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Hal Holbrook’s “The Seventh Day”

April 30, 2011

In these last days God’s truth is being revealed in an amazing way. Many websites and even U-Tube offer occasional nuggets of brilliant truth. I have see one such awesome piece of work, surely  divinely directed by God, called “The Seventh Day” narrated by Mr. Hal Holbrook( on this site-

 the highly acclaimed actor. It is compiled by legions of religious scholars around the world. Very factual with only documented “true” pieces of evidence used.

What  I found fascinating (and learned) was the degree in which Satan has lead his evil workers to destroy NOT Sunday keepers but SABBATH KEEPERS through the church history.  When I often heard about the reformation, I would automatically think  Christians were persecuted with no particular prejudices and such. How wrong I was! The obeying and keeping of the Sabbath is what enraged Satan! The film will PROVE that to you beyond doubt.

There is SO MUCH to  be learned, such as the story of St.Patrick. Many think he was a “Roman Catholic”. He was not. He was a “Celtic Christian” who kept the Sabbath. Infact his Sabbath keeping became legendary. Many think he was divinely visited by an angel during Sabbaths (in human form). And look what the devil has done. He has turned this true saint of God into a “party saint”!

Then there is the truth revealed about Martin Luther. How many of you know that Luther was AGIANST Sabbath keepers? Although he rightly gets alot of credit for expanding the reformation, he was in grave error with some of his teachings. He often argued with his contemporary Andreas Carlstadt. Carlstadt was steadfast in keeping the Sabbath along with his reformation teachings. Has  HIS name became well known in history? No. Infact evidence shows Luther ended one of his letters with the following  ”  this letter may protect his friend against the Sabbatarians, and that he may preserve his Christian faith in purity”. (Source- J.N. Andrews-see below).

So there really was TWO reformations  that happened. One was led by Luther and gang. Teaching to “break away” from the mother church, hence protest which became the name “Protestant”. They taught that the Roman Catholic system of worship was not by the Bible EXCEPT that it’s day of worship “Sunday” was(??) Carlstadt and many others   taught that the mother church was in error in many respects INCLUDING eliminating the Sabbath  for Sunday as  God’s day of worship.

How many are aware that the original “Baptist’s” were Sabbath keepers? Today the Baptist church has largely  “forgotten” the one Commandment our Lord said to remember!

Perhaps the highlight of the film comes in part 4. It sure did make me well up, I’ll tell  you. In the late 1400’s the Russian reformation was gaining ground, lead by a few courageous leaders, one of whom was Ivan Kuritzyn. The reformation was largely lead by Sabotniks (Sabbath Keepers), They wanted to return the people to God’s Holy Day. It didn’t take long before the devil and his workers gathered up their forces (through Roman Catholic leaders in Russia). Trials began because of the supposed “heresy”. Then in the early 1500’s Ivan and some of the reformers were ordered burned at the stake.

History will repeat itself in this regard, the Sunday keeping “Christians” will persecute the Sabbath keeping Christians, who keep the Commandments of God.

The film shows the stately Ivan being walked to his cage, his hands tied. He is about to give the “greatest love” one can give according to our Lord (John 15:13) “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. Ivan was ready to lay down his life for his friend, our Lord Jesus Christ. As Ivan is put into the cage he says ” I pray that I can die a noble death today”  ” I will die today because I have observed the seventh day of the week as the holy Sabbath day of God”. Then as they start to light the straw around his cage he looks up and says ”  I  Die   today for  love  of  Christ  ——  AND—-   HIS—–  WORD!   Then amidst the flames the scene goes black. Stunning drama and love given to our Lord!

It is truly amazing that the vast Christendom doesn’t care to know the true history of the church and how we got to “Sunday” worship. The devil is perfectly happy to keep it that way. Jesus said (Matt 7:7) “Ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened”  Are people REALLY seeking? Do they want to know the truth?

On a final note, I recently received an email from a friend (fellow church member- Warren). In it he verified further eye- witness  proof of the extent of the persecution of the Sabbath keeper in the reformation days. He visited Lima, Peru  in 1994. While there he had the opportunity to visit one of the old Catholic churches.

The tour included  a visit to the “basements” called “catacombs”. It was explained to him, they were used to convince the wayward to repent and accept the “infallible” teaching of the Catholic church. Warren writes ” Of keen interest were signs that named the individuals that had died due to the torture. There were various listings of such things as blasphemy against the church, crimes of attacks against priests, and such. Of keen interest to me were the multiple listings of the crime of being a Sabbatarian”.

Warren goes on to correctly observe that because these people chose to obey God’s holy Sabbath instead of Sunday, they were tortured and lead to recant or die. So the wide spread persecution against the people of God had many times one key ingredient– IT WAS KEEPING HIS HOLY SEVENTH DAY SABBATH.  And I am afraid this will all  be repeated in the near future.

Please learn your church history and spread this far and wide, such truths that are in this film may very well awake a Sunday keeper to his error,   in God’s love, Rob

Ps. For those of you who  want more  truth on the Sabbath history, may I suggest the most comprehensive work done by J.N.Andrews  called  “The History of the Sabbath ”

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