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Sold Out To The Lord

September 24, 2011

I remember back in high school, a good friend of mine told me something that I’ve always remembered “If you gonna do something do it right, otherwise it’s not worth doing”. How true those words are to the “Christian life.”

As we all know, we are living in the very last days of this world. And we as people of God are called by our Lord “Laodiceans.” He describes us as ‘lukewarm.” So obviously He want’s  us to “come alive” and “be zealous.” I thought it would be helpful to show you an example of a Christian life that is—SOLD OUT TO THE LORD.

Another day has just begun, he opens his eyes, and the first thing he does is, to look up and say “Thank you Lord, for another day.” He remembers all those mornings when the Lord was the last thing on his mind as he awoke–what a change!

After he washes up, he grabs the bible and begins reading some scripture. It’s not alot of reading he does(maybe a chapter or two),  but he’s made a “new habit” of doing this FIRST since the Lord inspired him to do so. Before he had an idol, and unfortunately many Christians today still do–IT WAS THE COMPUTER! He would awake grab a drink in the kitchen and go right to the computer, searching, chatting, etc. Now that comes after he’s had a chance to commune with the Lord via scripture.

Today is another day of service calls. He’ll go to maybe 5 to 10 homes in the area and have a chance to meet many people. He’s made sure to be prepared for the Lord. As he drives many miles every day, he put  two bumper stickers on his truck. They say “The Seventh day is the Sabbath” on the left side of bumper, on the right it says “for God never changed it.” He figures he can silently testify for God’s Sabbath without getting out of the truck.

He arrives at his first call, it’s a nice older woman. He comes in and one of the first thing he notices is a picture of Jesus on the wall. That is his clue. For the Lord and him have a deal. If any customer has any thing showing Jesus or the cross in the house, that is our signal to give them “Steps to Christ”. Which he has a stack of in the truck. So he makes a mental note and when he’s done with the repair, he mentions “So you’re a Christian huh?”  The lady responds “Oh yes, for about 40 years.” He says “Hold on, I got a great little book for you.” He gives the book and she graciously thanks him.

He’s on his next call. He arrives and is greeted by a middle aged man. They chat a bit, then he begins the repair. After a short while the problem is discovered and he mentions to the man what it was. The man replies ‘Well G-D D—–.” There’s a short awkward moment then he says “You know sir, it’s better to say Gosh darn”  The man responds “oh, yes, you’re right, sorry.”  The job is completed and he leaves.

As he drives away he knows he’s done something good and upright for the Lord. He’s shown that he won’t tolerate his Lord’s name taken in vain AND just maybe when that man says it again, he’ll remember and think twice about it.

On to another job, he meets a woman who has a dryer problem. He takes it apart and it’s just a fuse. But he remembers the Lord’s words (1 Cor. 10:31) “…Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” So he doesn’t just stop there while he has it apart he checks the lint housing. He knows God looks approving  on good hard honest labor—“If you’re gonna do something—-  well you know already 🙂 He always thinks carefully before charging. What is fair, what is right, he thinks before telling the lady the cost. He doesn’t want to break the 8th Commandment- Thou shall not steal.

It’s friday late afternoon and he arrives home. He knows it is Sabbath shortly so he get’s ready. After a long thorough shower, he begins the Sabbath with prayer. After this he begins to get “dressed up”  and guess what? —he lives alone! (at least until next year when his fiance comes) He get’s a shirt and tie on cause he knows it’s the “special day” –it’s the LORD’S DAY. He knows this day is holy, and he wants to be respectful to the Lord. No one sees but he know the Lord does.

The next day he again dresses up sharp. he remembers to bring his bible, tithe, extra Steps to Christ for the church. He also remembers that the bumper stickers are getting low at church, so he brings more to pass out.

In church he greets many friends. But he notices a man he’s been wanting to speak to. This man always wears a hat IN CHURCH even while praying. He remembers God’s word  (1 Cor. 11:4) “Every man praying or prophesying having his head covered, dishonors his head.”  He walks over and gently let’s him know it’s better if he doesn’t wear his hat in church. He is rebuffed. This is a “proud man.” So he has to walk away, sadly knowing this is the type of situation best helped by God, it’s between that man and God now. He has done his job (calling out sin when and where he see’s it).

The rest of the Sabbath is good and he goes home. After a short nap, he reads more inspired writings and does bible studies. Another Sabbath is about over and he prays once more, thanking Him for another beautiful Sabbath and speaking to Him about the upcoming week.

Hopefully this example will inspire you to do a few things you may not have thought of. Notice how all these “little things” add up to God. Your walk will not be lukewarm and you’ll discover, as you keep His ways and Laws, that a certain closeness comes. It is because you are—Sold out to the Lord.

In Christ, your brother, Rob

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The Sanctification Process

September 17, 2011

Sanctification in our Christian life is comparable to a ladder. Each step up, brings us closer to God, more Christ like. But we must continue to walk UP this ladder and not stay for long on the same step in our walk. Otherwise we will be found “lukewarm” and take the very real chance of being “sprewed out” when our Lord’s judgement comes. Let us look at the process of sanctification.

Perhaps the simplest way to view “sanctification” is think of it as getting cleaned up. In other words, sins are leaving and the Holy Spirit is taking over more and more, guiding you to be closer to our Lord. And the purer we get the more we can see two VERY IMPORTANT aspects of our life  –the terribleness of sin  and the clearer understanding of God’s written word. These two aspects make us walk much closer to our Lord. Let us look at the first of those aspects.

In my own Christian experience, I have seen the many sins I brought into my initial walk leave my life. I mean the tobacco, the idol music, the lust, the other idols (sports, poker, etc.) they were one by one, chopped out of my life. We can look at it like this. We each have a large tree stump of sin when we begin. And as we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, we are made aware of each and every sin and asked to chop that part out of our life. We then submit to the calling to eliminate it. We are walking UP the ladder.

The serious problem comes in our walk when we rationalize just this one “little sin”. It is that little sin that we hold on to that STOPS our walk upward. The big bad tree stump of sins is allowed to grow alittle more and we now have “two little sins” we hold onto. And it can snow ball from there. And if we continue this way, the devil will help guide us down the ladder, back to where we started!

We should be ever learning, searching, doing good works. Lukewarm is basically being satisfied and happy(stuck) in our routine. As Revelation says, we are in serious trouble when we think we are satisfied and in need of nothing. We are in need of growing and improving our walk, so as to go up another step of the ladder.

One of the greatest things I was shown in my walk,  by our Lord, was how to continue to chop away at my sins. It was to quote scripture when tempted. This was AWESOME!!!  Let’s use tobacco for instance. I had chewed it about 15 or 16 years prior to accepting Christ. Then the habit was still with me in my early walk, even I did it in church a few times!  I knew it had to go. The Holy Spirit was nudging me “Hey let’s get cleaned up here!” it said.

So I found that the Lord’s example of how He handled temptation (in the desert) was good enough for me–HE QUOTED SPECIFIC SCRIPTURE against the specific temptation. For instance when the devil tempted Him to create food to eat, He replied (Matt 4:4) “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”  and He got the victory! So I thought I’ll find one for tobacco. I did, it was (Psalms 23:1) “The  Lord is my shepherd, I shall NOT WANT”. In other words, not want tobacco.

So I began my “Scripture Quote” plan of attack. The first few days I had to quote it maybe 15 or 20 times a day, because of the many temptations I had at the beginning. At the end of my quote I always said to the devil — Be gone from me devil, in the name of Jesus!! And sure enough the urge to chew tobacco left me instantly. Wowsa!  I was onto something and I knew it. So soon after I was only quoting maybe 2 or 3 times in day and I was on my way to total elimination. Not even a small temptation now.

Now, about the other aspect– understanding God’s word. Again, I will use my own example. As sins left me, and I was getting more sanctified, God’s word was getting more and more clear. You see, God’s word is He Himself as the word says. Therefore when we get closer to Him by being holier, He says in effect ” My son (or daughter) come up here (higher rung of ladder) and behold my deeper truths of my word.

So I have come to a point where certain parts of scripture that were not understandable, now is clear. For instance , the many parts of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Malichi, etc  where they say  “In that day….”  or “In the Latter times it shall …..” I now know the meanings. The Bible “comes alive” as never before. Why? Because I have submitted to chopping sins from my life. The Holy 10 Commandments are my DAILY guide and not just some empty Laws to know. Rather they are MY LIFE’S RULES I live by.

So  my brothers and sisters, let us keep in mind that our sins cannot be ignored if we want to walk up the ladder of sanctification. If we pray this prayer often, He will hear us   ” Dear God, help me to know my sins clearly, so that I can address them, and walk uprightly in your site”

Amen , In Christ, Rob

Pray in the Spirit

September 10, 2011

There are basically two ways to pray — praying in the flesh (carnal)  and praying in the Spirit. It is a sad reality that the ability to communicate with our Lord through prayer is not a common occurance even though many “pray” on a frequent basis. Let us see clearly how we can pray in the Spirit, as God would have us.

Our  great King made His most passionate prayer in the garden of Gethsemane as he prayed (Mark 14:36)  ” Father, oh Father, all things are possible with You,  take this cup from Me, but neverthe less not what I will, but what You will .”  I believe there is a BIG key right there in that prayer and that is this. When we pray we should be mindful that if we ASK for something, we should conclude it with NOT MY WILL BE DONE BUT YOURS.

Many times I have used my own experiences, in this blog,  to bring home the point more clearly. In Novemeber of 2009 I posted a post under “prayers answered”  about how I was led to make a prayer prior to a court date for a ticket. 

To briefly explain, I received a red light camera ticket. I was guilty. I was ready to pay the ticket but when it came in mail and said 425.00!!  I said NO WAY! To me that was outright “stealing” and I knew governments can do this just as well as individuals. I mean I was prepared to pay something reasonable and fair (maybe like 200.00 or so). So I made up my mind to fight it to the end at court.

That morning of the court date, I knelt down in my room to pray. I started praying “Dear Lord, I don’t think this is fair, can you help get me off this…” But then suddenly the Holy Spirit began to guide me in the RIGHT prayer. I changed  it and said ” Lord, YOU do what YOU think is fair.”  I said it because I had in mind His Holy 8th Commandment  “Thou shall not steal”. So I was confident HE would make the right decision who was in the right, either it was them, with me running the red light   –or me, with them trying to steal way more than charge what was right.

Do you see how I placed it ALL into the Lord’s hand? Instead of thinking I DESERVE a good decision, I switched  it around and wanted the LORD”S RIGHTEOUS LAW UPHELD( His will be done). This is KEY to our prayers if we WANT something. It must be according to His will and LAW. The ticket was dismissed, even though it was my face in the photo(and my license plate)!  The Lord had made the judge see someone else’s  face in the photo, unbelievable! Guess the Lord doesn’t like thiefs, even if it’s the city government!

Recently I had a young gal write me about praying for her “big day” that was coming. It is to be a big financial decision made for  or against her. I wrote back and said “Sure, ofcourse I will, but  I want you to ask that HIS WILL BE DONE, not yours. And I want you to praise Him NO MATTER WHAT THE DECISION.”   This way, I told her,  God will certainly take care of you, whatever the decision.

Also, let us always remember to thank Him, for our prayers being LISTENED TO,   let alone even answered!

Finally, you should know God wants SPECIFIC prayers. A person wrote me awhile back and said “Please pray for me”. I said “what for?”  They were alittle taken aback–like  “uh I don’t know just pray.” That’s like you saying to your best friend “do something for me”  Huh?  God want’s to show you He’s listening and can do that which you ask, but you must know what to ask FIRST.And you must BELIEVE and WATCH, otherwise if you forget and aren’t watching–it won’t come. Please,  if you’re going to waste your words at least don’t waste them in speaking to God in prayer. For always remember we PRAISE HIM even in decisions that go against us.

In Christ, your servant, Rob

“The Shaking”

September 3, 2011

Note: The following post is for Seventh Day Adventists. If you are not one, this post may not be understandable to you. Especially if you aren’t familiar with the inspired writings of Ellen G. White.

In EGW’s (her abbreviation) book called “Early Writings” she goes over a brief summary of the timeline of final events in her Chapter called “The Shaking” page 269-73. Additionally from there to the end of the book(page 297), she writes a picture perfect scenario of the final events to come in man’s history . I stand in awe of how God inspired this woman to so clearly write out the events,  so very soon, to come.

Here is why it is so important to have the “Spirit of Truth”  within you to discern these things–It is because many are asleep as to what will VERY SOON take place, it will catch them unaware!  These events the servant of the Lord describes are different in important areas than today’s accepted SDA beliefs in end times. For I dare say that the vast SDA  leadership has missed the correct prophectic final events so much and so far from the mark, it can only be the work of the dark one himself. Let’s look at her(God’s)  true  prophetic account.

In the shaking chapter, the first thing she describes are those  WITH STRONG FAITH who are of  “agonizing spirit.” Something is bothering them, they are in an internal  and spiritual struggle. Notice she puts the two main characteristic of “strong faith” and “agonizing spirit” together to describe these people she saw. Remember in her book, Testimonies to Ministers, page 445, EGW describes the great and dreadful act of the “sealing process” of Ezekiel 9. The ones sealed were the agonizing ones who were sighing and crying. It was because these agonizers were truly bothered by the sins done by the professed members of their own people. Honestly and purity according to God’s Law is what they simply wanted and sadly seldom found it!

Not only is the above the reason for this “agonizing” but it is because they are called upon by God to deliver a most “solemn” message. A message that “shakes” to the core God’s end day church–THE SDA! Let’s follow her continuing vision.

As she notices the agonizing ones, she also notices the “indifferent and careless” ones. As we undoubtably know this shaking vision is for the last days, so these can only be the Laodiceans!  Here is where the bomb is brought.  She then says ” I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen and was shown it was CAUSED by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the True Witness TO THE LAODICEANS.  The “shaking” will be caused by people within the SDA giving testimony to their own members!  Let’s look at this most revealing part.

Here it clearly shows that a “straight and solemn testimony” will be given to God’s own church!  The SDA. This testimony will be of such a powerful message that look what she next describes.

“Some will not BEAR THIS STRAIGHT TESTIMONY”. They will rise up against it, and THIS is what will cause the “shaking” among God’s people.”  Ok, we must ask ourselves what could this testimony be that is so solemn and straight?  Could it be the faithful testimony for several years (even decades) of the Shepherd’s Rod? Can we think of any other message telling of the true prophesy of God’s soon to come judgement upon His own church( a straight and solemn one indeed)?  No we cannot!  ” Too much to bear”  they cry. “God is too merciful to bring judgment upon His own people” they protest.  Yet the strong faithful  ones must do it and the obedient and God fearing ones in His church must embrace it.

Further she writes ” The solemn testimony of which the destiny of the church hangs, has been LIGHTLY ESTEEMED, IF NOT ENTIRELY DISREGARDED. This testimony must work deep repentance, all who will truly receive it, will obey it and be purified.” Again the true SROD testimony has almost entirely been ignored, even hated by many within the SDA church. But thank God many are throwing  away the devil’s phoney cover and examining these precious last day truths for themselves. These messages are also known as the “Last day Elijah  message”.

Again, what message today is directed  to own church that warns of God’s upcoming “purification”? What  message is “straight  and solemn”? What message won’t be ‘beared” by many and practically entirely “disregarded” ?  IT CAN ONLY BE THE SHEPHERD’S ROD MESSAGE. Who do you think has been behind this “smear campaign” against these faithful messengers? You got it–Satan himself!

Next she noticed the company who had been crying and praying in agony of Spirit. But now they we “clothed in armor”, as if God had greatly empowered them. After their trial of suffering, God had made then of one accord, she says ” they moved in exact order,like a company of soldiers”.  They now “shone with the light and glory of heaven”. But she says the careless and indifferent were “left behind in darkness”–not good!

So if we follow her timeline, it appears,  first there is an agonizing message (and crying to God)going out by the faithful. They are in turmoil but yet do as guided by the Holy Spirit, as faithful servants. Then she sees after this,  a “victory” for this company. This can only be the 144,000. No other company fits as perfectly described as this. Clad with “full armor” , in other words full power  of the Holy Spirit, this company is now ready to march forward into babylon. She describes their ability next.

“I heard those clothed with the armor, speak forth the truth with great power. It had effect. ” Then a beautiful picture is shown how many are won over. Puzzled about this great change in God’s people she asked ” What made this great change?”  The Angel answered  ” it is the latter rain, the refreshing  from the presence of the Lord, the Loud Cry of the Third Angel.” Her excitement is shown forth by her again emphasising   ” Great power was with these chosen ones.”

Consider this—When these “chosen ones” are armored and ready to go for God, will they be coming back to God’s church every Sabbath and  co-mingling with the many “careless and indifferent” ones?  No, it will not happen. (Mal 3:3 “And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver:and shall purify the son’s of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness”

So we see the great work of calling out the people in babylon (false churches) cannot come until the church get’s purified. Just think about this– If God’s church today, with so many careless and indifferent ones, was to stay the same(without any change) could we really “call people out” from one sinning church to come into another sinning one?? Let’s get real.

Then EGW describes how the evil ones become enraged at the success of the armor ones and stirs the wicked people(the vast wicked earth) to go after them (then Sunday Law comes) and finally after the severe trial of waiting for the Lord amidst these most troubling times, the Lord comes to save His people (both the 144k servants and the great multitude that was called out of babylon).

So we see a short yet powerful condensed vision of the end times to come. This shaking is about to pick up among God’s church (SDA) are you ready to take a stand? Are you going to “follow” the crowd and believe what others say about God’s end time messengers, or are you going to say ” I will do it my  LORD  and search this last day message as taught by Shepherd’s Rod.”  If it is false the Holy Spirit will show it clearly  but after studying carefully and fully, you may be like me and say –” Let the Lord’s plan come. Your truth and will is my desire Lord”—- a solemn and straight testimony shall be given to my brothers and sisters before Your visitation to Your church,  Amen, in Christ, Rob

Ps.(Note, I understand that their website may be under remodeling so please call first to order properly)  For those of you who would would like more information concerning this last day “Elijah Message”  contact  ( 11th hour ministries) or call 1-845-434-5282  All Cd’s and literature is sent free of charge.

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