What the world would be like

Imagine if you will that the people of the world feared God and obeyed His Commandments. Let’s look at the results.

Many remember just recently the tragic and worldwide financial and real estate disaster. It all basically started on Wall Street, with all the big money wheelers and dealers doing their deeds behind the scenes. But just what were their deeds?  It was STEALING and COVETING!  Yes, they were breaking God’s number 8 and number 10 Laws. What would have been the result if they had OBEYED those Commandments?  It would have NEVER HAPPENED! So much misery and suffering would have been avoided. Can you see God’s “reason” for such wisdom in those Laws?

Now, how about Commandment number 6 “Thou shall not murder”  How would the world be if everyone stopped murdering. Think of the terrorists? The burglers? The warring nations and their killings? This one Commandment is SO obvious, it can only be explained that the dark forces have blinded many souls through-out history.

How about stealing? Can you imagine everyone going to bed at night and NOT locking their doors?  Or Cars? Things being left out in the open and keys and locks being thrown away?

Look at today’s marriages. It is said that the divorce rate is close to 50%! And a vast majority of thoses stem from unfaithfulness. If only everyone who is married obeyed God’s 7th Law “Thou shall not commit adultery” Our divorce rate would plummet. No more sex shops, sex magazines,call girls, etc.

The old tradition of weekly family get togethers would be strongly helped if people would obey His 5th law “Honor your Father and Mother” No more disgracing the parents and respect would be the normal way, from children to parents.

And how about the FORGOTTEN Law , number 4 “Thou shall keep the Sabbath day holy”   Many around the world are “workaholics” and never really rest. How would the world be if EVERYBODY took the seventh day “off” and paid homage and worshipped He who created us? By trusting HIS WORD on “which” day to worship.   There would be unity around the world and such peace and rest upon us that we would be miraculously ‘recharged” and bouyant with His love.

My friends, you have just saw a little bit of what heaven will be like.

4 Responses to “What the world would be like”

  1. T.R. Gallegos Says:

    We will soon see what the world would look like if everyone followed God’s Commandments!

  2. Rob Says:

    Yes, our world will be righteous and peaceful once we observe HIS Laws and not one’s we think are best. We shall soon experience this righteous living.

  3. cynfree Says:


  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Amen! So do I 🙂

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