What is Salvation?

In these last days many are preaching a very complicated message on how to be “saved”. Some are saying you must know the correct “name” of God. Some are saying you must understand the Trinity completely. Others are saying “Grace” alone is all you need to be saved. Your life of sin can continue, it is God’s grace alone that get’s you to heaven.

But to truly know “how to be saved” and to get eternal life, let us look at what our Lord’s word says clearly about “how”. In (Matt 19:16) we see a certain man ask just this very important question, he asked ” … Good Master, what good must I do that I may have eternal life?”   This young man wanted to hear Jesus tell the plain simple truth to eternal life. He got it STRAIGHT AND TO THE POINT from our Lord. (Matt 19:17) “…If you wish to enter eternal life, KEEP  THE  COMMANDMENTS”.

On this last verse, it is extremely important to know it has implications for your salvation. We must study it deeply and understand it’s powerful message.  Some mis- guided souls think Jesus is talking about His “general” commands and not the Holy 10 Commandments. But is that really true?

The word Commandments in this verse is “Entole” in the original Greek language . Jesus said we must keep  “Entole”. Further, just so we (and that young man)would know “what” Commandments He was talking about, in verse 18  Jesus quotes directly from  some of the HIS 10 Commandments ( no murder, no stealing, no  false witness, etc.) Here Jesus equated “Entole” to the 10 Commandments.

After I learned that “Entole” means the Holy 10 Commandments I was curious to know if the Sabbath Commandment was ever addressed –Entole (?) Seek and you shall find!  YES IT IS. In (Luke 23:56) we read “… They returned, and prepared spices and ointments, and rested the Sabbath , according to the Commandment ( Entole). So it is clear when Jesus said that in order to enter eternal life  WE MUST KEEP THE ENTOLE ( Commandments). It can’t get any clearer than this.

But I want to make something very clear. I am SAVED by Jesus’ blood first and FOREMOST! Try as hard as I might I could never  keep the holy 10 Commandments(In this life) good enough to please God. Jesus’ sacrifice covers me in my failures BUT I must keep trying daily to obey them . I CANNOT quit trying and say ” Oh my Lord did it all, I can live sinfully (trespass His Commandments regularly) and claim eternal life”. NO WAY!

Let’s understand this right. Jesus will save us FROM our sins not IN OUR SINS. Jesus wants  me to progress, be a better Christian one month from now than what I am today. His Holy Spirit guides me and I am ABLE to walk righteously and obey His Commandments.

It is so sad to know many are claiming Jesus’ sacrifice and not making an effort to “keep” His Entole.If you trample His holy Sabbath each week, you deny His words and to deny His words is to DENY HIM and His ENTOLE!   We don’t even “know” Him if we don’t keep His Entole. ( 1 John2:3-4) ” This how we know we know Him, if we KEEP HIS ENTOLE.  He that says ‘ I know Him ‘ and does not keep His Entole, is a liar and the truth is not in him”.

He has given us salvation unto eternal life should we love Him as he said to? (John 14:15) ” If you love Me keep my Commandments ( Entole)”. Again, it is SO CLEAR what Jesus wants.

So to summarize , our salvation is simple –Love our Lord and fellow man and KEEP His Entole. (Rev 22:14) confirms this salvation plan “Blessed are they that DO HIS ENTOLE, that they may have the right to the tree of life”  Amen my Lord!

2 Responses to “What is Salvation?”

  1. namuddu barbra Says:

    JESUS IS MY SAVIOUR, who i am i to be saved by his blood? WHO iam i really? iam so glad that jesus set me freeeeeeeeeeeeeee AMEN AMEN ALWAYS, THIS IS LOVELY BRO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes, priase God He is!! Your love for Him is obvious, keep it up my dear Barbra!

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