Prison Ministry Update

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called “From a Prison Cell” (listed under Witnessing). About how a prisoner named Eldon who was doing God’s work among his own fellow prisoners. My heart was gladdened this week as I read his latest letter. Let me share the good tidings.

Because he is under a “security system” there are many different checkpoints things must go through (including letters) before they can reach the individual prisoners. We had talked about me sending the two-part DVD set called “The Lord’s Day” to the prison to show the men a great video on the truth about the Sabbath. Finally after several weeks he has indicated we are on go for me to send it out. It’ll go through review then get forwarded to the Chaplin to arrange a showing. Praise the Lord, that powerful Sabbath tool will be seen by these hungry souls (spiritually).

There were several highpoints in his letter. He mentioned that he taught the Sabbath lesson (which was after the sermon). He was aware that some of my dear brothers and sisters would like to pen-pal with a prisoner, in hopes of strengthing them in their faith. As we know Jesus said HE WAS IN PRISON, remember? He wanted to know- did you visit Him?

 So he expected a couple hands to go up. NINE went up! You see, we must understand that these souls are hungry and lonely. Yes, they screwed up, but haven’t we all? Our Lord knows that some really want to get straight and if they reach out (Like Eldon) and seek the Lord, they will find Him right there  in prison!

Eldon also said he is getting ready to give next week’s sermon (pray for him) and it will be on — how keeping the Commandments are the result of KNOWING Jesus, not works of ourselves. When I read things like this from this prisoner I realize God shows His truth to any and all no matter their circumstances, they just gotta want to know it! Eldon is being given good light in which to lead his fellow inmates- Praise the Lord!

Now, that brings me to ask if any one who’s heart is touched wants to write one of those spiritually hungry hands that went up, let me know. I have 9 names and addresses. 2 people (responders of the last post) will be writing to two of them.

  in Christ, Rob

6 Responses to “Prison Ministry Update”

  1. Leona P. Lowe Says:

    Hello Rob: Yes, I will correspond with an individual — that has
    found themself in prison. I only speak english. But, I would be
    happy to share with them the Gospel.
    God Bless — Leona

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks Leona, your kindness and reaching out is truly the Christian spirit, will contact you

  3. namuddu barbra Says:

    hello Brother ROB is ministry is so good and is selling so much in bringing people to christ, so you have my prayers brothers, here in africa and uganda, hospital ministry and prission ministry is so good and it has been used as a way to save souls and telling them more about the bible!!
    thanks for the GREAT work bro, MAY GOD bless you always!!

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks Barbra. Glad to hear your area is doing God’s work in those ministries. May He find and comfort all those who seek Him.

  5. Judy Herman Says:

    Dear Brother Rob, My name is Judy. I am doing local prison Ministies, However, I would as like to write to one of your prisoners. I am shy at getting the word out in person but by writting to someone it would be a lot easier for me to spread the gospel. Praise God for all the work you do for others.

  6. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Praise the Lord! Nice to hear this sister Judy, I will contact you by email and give you the specifics.

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