue to grow in your life as you honor Him on that day.

    Here are some things you and I can agree with.
    Jesus is our rest. I know you’re quickly saying but that doesn’t mean the Sabbath has been done away with. I understand.

    We agree that the law points us to Jesus. That is to say, we come to ourselves realizing we simply cannot measure up to that standard through our own efforts. We need a Savior.

    We agree that God is more interested in our SOUL than our Flesh. Now this is Key.

    Also when God rested, it wasn’t because He was tired obviously. But what was the “reason” that God rested? He rested from all His WORK. God was finished with His work. There was nothing more He needed to do. So we can agree here as well.

    Here’s where we may diverge a bit.
    In Hebrews 3 and 4 the rest is spoken about which is the REST we are told as believers to enter in. Do you think they’re speaking about the actual Sabbath day here or God’s Rest, is there even a difference? Well, it’s kind of hard to say that they are the same because in verse 1 in chapter 4 of Hebrews we are told that a promise remains OF entering HIS rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. Notice in the following verses that the Gospel was preached to them but it wasn’t mixed with faith but we who BELIEVED DO ENTER that rest. Now I know you might be thinking, yea that’s because they didn’t believe in the Sabbath and this doesn’t do away with the Sabbath. I understand.
    Well let’s remember who were Jesus’s most avid critics and what they criticized Jesus alot about. A lot of criticism toward our Savior came because of the way He and even His disciples were conducting themselves on the Sabbath. Well, you might be thinking that the Pharisee’s made it too strict, that you should be able to do good on the Sabbath. But that doesn’t mean it’s been done away with. Fair enough.

    Jesus also tells us that HE is LORD of the Sabbath, meaning He is OVER the Sabbath.

    Finally in Matt.11:28-30 Jesus tells us to Come to HIM that we may find REST in our SOULS. Jesus is the REALITY of the REST that the Sabbath was a shadow of. We enter that rest through FAITH, BELIEF in the FINISHED WORK of Jesus.

    You are correct that the scipture doesn’t tell us plainly that the Sabbath was done away with. However, where can you find in scripture, in the New Testament, where the Sabbath is enforced? Rather we find again the meaning behind the Sabbath rest was to lead us to our true rest in Jesus. Rest for our Souls not just the Body from “physical” labor.

    Now does this mean it’s somehow “wrong” to assemble on the Sabbath? Of course not. However the Sabbath Day is not binding on our relationship with God the Father but rather we are bound through the “Person” rather than the “Day” of His Rest, Jesus Christ.
    God Bless You and Keep You

  15. Seth Says:

    Just one more thing. I personally would prefer to assemble on the Sabbath. It’s always been the traditional day that Jesus and the Apostles assembled. But in either case we shouldn’t feel condemned. Praise God we have a group of believer’s we can assemble with. There are many in other parts of the world who are not so blessed.

    Praise God!

  16. Seth Says:

    Thank You you for your words of blessings, Godsloveandlaw.

  17. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks again Seth for all your comments. I prefer not to use this site as a debate site. But I will tell you I stand by all the truth I posted in this message “7 truths”. Obedience is not “optional”, especially once we are shown His truth and Laws(Moral)as provided in His word. And since we as believers have the power (with the help of the Holy Spirit) to TRY to keep ALL of His Commandments, we SHOULD as directed by His many, many passages through out the bible that directly say to do so. Once we as Christians start thinking “I’ll please God MY way”, then we place our own belief and values ahead of His word, ie “obey my Commandments”.Got a post entitled the “Saul lesson for Christians” that addresses this( under obedience heading), Rob

  18. Todd G Says:

    I’ll just interject a couple thoughts I was impressed with when reading these last few responses:

    I looooong for the kind of relationship David had with Christ…some of the Psalms he wrote nearly bring me to tears (like Psalm 51:1-13). One thing that jumps out as soon as you start reading the Psalms, esp. David’s, is the absolute reverence he had for God’s law.

    “But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.” Psalm 1:2

    “The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.” Psalm 19:7

    “Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.” Psalm 119:165

    “It is time for you to act, O LORD; your law is being broken.” Psalm 119:126

    “The law of his God is in his heart; his feet do not slip.” Psalm 37:31

    “Your righteousness is everlasting and your law is true.” Psalm 119:142

    “The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.” Psalm 119:72

    And this is only a small sampling. And David knew what you know and we know…that the law was nothing compared to having God Himself in our heart…and that without Him it avails us NOTHING to attempt to keep the law. Notice what was most important to David when he repented:

    “Create in me a clean heart, O God,
    And renew a steadfast spirit within me.
    Do not cast me away from Your presence,
    And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me.

    Restore to me the joy of Your salvation,
    And uphold me by Your generous Spirit.
    Then I will teach transgressors Your ways,
    And sinners shall be converted to You.” – Psalm 51:10-13

    He begs for God to CREATE a clean heart in him, because he knew there was nothing good in himself and never would be without God’s power.

    He begs God not to take His Holy Spirit from him, because he knew that it was ONLY by the power of the Spirit that he could once again follow God’s ways.

    He begs God to restore the JOY of His salvation to him, just like you were saying Seth…because when we truly have a relationship and love God we keep His commands almost “accidentally”…just because we have our eyes and hearts and Christ.

    Lastly…after asking God to do all this in him and for him because he cannot do it for himself…he makes God a promise. Because he knows there is at least one thing he can do…he can go and tell others about the awesome things that his Mighty God has done for him, teaching them to follow God’s ways and converting sinners (transgressors of God’s law) to Him.

    I almost forgot the second thing that came to my mind!

    Were the ceremonial and sacrificial laws foreshadows of Christ? Oh for sure! That is one of the most beautiful studies any Christian can do…to study how amazingly Christ was foreshadowed by the Passover, the Day of Atonement, Pentacost, Feast of Trumpets, Feast of Tabernacles, etc…all typified the coming Messiah. EVERY single annual sabbath, feast, sacrifice, etc were foreshadows of Christ…that is the reason they existed. God doesn’t do anything arbitrarily (esp. the killing of animals – i’m an animal lover 😉 )…God ALWAYS has a purpose.

    Were the 10 Commandments foreshadows of Christ? I see how someone could say, and teach others, that Christ is our rest and thus the weekly Sabbath was a foreshadow. But then it must be true for the rest of the commandments. Look at the other 9 commandments and ask yourself if you see in them any foreshadows of Christ?

    In God’s love, brothers!

  19. Seth Says:

    Yes, when I look at ALL the commandments (ALL 10, even how Jesus Magnified them) they are merely shadows of Jesus. Because, I believe, the LAW is reflective of God and Jesus Holy Character. Jesus said it Himself. On these TWO commandments hang ALL the law and the prophets (Matt.22:36-40) To love God and neighbor (especially those in the household of faith).

    However, what happens is that the focus is more on the LAW of Love rather than the LOVE from which the LAW comes from. The LAW is the FRUIT, LOVE is the ROOT. When we receive the love of God through Jesus, the love of the Holy Spirit which is in us results in an overflow back toward God and neighbor. That can comes as a RESULT from our relationship with God and Jesus.

    As believers we have already been given a clean heart, a new spirit, through what Jesus has already done for us. Ezek.36:26-27 David was still under the Old Covenant promises and even spoke of how blessed we will be under the New Covenant. Psalm 32:1-2 (Rom.4:8). Praise God!

    Now some say that the Law shows us HOW to love God and man. But that’s like saying, seeing apples on a tree shows us how to be an apple tree. To have apples grow on your tree we need to be CONNECTED to the tree in the first place THEN we can grow apples on your branches. That’s talking about relationship. Being connected to the vine, Jesus.

    Because all the focusing in the world on the fruits of God’s love isn’t going to bear those fruits in us until we focus on the one who produces it in us from His love through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ. God wants our attention toward Him and our Savior. God wants us to embrace His love for us not our love for Him. When we recieve more of that love for us we are then filled more with His love so that we can return it to Him and our neighbor. In this we know we are connected to the apple tree when we SEE apples growing in our branches (result). In this we know we love God when we keep His commandments, meaning when we see the FRUIT of that RELATIONSHIP with our heavenly Father and Jesus, is how we know we are connected to the ROOT, Jesus our Lord.

    God loves you soooo much. He desires your company because He has sooo much He wants to give to you. He has sooo much He wants you to recieve. He knows that when you focus on the love Jesus has for us we will be so full of Him that we will keep his laws better accidentaly than if we tried on purpose. You’ll see your tree FULL of apples, the fruit, because we received His Love, the root.

    Please, I’m not trying to condemn anybody least of all believers. God is so faithful and His love for us in not based on how much we know or don’t know or any of that. I certainly don’t have all revelation. You are all serving God with a sincere heart and God sees it plainly. The fruit of that sincerity is evident in these postings. I just know that I live in more joy and peace with God through receiving His love for me more than I ever had before when I tried to do it on my own somehow. When I focused on MY good doing or tried to somehow show God how much “I” loved Him rather than simply accepting and receiving His love for me.

    Peace to you all through Jesus our Lord and may His Grace abound more in your hearts toward Him.

  20. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Awesome Todd! The connection about David and His love of God and AND His Laws. I completely see why the Lord loved Him strongly. He had devotion to Christ’s principles of love and respect. Yes, Seth the Law is summed up in “love for God” and “love for man”. The first 4 Commandments show “love for God” and th last 6 show “love for man”. The summary doesn’t mean the parts are eliminated only what all the Commandments equal. I am reminded of (proverbs 7:12) ” My son, keep my words and store up my Commandments within you, keep my Commandments and you will live, guard my teachings as THE APPLE OF YOUR EYE” Wow! When we look at His Law, it reflects “who” He is and we strive to bring alive His words in our life (ie. proverbs 7:12) We can NEVER say “Oh I love the Lord” then go around stealing from people or committing adultery, on a regular basis. We ALL mess up occasionally, but it’s the repetive BREAKING of God’s rules that causes us to NOT know Him. (1 John 2 3:4) “This is HOW we know we KNOW HIM, if we KEEP His Commandments, he that says ‘ I know Him’ and DOES NOT keep his Commandments, is a LIAR, AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM” Pretty powerful stuff straight from God in the “New testament”. So much for the “new” covenant having “new” Laws!:-) To “KNOW” Him is to “Keep” His Commandments. In my own personal life I can bear witness to this truth!When we say “Oh I love the Lord and he is my Savior” then go out and CONTINUALLY break His Commandments, we are “deceiving” oursleves according to His word! That is why I am so PRO-SABBATH! This ONE Commandment is looked as the LEAST of His Commandments today.(Matt 5:19) “Whoever “BREAKS” the “LEAST” of the Commandments and teaches others to do so, shall be called “LEAST” in heaven, BUT whoever DOES THEM, and teaches others to do so, shall be called “GREAT” in heaven” I highlighted the KEY words in Jesus’ words! So we must believe His LAWS are very important to Him, His whole KINGDOM will be built on them. They STAND FOREVER AND EVER (Psalm 111:7-8)

    Good posts guys!

  21. Todd G Says:

    Seth I agree with everything you wrote except in regard to the distinction between a shadow of things to come and a reflection of that which already is. Very different things to a theologian.

    The law is the fruit and love is the root…that is awesome!

    Here is a quote you both might like from William Tyndale: ” The fruit that grows on a tree,” he said, ” does not make
    a tree good or bad, it only makes known whether the tree is a
    good or a bad tree ; and works do not make a man good or
    bad, they only make it plain to other men whether the man
    who performs them is good or bad.”

    Amen brothers!

  22. peculiartruth7 Says:

    Good points brought up. Of course, there are many who look to go around and use bits of phrases and partial sentences to pretend the Sabbath was done away with. I’m sure we’ve both seen enough around of them, but the word of God is clear, and He is not the author of confusion 🙂

  23. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Amen peculiartruth7! Yes, I’ve seen quite a bit of the distortions of God’s word. I believe it is because they basically want to “justify” their breaking a Commandment of God for a “tradition” of man. But what amazes me is the sheep like following they have for a tradition, instead of actively searching scripture truthfully on their own. Nevertheless, we will continue to speak God’s words and truth!

  24. sharonkay Says:

    It is so refreshing to see a website where people beleive in the law and the testimony.

  25. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Sharonkay, thank you for being in the spirit and recognizing this truth. Yes, with so many “Babylon” false teachers out there, I’m all out for God’s truth. Keep checking in. Your’s in Christ. Rob

  26. anon Says:


  27. anon Says:

    Colossians 2: 8 onwards 😐

  28. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Anon, dear brother, I hope you don’t fall for the devil’s tricks on Galatians and Colossians (particlulary 2:16). I have a post called “Understanding Paul’s writings” which may help you get a good understanding that Paul talks of TWO LAWS. Unfortunately the vast Christian world believes Paul talks of one general “law” and hence he tells people “it’s ok to keep or break God’s Commandments, it’s up to you”–Foolishness! As my post says, the truth of God’s word doesn’t change, only deceptions from the evil one attempt to convince otherwise.

  29. schekinah2014 Says:

    OH what a JOY and what a BLESSING to have found you and all your wonderful WRITINGS regarding the SABBATH and HIS AUTHORITY and HIS SEAL… I have been working on EXACTLY THAT for DAYS AND WEEKS … thank you YAHUAH!!!!

  30. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Glad we could help in our small way. God’s truth can truly delight the soul. Thanks for coming and reading our posts Schekinah2014

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