The Shotsky Story

The story of my pet dog, called Shotsky, is interesting in two ways. His personal story and the spiritual story.

Many of us recall the horrible  hurricane  Katrina in Louisiana in August of 2005. Somewhere amidst those horrifying moments Shotsky was scrambling for his life!  Shotsky has incredible survival instincts, and I don’t just say that because he’s my dog, I have unintentionally seen it. Let me fast-forward to July 2007.

One afternoon my roommate and I decided to go visit a rental property I owned at the time. It was about 4 blocks away. I wanted to take Shotsky for the ride, so I put him in the bed of my truck and tied a rope around his collar. It was a longer one (about 10 feet) than I wanted but it was what I had, so I used it. It was secured to the hook at the cab side of the bed.

So after everyone was in and strapped down I proceeded to drive away. Very shortly I was going probably around 35 or 40 miles an hour. I drove down the first block then stopped, I had my music turned up ( as i usually did before becoming a true Christian). Then I  hit the gas and went on again, going again at about 40 miles an hour. We continued another  couple blocks  when my roommate notices this man waving his arms frantically. She looks in back and says “Where’s Shotsky?”    OH NO!!!

I immediately pulled over. I get out and look to see Shotsky panting extremely hard, blood all over his paws and legs and stomach. I am in mild shock. He was alive! He is standing on all fours just looking at me. We pick him up gently and take him to this neighbors soft lawn and use his hose to hose him down. Then I grab some rags I had and bundle him up somewhat. Shotsky had run his heart out just to keep up with the truck! Maybe even dragged some of the way.  Unbelieveable. So I knew right there I had  a special dog.

Eventually Shotsky made a complete recovery, except for some small scars. Guess who fully healed him? No doctors, it was our ever-working Lord!   He can run and jump just as good as he ever could. But knowing this we can only imagine the real desire and instincts Shotsky used to stay alive in the raging waters. His owners  could have very well died, as I got him from our local dog pound, which had picked up some of the abandoned dogs from there. Don’t ask me how they decided to bring some of them all the way to California(??) But I was told when I bought him for 25.00 that I must wait 6 months to “officially” own him, due to the original owners rights, should they be located. No one came forward.

So Shotsky is quite a dog. Loving, playfull and very intelligent. But the spiritual lesson I wanted to share is this. He is VERY obedient. When I say “Come: he comes. When I say “Jump” he jumps. When I say “Give me a pawn” he does so. I am his master 100%. Our Lord has told me that just as I am SO HAPPY when my dog is obedient to me, so to is He with me. I am proud of Shotsky because he does what I say. It is the same with the Lord and me. When I do the things He says to do, He is VERY HAPPY with me, I can feel it and know it. His is my Lord and Master 100%.

So to summarize let us remember that our Lord loves obedience just like we do. On the flip side, when we don’t listen and ignore His words, He becomes very sad. Let us  be like our furry friends, with that 100% loving and faithful desire to obey! amen.

15 Responses to “The Shotsky Story”

  1. Todd Says:


  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes, it was quite an experience. But God is good.

  3. Sharon Says:

    This is a beautiful story Rob, simple but effective….and it was great you could have look at it in a spiritual sense and admonish others as well..As human beings we need to listen to God’s call and not ignore, but go as quickly as possible. The precious saviour will send help just when we need it.

    Have a wonderful Sabbath and blessed weekend Rob,

    All the best, Sharon

  4. Leona Says:


  5. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Praise to God, thank you sisters. God let Shotsky have his own little story to inspire!

  6. Mary Lee Says:

    I love the story and yes true…Love you brother n Shotsky

  7. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Your welcome Mary, I am so glad this story brightened your day, Praise the Lord!

  8. Mari Says:

    May God bless you always, what a marvelous story about your dog…it’s so amazing both sides, the spiritual and the story of Shotsky, it’s really wonderful. Mari

  9. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thank you Mari. God be with you.

  10. KM Says:

    Great story. I’m glad he survived Katrina and the rope tow! He’s a great dog!

  11. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Hi Kris! Good to hear from you my sis. Yes, thought people would enjoy the “real ” Shotsky story 🙂

  12. namuddu barbra Says:

    this is so lovely, you know some time we take things for granted in our daily lives yet they are lessons to learn if we allow GOD to speak to us, this story moves me when i read it. Shotsky really loves you that is why he always obeys you, the same way us human beings should behave if we claim to love GOD, we should show him love by obeying him 100% like shotsky.
    thanks bro, for your good messages GOD bless you always!

  13. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks Barbra for aprreciating the story. Your comments always brighten my day 🙂

  14. cynfree gimel Says:

    who I will not have to worry about bad choices, or men being snuck in- she must be a chaste bride to be as myself,. and that she never have any trouble making her financial commitment to me. I’m easy. pray for me. please! I know HE listens to u!. thank u brother praying for ur ministry. much love n many Jabez blessings. Ur sister of the same father cynfree

  15. godsloveandlaw Says:

    I certainly will pray for you. Your life is, like each and every life SO precious to our Lord, amen!

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