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God’s commandments are for our benefit

January 30, 2010

In my spiritual journey I am quite amazed when I speak about the “Commandments of God”. Most agree they are holy and good. However there are MANY Christians today who scoff at them. Saying “Oh don’t be legalistic, God has replaced His Commandments with the Blood of our Lord Jesus”. This to me is so amazing.

If we study the Commandments(the Great 10 Moral Laws) we find NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR GOD! (first 4) and love for man (remaining 6). Now, some one please tell me how Jesus has replaced God’s rules of “love”? They are so misguided and blinded, I can only think of WHY that is(?)The blindness I believe comes from not “opening” up their hearts to the truth.

Anytime we witness to some one about the Law, we should find a willing and open ear. In (proverbs28:9) we read “If anyone turns his ear from hearing of the Law(rules of love) even his prayers are an abomination”  Wow, powerful stuff from God! God says that those people are not right in there heart and therefore even their prayers are not in truth and spirit. God’s rules of love are indeed righteous and pure, so why would a spirit filled person want to turn away from hearing about this?  It must be blindness and stubbornness!

We must continue to pray for those who mock and disbelieve in His Moral Commandments. A good prayer to use is something like this  “Please Father, remove their blind glasses, so they can see CLEARLY your word” But they must want to receive the truth, before they can understand it. Therefore they must not close their eyes to scripture, or ignore scripture. You see, if the Christian is obeying the Commandments of God (and that includes the Sabbath) scripture says  the Lord will THEN REVEAL Himself to us. (John 14:21) “He that has my commandments and KEEPS them, he it is that loves me and shall be loved by the Father, and I will love him, and WILL REVEAL MYSELF to him”. Notice our Lord saying how important it is to keep His Commandments?

I know of a prominent Radio speaker who daily talks about God. Yet , he adamantly calls people who obey God’s commandments-“Legalistic”. We must pray for this person, particularly because he is “teaching” others in this great error. It is one thing to not believe that the Moral Law is in effect today, it’s another to “teach” about it. I believe it is VERY bad to the Lord. Let us be the opposite and TEACH about His Laws as we enjoy obeying them! Amen.

Interesting points raised

January 26, 2010

On my last post I mentioned what a thrill it was to have a prayer answered so quickly. But unfortunately someone close to me, who means well, took exception to it. He basically in effect said I was living under “bondage”.  In this post I will hopefully shed some light to his misguided thinking. While I am under no  illusion that it will open his eyes to scripture, it must nevertheless be brought out.

In his first point he says “We are not under ‘law’, but under the ‘law of the spirit’ in Christ Jesus. It has set me free from the law of sin and death” (Rom.8:2) My first point is if we are not under law then I guess I’m free to murder, steal, commit adultery, etc, right? After all I’m not under the “law” any more , right?  Ofcourse not.  The great 10 commandment Law is for OUR BENEFIT to live holy Christ like lives! Surely we can live a holy life and ignore His great Law right? Again ofcourse not.  What the verse means , is that we are no longer under the “Mosaic law”. Specifically, it’s rituals and sacrifices. Christ was the ultimate sacrifice so we don’t need to sacrifice animals anymore for our sins. When it says “set us free from the law of sin and death” it means the sacrifical law  , which atoned our sins and completed it with an animal death. Who can say the “Moral Law” has sin and death in it?  Ofcourse NO ONE.

Next  he raised the point Paul says we can eat whatever meat as long as it’s not been offered to an idol. But this can’t mean “abomination” meat such as swine and mouse. Why? Because Paul himself said he believes ALL things WRITTEN IN THE LAW and in the Prophets (Acts:24:14) When Paul was brought before the Jewish leaders and Pharisees, they would have most certainly accused him of breaking the law of eating unclean meats, right? I mean they had spies and they were watching this “trader” and his every step. Now, think about this for a moment, wouldn’t Paul be the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE in the world if he was telling Christians to go ahead and eat abomination meats if they want and he himself religiously obeyed the “eating clean meat commandment” . Further more the  law of clean meats is for OUR benefit! The Lord knows such things as swine and mouse  have a “large” degree of parasites and other “bad” things for our health. So, to summarize, (1 cor.10:23-31) is talking about things other than abomination meats . I for one will not call the Lord a liar and tell Him “oh yeah Lord, you said it in (Isaiah 66:17) but I DON’T BELIEVE YOUR WORDS”  because you change everything”  that’s foolishness.

Again Paul is talking about not letting anyone judge you in  food and drink or feasts, or new moon, or Sabbaths (with an S) because these were very much a part of the rituals and customs of the Mosiac laws. Once we become a Christian we are “free” from observing those laws. Ofcourse we cannot be free from the aforementioned abomination meats. The Lord said he will destroy those people and I must believe His words (and His answer to my prayer about it) Regarding Sabbath, notice in the true greek translation it say Sabbath(S) not THE SABBATH DAY. The Mosiac customs had several “annual” Sabbaths that were observed. Paul was saying we are now free to obey them or not. NOT THE HOLY SEVENTH DAY SABBATH!

Again,  is it not easy to understand when Paul says “why….do you subject yourself to regulations, do not taste,touch,or do not handle” He is talking about controversial foods and drinks of the day NOT about abomination food, that were condemned by our Lord to eat. Doesn’t it  make foolish sense to you that our Lord , first says,  He’ll destroy people who eat abomination foods, then our Lord wishy washy CHANGES HIS MIND??  The Lord changes NOT! As scripture says. Here’s something to REALLY think about. Let’s say for argument sake your right. The Lord has now OK’d the eating of swine amd mouse. Why are they STILL some of the most filthly foods in the world to eat today? The Lord didn’t ok these foods so we could  HARM ourselves! Ask any Food scientist who is honest. Or better yet google “the dangers of eating pork”. It’ll amaze you. Our Lord KNOWS what He’s talking about.

 Your sounding like the blood sacrifice of our Lord was just to OK everything  and just “love Him” YOUR way and all will be fine. That’s exactly Saul’s thinking remember?And how did the Lord respond to disobedience? The Lord wanted obedience and STILL want’s it.

Lastly,  your “this puts a lid on it”— “according to the commandments and doctrines of men”  Think about what that says. Is the words of the Lord considered a “commandment of man”? Ofcourse not. Your idea that somehow I’m getting hoodwinked into thinking the Lord ‘s commandments are from man is not correct. The Lord and HIS WORD is my guide NOT man. I’m sorry you got involved with a church that you felt held you in “bondage” but I feel free and alive and am very happy to know He answers my prayers. Why? because I try to  follow and obey the Lord’s teaching.(John 14:21)

Stay away from PORK. I didn’t say that the Lord did. (Isaiah 66:17)

Prayer Answered (Quickly)

January 24, 2010

Recently I was watching a sermon by one of the most spirited filled preachers of our time–Mr. Doug Batchelor , of . Which by the way, is  a  great site to learn   about the “truth” in the bible and not man’s interpretations.

I click on the archives section of AFPresents and found a interesting sermon called “Ten times wiser”. I thought it might be about the commandments but instead it was about “healthy eating and drinking”. I watched and learned. Then about midway into the sermon Doug shows scripture that says (Isaiah 66:17) They……that eat swine flesh, and the filth, and the mouse, shall perish together, says the Lord” I knew that “Pork” wasn’t really healthy, as it is well know that it contains a greater degree of “bugs” and other bacteria than other meats. But nevertheless I was blown away that our Lord had said that! So I finish watching the sermon.

But the next day when I awoke I still had the thought about our Lord saying He’ll destroy all who eat pork. I thought as I awoke “I need some clarification on this” While I definitely don’t eat pork, I know some seemingly “good” people who do. So I arose from bed and I looked up and asked our Lord “Lord I am really confused, are you really going to destroy people who eat pork? Ok, I’ll wait for your answer”  And that was all there was to the small prayer. I got up and had breakfast.

After breakfast I decided to turn on the religious TV station (as it was Sabbath) just to see what they were saying. I turn it on and it happened  to have on it a particularly FALSE teaching organization called “camp meeting”. They continually, and I mean continually,  ask for money and their favorite line is “Just send 100 or 1000 dollars to PLANT your seed to recieve blessings from God”   So I knew their words were not to be trusted. Anyway as soon as I turn it on the preacher is talking about EATING PORK! He is just matter of factly saying “we always cut our ham a certain way, blah, blah, blah” Here was a false teacher recommending pork!  WOW! talk about the Lord answering my prayer quickly!  The Lord doesn’t mess around when He wants to reveal something important.  So the bottom line is, If they are serving pork to you RUN the other way! It has been shown to me He meant what he said!   Amen Lord, YOU tell us.

For those of you who doubt this, google “what happens to pork  when you put coke on it”.  The germs and bugs in this meat is truly amazing.

The “Saul” lesson for Christians today

January 16, 2010

  The story of Saul in the old testament is a very sad,sad story. The people had lost trust in God and wanted a King to rule over them. The Lord had miraculously delivered their forefathers time and again yet their faith was so small they wanted “someone else” to rule over them. So God searched His land and found someone. A tall upright man called Saul to be their “King”. The Prophet Samuel (whom God spoke through) anointed Saul to be officially their first king.

Saul led Israel into many wars, and with God’s hand they defeated their enemies. Saul became a forceful leader among the people. But Samuel was getting alittle restless with Saul because of Saul’s tendency to “think for himself” and NOT for God’s ways.

But the final straw came when Samuel was led by God to tell Saul to go into the land of the Amalekites and utterly destroy “everything” people, cattle, homes, you name it. It was to be ALL destroyed. For these people had “waylaid” God’s people when He brought them out of Egypt. So God’s justice must be complete Samuel told Saul. Saul heard it and acted swiftly. He gathered over 200,000 men for battle.

Saul began the attack and destroyed everything BUT and here is the fateful  BUT, he spared the best  sheep and cattle. Saul wanted to sacrafice them to the Lord. Saul was in effect saying “I know how to obey you Lord, better than you know how to tell me to”   Now Samuel was a Prophet of God, meaning God spoke clearly to him. And God spoke to Samuel  ” I am grieved that I made Saul king, because he has turned away from me, and has not carried out my commands” Samuel was also grieved all night and cried. He could see the writing on the wall. Saul was not fit to follow the Lord. How sad he must have felt to know his people’s first king would be a total failure!  How many today are saying “oh I love the Lord”  But  don’t want to love Him like He said to do?

Saul was soon informed by Samuel that his kingship would be taken away. And so Saul began a downward spiral spiritually. And he tragically died soon after.

But when we look at this story we find some powerful truths.  Saul decided on his “own” what was more pleasing to God than what God said himself! Instead of obeying God’s word completely as given by Samuel, he obeyed “some” of His word. Then he exalted his own opinion  by “showing” God he knew how to love  Him and obey Him better. Wow, is this not what is happening today? Look around the Christian world. So many are saying ” I don’t have to obey God’s commandments, I’ll love Him MY WAY, and God will be happy”.  Jesus said emphatically how to love Him. In (Joh 14;15) He says “If you love me, KEEP my commandments” Plain and simple even the  uneducated man can understand these instructions. Can you see the same similarities with Saul? God wants truthful obedience not partial obedience. So if we obey 9 of the 10 commandments, is this complete obedience or partial?

I think Saul’s example should show us that GOD is the one who commands and directs us through His word. And when WE decide what God wants, and it’s in direct contradiction  to His holy word, we setting ourselves up for failure, just like Saul did.

Germany and Croatia now have Sunday Laws

January 6, 2010

Now  two countries of the European Union have declared “Sunday” as the national day of rest.Croatia passed it as law effective January 1, 2009 after a long campaign by the Catholic Church. Germany reconfirmed  it as law beginning of 2010, although it has been on the books for many decades.  Their reasoning is that it is the proper day of rest and gathering for Christians to worship. As time goes quickly by, I believe we shall see many other  EU countries fall into line in these laws.

In their article “Papal Rome and the European Union” Richard Bennett and Michael De Semlyen said “The Vatican has been the most powerful institution in Europe, and although it’s influence declined at the time of the Reformation, it has made significant  recovery in the past two centuries. The Protestant nations of Europe that were religiously, polictically, and economically freed from totalitarian Roman Church, seem now to be blindly returning to her yoke”

Make no mistake Rome will continue her influence on the EU. The Pope has said MANY times one of his supreme goals is to get “Sunday” worship observed around the WORLD! The beginning bolts are in place with Germany and Croatia. I believe this will spread to other EU countries. We don’t know the time table but once this happens and ALL EU countries will have “Sunday” laws, it will then undoubtably go to the US.

Keep watching EU as this is the “start” of the final world mandated Sunday law(as phophesied in Bible) and then the true choice for the day of “worship” must be made and it MUST be for God’s holy day and not “man’s” holy day.

It is interesting to note that all the EU countries have calenders that show “Sunday” as the seventh day. Being set-up for when it is proclaimed that it is “God’s seventh day” instead of the real Biblical seventh day. The US has not adopted this calender—-yet.

For those of you who are concerned  just “why” we are talking about this “Sunday law” there is a great short video that explains  what the mark of the beast is. Go to and click on “The Mark  666”. Also, for more on the Sunday law see post labeled under   “Sunday law”, in this blog.

* Important notice– Since this post was made in the beginning of 2010, God’s revealings have come to this author. There is another event to come upon God’s people BEFORE the Sunday laws take effect. It will be a prophesised action done by our Lord not man. For more info see this post

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