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Matt. 24:20

October 16, 2010

These words of our Lord in (Matt 24:20) are so powerful and true, yet SO SIMPLE and straightforward, that the vast Christian world just sails right by it!  How many of you  have debated and even argued with anti-Sabbath keepers? Often we feel it’s a  very frustrating task. They’ll counter us with mis-guided scripture such as (Col 2:16), etc. I’m about to help show you just ONE scripture you can use to effectively end the matter. Ofcourse many will CONTINUE to keep their blind glasses on, but nevertheless you will have shown them the truth which they CANNOT deny. Your reasoning will be powerful and convincing IF they care to KNOW the truth about the Sabbath.

In ( 1Peter 3:15) we read “ ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you in meekness and fear”  So we must be ready to  give our “reason” for obeying His Law and Sabbath. As many of us know the Sabbath will become  the drawing line in these last days, so this is a VERY important matter and we must  be prepared. Many times, we  as believers and obeyors of His Holy Law are asked ‘Why are you being so legalistic?”   and   “Don’t you know Jesus ‘fulfilled’ the Law and the Sabbath was done away with on the cross?”

Ok, on to the text of Matthew 24:20.   In the beginning of Chapter 24, we read that His disciples CAME TO HIM. The first ‘fact” is that Jesus is talking to His beloved disciples. And all the following words from Matt 24:2 to Matt 24:20  are SPOKEN TO HIS DISCIPLES. This is the first key we must know. Some anti-Sabbath keepers will tell you Jesus meant Matt 24:20 was to the “Jews”. That is absolutely false.

Then in Matt 24:2 to 24:19 Jesus describes the FUTURE destruction to come to Jerusalem AND TO THE WORLD IN THE LAST DAYS. This is extremely important to know. Jesus is clearly talking about future events, a time yet to come. And then Jesus says in Matt 24:20      “But pray ye, that your flight be not in the winter, or ON THE SABBATH DAY”

Ok, let’s analyze our Lord’s words and meaning.  We know that Jesus loved His disciplines, He cared about them beyond words. After describing the horrible events to come, He says “pray”  meaning ask for the Father’s guidance and help. Then we can logically ask “pray” for what?  Jesus then tells us “what” they and us must pray for!  WE  MUST  PRAY  THAT WE  DO   NOT  HAVE   TO TRAMPLE  AND DIS- HONOR  HIS HOLY DAY!  Can you imagine if Jesus says to “pray” that we don’t dis-honor His Sabbath IN  AN EMERGENCY, what about how we are looked at if we WILLINGLY trample and dis-honor it?  Jesus is plainly telling us that He and His Father will STILL have their Holy Sabbath  IN THE FUTURE!   All this is so plain and simple to understand. It can only be the devil’s work , that great blindness is prevalent on these words of Jesus.

If you are a  “Sunday” keeper, how can Matt 24:20 tell you Jesus doesn’t care about the Sabbath anymore?  Jesus, being all knowing, should have known that “His” people would have been led to abandon(after His death) the Sabbath for Sunday, right? . So there is  only confusion by Jesus’ words in Matt 24;20  to them! Sunday keeping is relied on and believed BY TRADITION. That is the God truth. They try to  twist and contort  Matt. 24:20, but 2 plus 2 will still equal 4.  God’s word is meant for the simple man(woman) and that verse makes  plain simple sense.

So be confident that those simple yet powerful words of Jesus cannot be denied and you can go forth and stand up for the Lord and His loving Laws!        Yours always, in Christ.

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