The promises of the Sabbath

When God set a weekly day aside for us He made a most joyful day, a truly spiritually uplifting day! For Isaiah was truly spirit filled when he said ( Isaiah 58:13) ” If you keep your foot from doing your own pleasure ON MY HOLY DAY, and call it a delight and honorable, and shall honor Him, not doing your own ways , or speaking your own words, THEN you will delight yourself in the Lord, and I will cause you to ride among the high places of the earth…”   In this scripture we find a summary of  what the Sabbath has to offer. If we heed this word of God, HE WILL FULFILL HIS PROMISE.

You’ll notice in the above word, we are told to basically “keep it holy” . That means to look at our day with our Lord as SPECIAL. We should start it with a long shower, for cleanliness is godliness. Then we should dress respectful EVEN IF WE ARE ALONE. All these things we are doing to show God we HONOR Him on His day, a day HE HAS BLESSED.

Once we look  to honor HIM, He then pours out His BLESSINGS on us. In (Ezekiel 20:20) we are given A GREAT PROMISE! How many would like to KNOW, I mean REALLY KNOW  that the Lord is really your God, that you know Him and  feel Him and walk with Him? Well just look at this promise ” KEEP my Sabbaths holy, that they may be a SIGN between us. THEN (here’s your promise) YOU WILL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD”   Wow, the ultimate promise– we get to KNOW HIM!!

Many through-out history have neglected this simple and plain instruction of God –  Do  NOT  do  your  own  pleasure  or ways  on MY DAY.  They “mix” this day with worship and their own ways–talking about their personal business, world’s problems, going shopping, to a restaurant, etc.  Are there  not SIX DAYS in the week to do this??

Look at how serious our Lord watches His people observe His Sabbaths.(Numbers 15:32-36)  A man was simply going outside of camp to collect sticks on the Sabbath. The Lord instructed the people that he must die. He was to be an example of  not doing our own ways or pleasures and to keep HIS DAY holy. We do well to remember this drastic example for it shows how serious our Lord watches our obedience. Many don’t understand that we profane the Lord when we trample His HOLY Laws.

That brings me to today. Look around and observe the absolute TRAMPLING of His holy day today by so called “Christians”. Is it not because the “pastors” and “priests” are teaching the people to go ahead and disregard HIS DAY? Again God’s word describes this terrible thing (Ezekiel 22:36) ” Her priests do violence to My Law and profane my Holy things. They do not distinguish between the Holy and the common. They teach that there is no difference between the clean and unclean and they shut their eyes to MY SABBATHS, so that I am profaned among them”.

So His blessings are not received by the people, they walk in darkness, never knowing the bliss and holiness they can feel and experience by OBEYING HIS WORD. Infact we are told that God works on us every Sabbath, making us holier and cleaning us up.He PROMISES to sanctify us. (Exodus 31:13)”… My Sabbaths you shall keep, for it is a sign between Me and you through out your generations, that YOU MAY KNOW that I am the Lord WHO SANCTIFIES YOU”.

If you are not keeping the Sabbath Holy I plead with you to do it. Please don’t go through the motions, do it RIGHT! I was a typical ” in the dark” person who thought the ‘Sabbath” was an old Jewish tradition, something us Christians don’t need  UNTIL I TRIED IT!Then as I learned more and more (how to keep it holy) My joy became greater, my appreciation and closeness to Him became greater!   There is nothing like blindly trusting and following God’s word, EVEN IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT. You will completely,  if you believe and follow His word,  amen.

7 Responses to “The promises of the Sabbath”

  1. Marie Says:

    Hi Rob!
    Am thankful for “The promises of the Sabbath”, am feeling so bad, because sometimes with little stuff we dishonor the Lord’s day and get cheat out on the blessing of the Lord! Am so happy for you that you have understand the true meaning of the Sabbath, it’s so hard when you live with people that don’t even have an idea of what Sabbath mean…I want this to be a truth in my life is my desire (There is nothing like blindly trusting and following God’s word, EVEN IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT.) Rob is path I want to take..You are a blessing to the site…keep up the good work.
    God bless you always,

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Hi dear sister. Don’t worry, they say a journey of a 1000 miles begins in first step. Take ONE STEP at a time, and do things that you can easily do to please the Lord, even if they around cannot understand. God does see and will reward you with blessings. I will pray for your strength. God sees your desires and that is your FIRST step to keeping His Sabbath holy.

  3. Shining Star Says:

    Point on – all the way, Rob.
    Marie, I lived in the midst of the same situation with 4 children caught in the middle. God instructs us to STAND FIRM and He will do the rest. So STANDING FIRM is what I did. I always invited my husband to come along every time I went to church. He not only declined, but forbid us to go, blocking the door with the words – “You will have to go THROUGH me.”…. My reply – “Watch me” and I proceded with my 4 and almost 5 children at the time. He stood aside. This same scenario was played and replayed for the next two years – every Sabbath and every Wed. nite…… Finally, upon receiving his usual invitation – he surprised me and said, “YES – but I will go just to prove you wrong.” And we all know the end of the story – after a very short time of study – he proved himself righit in….. and then we went eveyr time as a family. Hang in there – stand firm – God is working – never back down – God expects you to set the example and stay true to your belief system. During those two years there was a lot of conflict and double standards the children saw – which truly affects their walk today, but God is faithful and I know He will water the seeds that were sown. God bless you, Marie.
    Thank you Rob for your faithful sharing and caring about God’s children.

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Nice inspiring story Shining Star! The sticktoitness for God’s Holy day (and Law) you showed is awesome. Thanks for sharing and your nice compliments.

  5. cynfree gimel Says:

    Rob once again u do not cease to amaze me. It is a pleasure to know one whose heart is so close to GOD. @ shining worry not for ur children keep being the GODLY example and influence and the children will be influenced by the HOLY SPIRIT of truth. My daughter now 19 (graduating this next tue pray I get a ride to see her walk please no ride as yet) anyway she was seized by her father one day prior to 9/11. He had a lawyer I didn’t she has lived w he and the new misses (child hood sweet heart) 60 miles away. I am suppose have visits w her but I have gone as many as 6 weeks w/o seeing her. She was baptized on the q/t in 06 the precise day we two walked in to the church we call home- 11 yrs ago this sept nearly did not happen and 5 others didn’t. all w in 5 visits but we were determined. Anyway u probably figured it out GOD wanted it done on the anniversary date. Then my late grand mother’s birthday she did it again at 17 on her on volition. Now she keeps THE SABBATH on her own the way GOD taught me and I

  6. cynfree gimel Says:

    taught to her. Her father had throw a hissie fit and forebade her to keep the SABBATH in his house. Of coarse the devil wanted to put the kybosch on t to keep her from sanctification. I watched her tumble in out of crushes w ungodly boys, friendships and habits like naruto doubting creation.. serious bad mojo. I finally cried out to GOD one night, all the way back to town claiming HIS PROMISE THAT HE WOULD take care of it . she is back I kept my ground and stayed staunch, going two years working temp jobs w/o accepting a job which violated the SABBATH. STAY STAUNCH HE will bring ur children back. I will pray for u. much love n blessings c g.

  7. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks CG, for that very inspiring report. Glad to hear your daughter is obeying this most beautiful Commandment, praise the Lord!

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