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A Shining Light In Prison

November 19, 2011

Little did I know just what I was getting myself into, when I decided to write “Eldon” several months ago. But God sure did! After receiving his latest letter from prison ( and getting the goose-bumps) I was chomping at the bit, eager to write this post,  to let you know just what God is doing with this prisoner.

In  life we all make mistakes, but some make a “big” mistake. But as the devil leads us to sin, God is waiting in the wings, for the “bad scenario” to play out, so he can talk one on one to the down and out. They  most often are humbled by their prior actions and the Lord always knows, that it is the humble and despondent, who frequently are receptive to the Lord’s pleading. Eldon is a perfect example. Not only has he seen the light, but has the spark of zealousness to get to work, doing the Lord’s work right there in prison.

As I have read Eldon’s letters of the past months, I have begun to see that God can lead people to the “real” truth, no matter what their circumstances. I also have come to know that God is active RIGHT NOW in giving signs and dreams, to those ready and expecting to receive them.

On Friday October 28, I sent Eldon a letter. As I usually do, I sent him some tracts and flyers and such to hand out to the other prisoners. I also sent him copies of the latest blogs. I had written recently about the post “Has Elijah come?” and I sent him part one and two.  On Weds, Novemeber 9th I got his latest letter.

Let us look at an amazing account of God’s active workings within a prison recently. Eldon wrote:

“The night of Nov. 1st, I had a dream. I was standing in a tremendous valley or a plain, which was situated between two great mountain ranges that lined opposite horizons. The land was dry and washed out, and reminded me of the salt plains where they test race cars. The ground was sun parched and I didn’t see anything growing.”

I heard a voice say, “Look”, I turned expecting to see the person who spoke, but instead I noticed what appeared to be a huge irrigation ditch which ran from one horizon to the other betweeen the mountain ranges…as far as could be seen. At it’s center, it was maybe 30 feet deep, and maybe 50 or 60 feet wide. The water was so clear that I could see the bottom of the ditch. It was about half full of water.

I noticed something odd….the sides of this “V” shaped ditch were not created by run off or flood, but appeared to be purposely dug out and was reinforced by about 6 inches of a course , greyish material that resembled concrete or mortar.

Then the same voice told me ” look closer still” and when I did I could see that the sides, from top to bottom were spider webbed with fine cracks, imperfections and stress fractures. I immediately moved away from it’s edge, sensing that it might collapse under my weight. Then I awoke.” 

“The next day, I prayed that God would help me to understand the meaning of this dream, if it had one. That night (Nov.2) I had another dream, I was right back where I was in the first dream.And it occured to me, that this wasn’t an irrigation ditch at all, but a giant cistern for holding an enormous amount of water. And I heard the same voice speak again saying, “This is my church.Unless it is repaired it cannot hold that which I am ready to pour into it. And all that surrounds her will dry up her waters, leaving everything desolate.” As I awoke, I heard a multitude of voices saying, ” There will come a great falling away.”

Wow!! What Eldon just experienced and described was the soon to come church purification in God’s dream symbolism. And Eldon doesn’t know anything about it–yet. Eldon received my letter the next day, Nov.3rd. Then a few days later,  He wrote me and said “What amazed me about the blogs and the scriptures I’ve been reading with them, is that (chills) they coincide with the dreams I’ve had for two days before I received your letter!”

God then helped him understand it’s meaning, he wrote, “The giant cistern (church) in the desolute land..half full of water (people?) full of cracks and fractures (members in need of repair), or else all that is poured into it (more water,more people ?)will not be held by it (burst at the seams).. and all that surrounds it will dry up it’s waters.”  Then he asks me an excellent question –“Does the church LOSE  a massive amount of members? or do they just leave the church and fall away from God?”

 He then says ” I believe it is absurd for us to believe that the church, by itself , will repair all of it’s breaches and become acceptable, pleasing, without spot or wrinkle ON IT’S OWN. Those who hold this philosophy will be standing on dangerous ground and will likely reject the one who, comes in the “spirit of Elijah.”

As he received the blogs, he read through them and mentioned that he had never heard of the “Shepherd’s Rod”. Yet, what he just saw in that dream is a picture of God’s end time message, given him and priviledged by God to know some end time prophetic events to come. Even though Eldon is not aware fully of the last day “Elijah”message of church judgement, he clearly shows he is being called by God to understand this very important last message to His people.

A prisoner who is in tune with God and His signs and dreams, is a very uplifting message for us indeed. Some think those guys inside there are just wasting away, yet Eldon clearly shows us, God can and will use any and all people, no matter who they are, for HIS purpose. Because God has given this important dream to him, I believe  He has much more in store for him. Let us keep him in our prayers.

For those of you, who would like to become a part of this prison ministry, please let me know. We still have 5  prisoners(of the original 10), who are Christians, who would love to hear from some one who can share their faith. Jesus said we visited “Him” in prison.

Lastly, I would like to tell you about “Leona”s story. She responded with a big YES, when I first asked if anyone would like to be a pen pal with a Oklahoma prisoner. Recently she wrote me, telling me of her experience. Let me share some of her grateful words:

“From the first letter I received from Gary (her prisoner pen pal), he showed a heart of thanksgiving and gratitude. He commented on the scriptures I sent him and replied that he was indeed in agreement and received truth in them. As time passes and with each letter that Gary sends, along with the tracts, their church calender and other cards, it clearly shows that while he is in prison, he is using every moment to stay focused on God, to stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to always remain in that state of remembering what Jesus did on the cross..”

“Reading the words and scriptures that Gary sends can only come through a heart that is focused on God. We promised to keep each other up in prayer.”

She and Gary discuss their life and the Christian way. God is truly blessing them. In closing she writes “So, in closing I thank God for opening this door for me to correspond with Gary, it is truly one I treasure!!

Though some have been given more light than others, we will be accountable to the light given each of us. These prisoners can change and if we are there to lend a helping hand, let us do what we can.

To our loving Lord and God, be all the glory!

 Amen, Rob

Prison Ministry Update

July 30, 2011

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called “From a Prison Cell” (listed under Witnessing). About how a prisoner named Eldon who was doing God’s work among his own fellow prisoners. My heart was gladdened this week as I read his latest letter. Let me share the good tidings.

Because he is under a “security system” there are many different checkpoints things must go through (including letters) before they can reach the individual prisoners. We had talked about me sending the two-part DVD set called “The Lord’s Day” to the prison to show the men a great video on the truth about the Sabbath. Finally after several weeks he has indicated we are on go for me to send it out. It’ll go through review then get forwarded to the Chaplin to arrange a showing. Praise the Lord, that powerful Sabbath tool will be seen by these hungry souls (spiritually).

There were several highpoints in his letter. He mentioned that he taught the Sabbath lesson (which was after the sermon). He was aware that some of my dear brothers and sisters would like to pen-pal with a prisoner, in hopes of strengthing them in their faith. As we know Jesus said HE WAS IN PRISON, remember? He wanted to know- did you visit Him?

 So he expected a couple hands to go up. NINE went up! You see, we must understand that these souls are hungry and lonely. Yes, they screwed up, but haven’t we all? Our Lord knows that some really want to get straight and if they reach out (Like Eldon) and seek the Lord, they will find Him right there  in prison!

Eldon also said he is getting ready to give next week’s sermon (pray for him) and it will be on — how keeping the Commandments are the result of KNOWING Jesus, not works of ourselves. When I read things like this from this prisoner I realize God shows His truth to any and all no matter their circumstances, they just gotta want to know it! Eldon is being given good light in which to lead his fellow inmates- Praise the Lord!

Now, that brings me to ask if any one who’s heart is touched wants to write one of those spiritually hungry hands that went up, let me know. I have 9 names and addresses. 2 people (responders of the last post) will be writing to two of them.

  in Christ, Rob

From A Prison Cell

June 11, 2011

Many years ago a guy named Eldon was a sitting duck for demonic angels. He was continually  breaking God’s Commandments. The lusts of this world was his passion. But for some these satanic demons break loose and really control their host. As scripture says (1 Peter 5:8) “Be sober and vigilant, your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”. When one ignores this word of God and becomes NOT sober and vigilant, terrible things can happen.

But I am talking about the “old” Eldon. The one who has been destroyed and no longer lives. There is a new Eldon whom it is my delight to tell about. Let’s look at this GREAT turnaround.

I often receive much Christian literature during the week. I enjoy reading the latest in God’s work. About 2 months ago an article caught my eye. It was from a 3abn magazine about a prisoner who had been watching 3abn and became alive in knowing about the “true” gospel of  Jesus Christ. His eyes and ears became open and truths such as the Sabbath became very clear and real to him. He became a changed man.

You see once we receive and understand God’s REAL TRUTH we become as His word says (John 8:32) ” You shall KNOW the truth and the truth shall make you free”. Free indeed! Even a locked up man  is now free! He has peace and comfort knowing that every day that goes by is another chance to work for God in his short “mist of time”, compared to eternity! And Jesus , the great counter, adds them up and rewards every one according to his work.

So as I read this story the words of the Lord came into my mind (Matt. 25:36) “…I was in prison and you came to visit me”. I tried to picture myself “IN HIS SHOES”. I wondered was anyone reaching out to this guy? Here he was telling this great turnaround story, the LEAST I could do was to write and encourage him. (Luke 22:32) “….When you are converted, strengthen your brothers.”  I am a converted “new” man and therefore our Lord says to make strong our brothers. This was something I decided to do.

So I wrote him and basically told him I was with him in spirit and how happy I was for him to have found God’s truth. He no longer had to search around for the “true” gospel of Christ–He KNEW it! At first, after 3 or 4 weeks and not hearing back from him, I began to think ” Well, I haven’t heard anything , maybe I said something, or it got lost”. Then his response came.

My spirit soared  as I read his lengthly letter. He told of how he is working among the 1350 men in his prison to show the truth to men who are hungry for it. How he has been tranformed from that old sinful man to a new creature of God. It became clear to me that all he needed was alittle “outside” help ( in the form of literature, DVD’s, and such) then he would be armed in spiritual material to make even more headway in winning some souls in there.

After reading that first letter back I knew God had placed a small job before me. Afterall what is 2 or 3 hours of our life every month to reach out to a brother who is ready and willing to do God’s work in a prison! Praise the Lord, for men like Eldon! The following are some writings from Eldon.

He writes  ” Do you think your church or any groups in your area would consider adopting us as a mission site”? There’s an awful lot we could do here with just alittle  outside help. There are so many souls on the line here and these men need to discover God’s truths in their own bibles.”

So it is with hope and prayer  I’d like to ask if any of you would like to become a pen pal and spiritual helper for someone in prison. Eldon  can provide names of some of the guys who would be very thankful even to just hear a “hello, how you doing” note.

Our Lord knows these men have made some wrong decisons but they can be helped and eventually brought into God’s kingdom!  Amen!

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