God sends a Hummingbird

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Many of us are fascinated with this beautiful little creature. Popular science says, and I quote ” By all rights they shouldn’t be able to fly. It’s wing movements are not at all like other birds. It’s the only  species that can fly backward and one of the few that can hover”. So we see they are blessed little creatures of God. God also, I believe, uses them sometimes as little messengers. As you will see in my following story.

Last month in church I told of an experience I had with a hummingbird. I pulled up in line at the local McDonalds. As I waited I noticed a hummingbird flying about this bush in front. God told me ” Keep an eye on that hummingbird”. So I watched it. In a few seconds later it stopped it’s activity and turned around and flew right up to my door window and just hovered and stared at me for what seemed like at least 4 or 5 seconds. I was amazed. It was like it was saying  “Hello, I am from God, to brighten your day, take care”. Then he flew away.  I looked up and said ” Thank you”. It certainly did brighten my day!

Many tell of similar experiences. A lady  came up to me after church and told me of a similar experience with a hummingbird. Also a friend of mine told how God uses hummingbirds to hover close to his Mom regularly.  I believe God uses these special creatures for such little signs and even  dramatic signs as I am about to show you.

It happened this last Sunday. As many of you know I am really big on this short little prayer — ” Dear Lord, guide me in my walk. Keep me mindful of your Holy Laws. Please warn me if I go astray. Let me walk righteous before you”.  And He is faithful in answering this prayer even to the point of a dramatic sign.

In (John 14:21) we read “He that has my Commandments and KEEPS THEM, he it is that LOVES ME and shall be LOVED BY THE FATHER, and I WILL LOVE HIM, and will REVEAL MYSELF TO HIM”. In this word of God we see a real “key” to knowing Jesus  — Keep His Commandments!  And once we do ( to the best of our ability)  He delights in giving us REVEALING signs and wonders, tokens of His love. This in turn strengthens our faith and we become zealous because we do indeed “know” Him.

You’ll remember in my last post “Draw Close” I pointed out how pop-music was beginning to be a problem again in my life. The Lord had made me aware of this. But He REALLY WANTED ME TO GET HIS POINT!  ” Rob, you cannot hear me with that playing . You are not advancing in your walk, as long as you continue to make music an idol like this”.

So after becoming aware of this I shut off the truck radio and didn’t listen at all for 2 days before last Sabbath. I felt closer to Him and could hear Him (His thoughts He made occur in my mind). I often call Him the “Great God of Occurance”, because many things that happen to “occur” to us, can often be Him sending it to us. They just “pop” into our mind.

Then Sunday morning came and I had to go out to my garage to do some appliance work. I have a small shop in  there where I often repair appliances. I opened up my electic garage door. I almost mindlessly and out of habit, walked over to my garage radio/tape player  ( yes, you go it! to listen to music!) As I got close to it and began to reach for the on button I jumped back!  I stood there in shock and amazement. It was a dead hummingbird slumped over RIGHT IN FRONT of the radio!  What is this about? I wondered. Then our Lord told me ” Just as this bird is dead, so too is your radio dead ”  WOW!

It took me a while to gain my composure but I did go to my room and pray to Him. Giving Him praise and thanking Him for faithfullylooking after me.

In the above story we can gain some real insight. We can see that when we pray WE MUST BE ON WATCH to look for His answer. They may come in any different kinds of ways. Some could have saw the dead bird and said “wow, how strange” then think NOTHING about it being a sign from God. Because they were not watchful or expectful of His speaking to them.

I can’t say strongly enough that our Lord wants to answer your prayers. It will all depend on your belief and faith and watchfulness. And if it is  ACCORDING TO HIS WILL   In (1 John 3:22) we read “Whatever we ask, we receive of Him, because we keep His Commandments, and do the things that are pleasing in His sight”.    God be your strength and desire! Amen.

62 Responses to “God sends a Hummingbird”

  1. Leona Says:

    That is so neat to hear. Thank you so much for sharing. Praise the Lord !!
    that He endeavors to show you (us) how much He LOVES US. It causes my heart to be filled with gratitude & praise of the lengths & depth He goes to show us & to get our attention. Blessings to you bro : )

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Amen Leona! Yes, praise to the all seeing all listening Lord of ours who guides us IF WE HUMBLE OURSELVES TO HIS WORD AND LAWS. That is key. Many say “Oh I love you Lord”, yet, don’t love and obey His word. Can’t have one without the other.

  3. Sharon Says:

    This is beautiful Rob…wonderful and inspiring. I pray that God will continue to bless you as you share your experiences with me and others. Sharon

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks Sharon, to God be the glory and praise. His never ending love and wonderous ways is always a joy to share.

  5. cynfree gimel Says:

    Ok apparently I was here earlier and channeling a chinese speaking spirit kidding WHAT WAS THAT I CAN’T EVEN MAKE IT OUT. WOW ROB Y DID U LEAVE IT WILL BE BACK TOMO TO COMMENT ON THIS AND THE 5 OTHERS. much love n blessings cynfree

  6. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Uh well ok,lol. Thx Cynfree

  7. cynfree gimel Says:

    My comment on the humming bird story did not post. Wonderful story and u are so right most chalk it up to coincidence which I happen to believe in. Him there are none. God has made so many glorious creatures that defy and down right deny evolution. Did u no that. Darwin trained to be a minister and during his 5 yr voyage he let go of. God. much blessings love ya brother. cynfree

  8. godsloveandlaw Says:

    No I did not know that about Darwin. I do know at the end of his life he had very doubtful thoughts about his “whole” theory. Ofcourse we don’t ever hear much about this.

  9. Nicole Says:

    I so enjoyed this, and yes it’s true those little beautiful birds are truly the lord sending his messages through his nature. Just now I was talking to my roommate on how the lord has been blessing me, and how we will make sure that I earn my degree and that my business is successful, because he placed the calling on my life, to serve him.When I went out side to get the mail a hummingbird flew right to my face for like 4 seconds danced around me and flew away. Yes, I am still crying that was truly beautiful!! God bless us all for we are truly blessed to have the presence of our lord and savior..Please feel free to read my blog, http://www.myrealtalklove.blogspot.com I also post inspirational vlogs on youtube ( lightofsevencircles channel) This is our time to spread the Gospel and the beauty of our lord!

  10. cynthia Says:

    I love hummingbirds and just about everyday this week i have seen a little humingbird out by the flower garden where i love to stand and i have actually had one come up close by me and rub against my arm and fly around me , I truely believe it a message from God and i just felt something come over me after that and i began to cry .

  11. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes true. He really does use them and like you say, they seem to be a message bearer from Him. Thanks Cynthis for sharing your experiences.

  12. S.B. Says:

    I know this wasn’t recent..but I just awoke from a dream of a hummingbird that was sent directly to me from God; it succeeded a dream of worms all over the place in a room I was staying at, with one being just a few inches from my baby. Wonder what it’s true meaning is..

  13. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Very interesting. I’d like to know more about this dream and maybe by God’s guidance I can help figure something out for you. Write me at palmguy@dc.rr.com (Rob)

  14. Breezy Says:

    While I’m not as strong in religion as you, my faith in a higher power (aka my Heavenly Father) is very strong, especially my testimony of the power of prayer. I am a huge animal person and I pray for them all the time, anyway, a few months ago I found a nestling cowbird, she had fallen out of the nest. After I attempted putting her back in the tree for her parents to find and as I was walking across the yard a hummingbird swooped right in front of me and just sat there watching me, I thought it was really cool since I had been a lover of the little guys since I was little and I kind of thought it was saying thank you for helping another animal in need. Well a few hours later the same little nestling was back out of the nest, so I figured it was time to take her in and feed her, it was earlier in the spring and the weather was amazing so I figured I would leave the door open to get fresh air and to see if the nestling’s, by that time named Squirt, parents would hear her. As I was doing research on Squirt the same hummingbird flew into my house, stopped and looked at me for another couple seconds, then flew out. Obviously, I thought it was so amazing and that it was, again, saying thank you. Fast forward: about two weeks ago I got a call about a baby robin that had lost its parents, she was a fledgling so she was older. I went and got her that night, brought her home and fed her. The next morning the same humming bird was back as I had seen with Squirt!!! I know it was the same because I had never seen a hummingbird that color before, which is nearly the same color as my late dog, who passed away last year. It’s been buzzing around, saying hi, almost everyday since I got this robin. Today I took her outside to try to reintroduce her to the wild and she flew away! I was slightly upset but I had a feeling it was her time to fly. As I got that thought the hummingbird flew past me, into the big tree near where the robin was, then flew away shortly after, I took it as a sign that it was meant to be. A few minutes later I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to keep her safe and the hummingbird, again, flew into the tree and then away. It filled me with an amazing peacefulness. Then I decided to research some folklore about hummingbirds because I remembered hearing that somewhere they were believed to be God’s eyes, then I found here and I wanted to share my story. I know it’s long, sorry, but I wanted to share with people who wouldn’t think I was crazy. Thanks for reading!

    • godsloveandlaw Says:

      That is really amazing, thanks for sharing! Yes, I truly belive that God uses those little guys as his sign makers. If you can read the post recently called “Good bye Shotsky”, how God sent a H-bird into my home. Take those signs as Him wanting to know you better.

    • Gilligan Says:

      Great! Now we must try to help men to make it greater!

  15. will Says:

    I want to share a story.. I was on my front porch enjoying a cup of coffee it was a misty rain type of morning. I hummingbird flew arms length and hovered for 5 seconds and flew away. I asked in meditation what could this mean? I heard clearly that I’m about to taste and see the Lord is good

  16. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Good testimony brother. Now take it further. Here you are and found this post on hummingbirds. God is guiding you here. Get familiar with our posts and delve into His last message of Elijah. Are you SDA?

  17. Toni Suttons Says:

    I have the most amazing story of my dead daughter and a humming bird. About 2 monthes I have been praying to god and my baby girl to show me a sign and i would let her go and fly high. about 2 weeks ago a hummingbird flew in the house and it took us quite a while to gently shew it out. I didnt think much of it till a week a ago I was looking at her stuff from the funeral home and noticed some of her cards had hummimngbirds on them. I started thinking about irt all and the hummingbird is a spirit animal ams aztecs believed hummingbirds to heaven. WOW that was my sign so fly high baby girl.

  18. godsloveandlaw Says:

    What a beautiful story! Yes, God does use this little special creatures and when we notice it, really take notice, we give Him glory for showing us He is thinking of us through them.

  19. Bill Galewood Says:

    I had a humming bird fly in front of my face and hover there for 3 or 4 seconds and take off this afternoon.First time this ever happened..Bill 8/24/2015

  20. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Good to hear Bill. God want’s to talk with you, seek Him out and find Him near.

  21. Jennie Says:

    Awesome. A hummingbird tried to come in my door
    Today. Right to the window and hovered for a second or two. I thought surely it was trying to tell me something beside the joy of seeing the bird. So I googled and found this article. It is amazing the joy God can send in just tiny little creatures. Thanks for your article.

  22. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Glad to hear your short testimony.

  23. Nui Says:

    I was sitting in my backyard having a cup of coffee when suddenly, a hummingbird flew around my head and the hovered within inches of my face. I could see the little eyes staring at me and then it flew away. A few days prior to that. a black and white in color would come and land on my fence. The bird would stand there looking at me a me for a few seconds before flying away. I thought it was very unusual. specially the ay the bird was looking at me as if trying to tell me something. I prayed and asked God to tell please me if He has a message for me. I’ve been going through a serious personal problem due to my own irresponsibility. I hope there is a message for me from these birds.

    • Marianne Says:

      Yes I just had the same experience this morning.i had a brown one fly around me and stop 2 feet away from my face stop stare at me for what seems like 5 secs and then leave like really checking me out…my dad passed 6 mos ago makes you wonder.

      • godsloveandlaw Says:

        Yes, that could be a sign from the Lord that He wants to comfort you and let you know He’s there for you.

  24. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes these little messengers are God’s wonderful creatures. Amen

  25. Tracy Says:

    I too googled this meaning about hummingbirds. For the last week or so, the same hummingbird seems to visit constantly. I am terrified of birds and things that buzz loudly. I have heard that when a bird tries to get into your home or car windows that death is coming. I didn’t feel this with the hummingbird though; this was different. I was completely mesmerized at how it seemed to hover right in front of me; ;literally within a foot of my face! His loud buzz startles me but I don’t feel dread; not really sure what I feel. Quick background: I became unemployed in August, through no fault of my own. Initially I was somewhat relieved because of the toxicity of the workplace. However, after a few weeks of not finding another job, I became restless and unable to sleep. My mom and step dad have prayed with me and for me. I know the good Lord is watching over his child, me. I have the utmost faith in the Lord. I even ask for forgiveness when I lose faith on some days. Maybe this hummingbird is a sign from God. For the last week or so, I have been able to go to bed and stay in bed! I was going to bed with my husband but would get up due to the inability to fall asleep and go sleep on the couch. I felt horrible and didn’t want my husband to wake up in the middle of the night and find me out of bed and worry about me. For the past week or so, I’ve been able to “stay in bed” and fall asleep. Now this hummingbird visits every day; several times a day. I’m a little overwhelmed about it and I’m not sure what to feel or think. Can you offer any insight?

  26. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Don’t know all your particular situation, but there is a definite reason the H-bird is coming around. Pray to the Lord and ask Him to reveal what it means for you. God bless.

    “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” (James 4:8)

  27. Julie Says:

    Hi, I read your story, and I found it somewhat similar to mine. I have a friend that I’ve known since I was 5 years old, and she and I have always loved hummingbirds, her grandmother passed recently and since then there has been a little green hummingbird that visits us both almost daily, and just hovers close to our faces

  28. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes, that sounds like a sign, get more into His word as they are leading you to Him.

  29. Judy Says:

    My Husband died a few years ago but before he died when ever he would be setting on patio,or working in the yard a humming bird would often hover around him. Now when ever one does that around Me I feel it is him and he is watching over Me taking care of me.

  30. godsloveandlaw Says:

    These little guys are surely a blessing, thank you for your testimony.

  31. roxann Says:

    I had a hummingbird come up to my window this morning and it made see smile, I was so amazed I pulled up this site to see if it meant anything. (My good friend recently passed, I’ve been unemployed for 7 month, my unemployment ran out, car broke down, our pump to the pool broke and flooded the backyard) d felling broken I needed to read these stories.

  32. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes, the Lord can be a source of strength dear sister in our time of need, especially when we take time to observe Him speaking to us through His many ways.

  33. Ruby Says:

    My daughter and myself were on our way to Church. As my daughter was getting really to open the storm day a hummingbird flee up to the door and flew there for a few minutes. This was the first time for both of us to ever see one except for seeing one on tv. It was so awesome, because she seen it first and we both witness it together, and we too as the sharing of each person wonder on your site what this meant to come in contact with one. Thanks to everyone for sharing….May The Lord Our Savior Jesus Bless You All

  34. Gilligan Says:

    I wonder if you do not watch TV as well

    • Alan Says:

      I do really believe that God does send little messengers and we have had a hummingbird come up to us almost every night since we lost our son in a tragic accident 5 years ago this month. My wife and I donโ€™t tell anybody about it because they would think we are crazy. We are both very strong Born again Christians. But every night when we are together it would just hover over us, we just keep saying itโ€™s amazing, but I really feel the Holy Spirit is in this tiny bird. Is he trying to tell us something, we do feel peace and assurance that our son is in heaven ( he was saved) and we will be together again. Anybody else have this amazing experience???

  35. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes He does us them brother Alan. However I would look at it as God talking to you and your wife directly. While your loss is deeply moving, God wants YOU AND YOUR WIFE right with Him. Meaning your “love” for Him should be your main goal and obedience.

    “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” (John 14:15)

  36. Sherri Allen Says:

    AWE!!!! That is how I am in all God does for us. I Love God presence in our lives, it just mskes me so Happy, Peacefu. I came looking for answers and came across your story. Very Beaitiful and Sooo Full of God’s love. My hummingbird experience was it chasing me as sometimes bees do. It was the most BEAUTIFUL yellow and Black hummingbird I ever seen. I was seeking wjat it meant if one chased you. Anyway I believe in sharing God’s Awesomeness in this World with his people. Hopefully inspiration toward us as we encounter him dailu. Be.Blessed. Shalom.

  37. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Sherri, beautiful experience of God’s love, amen.

  38. Sunflower Sojourn Says:

    Thank you for sharing this story! Lately the Lord has been using hummingbirds to speak to me also. I see them everywhere! I have the same struggle with music, and I continue to pray that the Lord allow me to love silence and to better hear His voice.

  39. Joe Dubinski Says:

    Humming birds, ever since I was a child come to me, and hover by my face & head, I was one telling a person this and had the person looking at me in disbelief, as I finished saying just that, one was next to my head for a few seconds, Then they really freaked.

    • godsloveandlaw Says:

      Yes I believe that was a good sign, glad you experienced one of His blessing sent by these birds

  40. Kerry Says:

    I literally was fasting today and prayed that I hear Gods voice. I opened my eyes and there was a Hummingbird staring at me! I startled and he just stared at me for 5 seconds and I said Hello there you are and he left!

  41. Kerry Says:

    I literally was fasting today and prayed that I hear Gods voice. I opened my eyes and there was a Hummingbird staring at me! I startled and he just stared at me for 5 seconds and I said Hello there you are and he left! No this is not something Ive already said so I dont know why Google is saying that!

  42. Kerry Says:

    I literally was fasting today and prayed that I hear Gods voice. I opened my eyes and there was a Hummingbird staring at me! I startled and he just stared at me for 5 seconds and I said Hello there you are and he left! No this is not something Ive already said so I dont know why Google is saying that!

    • godsloveandlaw Says:

      Wow, praise the Lord. He sent His little helper to encourage you in both ways (H-bird flys to you and you find this blog).

  43. Alina Belousova Says:

    Amazing story and comments. This reminds me of the testimony of Walter Veith and his wife. When she was sick and in her bed alone, there would be a squirrel that would come to her every day until she got better. Now I hear about H-birds. God continues using his creatures to minister and comfort us! How amazing!

  44. vegaraw Says:

    Just want to point out a typo in the text *electic garage door. You can delete this comment later.

  45. Ash Says:

    For the past two days, Iโ€™ve been sitting on my patio, self-editing my book and a hummingbird hovering in front of me for about 10 seconds both days around the same time each day.

    • godsloveandlaw Says:

      There you go, witnessing God’s little messengers coming to you. Now, next thing is to ask is — why? God is telling you something.

  46. Julia Smyser Says:

    I am 93 yrs widow…live by myself..no family.. very lonesome….this morning
    I went back to sleep and had a dream and heard ” hummingbird lane”…… i was so startled… I thought I owned a house there and didn’t remember it……..now it is evening and i am still baffled trying to figure it all out…… I too have a hummingbird that comes daily. I AM SO HAPPY TO READ EVERYONES EXPERIENCES….THANKYOU.

    • godsloveandlaw Says:

      Wonderful dear sister! Yes, God is good and faithful and I see He is looking after you with his helpful little friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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