Draw Close

Do you ever have days or even weeks where you don’t feel very close to the Lord? He seems so distant. He has showed me this week some important truth to shed light on this situation.

Call it boredom or whatever, I have been listening to the radio quite alot recently (as I drive around in my work). Since I have become a true Christian I have definitely cut down the listening quite a bit. But still the Lord told me this week “Hey Rob, how can you hear me with the radio playing?” Is this almost becoming an idol again? ”  It made me stop and wonder. YES, it had started to become a problem again, I was “tuning out” my Lord! But I was delighted in one sense. I have often prayed “Lord guide my way, and  warn me if I go astray and against your holy Laws”. He was faithful in answering!

When we feel close to the Lord there is NOTHING like it. A sense of love,a sense of power ,a secure feeling, fills your being. This is the way our walk is suppose to be. But sadly, many times it is far from that. But if we look to God’s word we find many hidden treasures, more valuable than the purest gold.

 In (James 4:8) we read ” Draw close to God and He will draw close to you…”. This simple word of God is so true IF WE’LL ONLY FOLLOW IT! Therein lies your answer! If you want to feel close to our Lord, make an effort. With this truth known, let us look at ways we can put this into effect in our daily lives.

In our hussle and bussle world we get into so many routines. We almost mindlessly program our life to watch TV or be on the computer at set times everyday. We spend WAY too much time doing things that come before our praying or reading the word. The first thing is to look at your routine. Instead of watching that favorite TV show of yours, ignore it!  Go instead into your quiet room or such and pray or read His word. Or have a bible study with your family. You’ll be putting His word into reality!

How about setting the alarm at 5 or 6 am, and foregoing that beloved sleep and get up and pray? It is said that the pious St. Patrick, while he was a young man living out in the open, as a sheep herder, would awake rain, snow, or whatever EVERY MORNING at 5 am to pray to God. No wonder he is remembered as being close to God! He also obeyed  the Commandments including the Sabbath.

One of the ultimate ways to draw close is to fast and pray. Jesus said there would be a time when the “bridegroom” would be gone and that His people would fast.

In another of my own examples, I was mindlessly walking right into my office and sitting down at the computer after work and upon arising. Recently the Lord pointed this out, how I was doing this “first” before Him. We must look carefully at our life and be sure not to have idols or worldy things, time and again come first routinely.

So please review your life if you are wanting to experience His closeness, and if you  “DO”   His word (James 4:8)  you’ll know His word is so true!    Amen my brothers and sisters.

8 Responses to “Draw Close”

  1. Mari Says:

    Wow, is really amazing how little stuff can draw us away from COMMUNICATION with God. I really appreciate “Draw Close”…indeed we get closer to hear, our first thought, our first words should exalt His Holy Name. Thank you brother for such spiritual food, God bless you always, yours in Christ, Mari

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Your welcome Mari, yes those little things make a BIG difference, infact Jesus said “He who is faithful in little is faithful in much” Amen.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Hi Rob, I read your article “Draw Close”. My goodness, that was perfect timing for me. Because God knows I do not feel close to Him at times…I am very active in church work and sometimes I fell I am just going through the motions… I don’t feel the connection at times… Thanks so much for the reminder…and reality check.

    God bless you Rob
    Always, Sharon

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Your welcome Sharon. You know, I think this problem (not close) is VERY prevelant in Christianity today. Yet many just accept this and don’t really know what they are missing. Glad you got benefit from it.

  5. Mihaela Says:

    thank you Rob! you know, God showed me the same thing re: music, and computer. It is very interesting how He works, and the way He is speaking to us!

  6. godsloveandlaw Says:

    That’s amazing Mihaela, glad you are being shown the same things and how to keep our Lord “first” amen.

  7. namuddu barbra Says:

    this is so good bro rob, well for me i always say to ma self what idol do i put first than GOD AND i have failed to realise my idol yet i do the above like being on computer and watching TV, BUT IAM NOT convicted that those are my idols coz i really dont do them more offen so bro WHAT IS AN IDOL? WELL WE studied about idols in this finished lessons but i didnot get it well , pliz bro enlight on this, thanks

  8. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Good to hear from you Barbra. “Idol” means “to idolize”. That mean anything you favor or worship or even do constantly and “in first place” before the Lord. For instance, If I awake and the “first” thing I do is go on computer and stay on computer for several hours, then again later come on and stay on it for several more hours everyday ( not doing Lord’s work on it) and I do this ALL THE TIME EVERYDAY, I have made an “idol” of my computer. So “anything” you enjoy or do constantly before the Lord , can take the place of the Lord and can be an idol. For example TV, money, shopping, reading, and such, all these may be an idol. Hope this helps.

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