From the brink of death *

I was scheduled to write about the last days “Laodicean Church” and how we must do what our Lord described in Revelation about this. But yesterday I was shown an inspired story which God has lead me to publish instead. We should always be ready to change “our” plans when He guides us.

Her name is Teodora and at 40 years old, she was dying. The autoimmune disease was ravaging her body. She got down to 90 pounds. Death was lurking. She became desperate and called Speranta TV, a Hope Channel station based in Romania. For some of you not aware,  Hope Channel is a true Christian TV station , similar to 3 ABN TV.

” I must be baptized quickly!” she said over the phone as she spoke to the Speranta representative.  ” Can you come baptize me?” she pleaded. In response to Teodora’s cry for help they immediately sought help for her wish.

Romania along with Bulgaria, are two of the poorest nations in Europe. And as we shall see,  God has his eye on these “poor people” because many times such people are humbled by their circumstances, and as such have a open heart to His truth when they hear it. Money and it’s Idols or man’s religious traditions, in many cases,  haven’t taken hold of them.

Just a few years ago Teodora was healthy, enjoying life with her husband and daughter, Leontin and Larisa. But it all changed when a deadly disease attacked her thyroid and kidneys. She started losing weight at an alarming rate. Doctors tried to help, but nothing seemed to slow the disease.

One day Petrica, a local Sabbath keeping church member was giving bible studies to another family in Teodora’s neighborhood.Learning of her near fatal condition, Petrica went to her house to pray for her. Although he was unable to have bible studies with her, Pedrica encouraged her to start watching the popular and growing TV station called Speranta. Soon Teodora began to think the station was “exactly what she needed”. She was learning and her eyes were opening ( spiritually)

The station preached of God’s truth and His Commandments and how obedience is the fruit of our faith. The next several months came mixed blessings, her body wasn’t improving much, but her spirit was growing by leaps and bounds. But amazingly her husband and daughter were also watching this station, soaking up  all the truth’s they heard. Even a frequent friend “Maria” became intriqued as well.

As the months passed and her strength waned, she knew her time was running out. But she wanted to be baptized and join the church that helped to sustain her spirit during these tough times. That’s when she called Speranta TV. She got to speak to pastor Darvasan, and he could tell she was desperate. He immediatley called the local pastor in her area to have him visit her. When the pastor arrived, he was surprised to discover that not only Teodora asked to be baptized, but Maria and another friend also. All touched by the truth they received by watching Speranta TV.

So the pastor baptized all three women. God had worked a remarkable spiritual miracle in these women’s lives but He wasn’t done just yet. He was to improve Teodora’s health considerably.

Teodora didn’t die right away like many expected. Slowly she began to regain her health! Soon she had gained 50 pounds! While she still had the disease, she had improved so much, she was able to care for herself and her family. Soon after,  she and her family began to worship the true Lord and could be found every Sabbath worshipping with her new church family at their local Seventh Day Adventist Church. Word began to spread and soon other families were watching this station and learning “new truths” from the word of God. Praise the Lord!

As Teodora will testify God has brought her hope and a new lease on life. And it is because she had been guided and looked after by God, directing that bible study church member  to “just stop by”. He showed her a station proclaiming God’s word and truth.

So  we have the ability to tell people of His truths also, through 3 ABN, Hope Channel, Amazing facts TV and DVD’s. God’s 3 Angel’s message is being broadcast by these mentioned stations 24/7, and when you tell people about them YOU also are proclaiming this important last day’s message.  So don’t think you can’t be a part, YOU CAN! The growth of these stations is truly amazing because HIS MESSAGE in these last days MUST be made!  God be with you.

* Source — Hope Channel Organization

2 Responses to “From the brink of death *”

  1. Mari Says:

    What a wonderful story, so powerful… God is speaking to man kind in so many way… We have pray the Lord help spread his word… His coming is soon…

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes, Mari, these testimonies of true faith always inspire us that we serve a truly caring and wonderful God.

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