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Just how important is the Sabbath anyway?

September 18, 2010

Again, I was scheduled to write about the prior said post about how many are breaking the Commandment of worshipping idols and images(one day I will get it done,lol). But it is always important to listen to the Lord and write what “He” tells me,  not necessarily what I had in mind. But what has been revealed to me is VERY profound! Please  read this carefully.

The Sabbath I believe,  is so much more important to us than many believe. It’s implications go farther than many also realize. In Isaiah 58:13 we read  ” If you keep your foot from doing YOUR OWN PLEASURE on  ‘MY’  Holy day and call the Sabbath a delight and honorable,  THEN you will find joy in the Lord. ”

In today’s practice their are basically two different types of Sabbath keepers. One type honors the Lord by going to church, yet after that they seldom stop from doing their “pleasures” (ie. TV, worldly radio, going out to eat, visiting with friends to gossip, etc.)  Then the other, observes the  Sabbath closer to God’s intention. They realize that  this day is ALL about HIM. And they give Him honor and praise through out the Sabbath. Their whole desire this day is to draw close to the Lord in prayer and fellowship and abstainment from worldly things. Which one are you?

God’s intention is so clear for this day. His word says (Exodus 31:13) “…My Sabbath you shall keep,….that you may KNOW that I am the Lord, who sanctifies you.”  God does something VERY special this day. You may look at it like this. All week we are faced with polluting sin and temptation. Yet because we honor His day as He said, He “recharges” us greatly every Sabbath. He provides stronger armor for us.

Another way to look at it is like this. On the Sabbath, the Lord takes out His tool box, and starts looking over your heart and goes to work, adjusting and fixing certain areas of our spiritual condition that may need improvement or re-alignment.

Speaking from  a personal view, the times where I had not kept the Sabbath as I should, I have found that the following week I seemed alot weaker and susceptible to the devils attacks.  I believe  what Isaiah meant when he said KEEP FROM  doing your own pleasure was a BIG  KEY in observing the Sabbath. In other words,  give your devoted  love and attention to Him this day and you’ll find He makes you holy and stronger to go through the next week. Weekly He covers us with His sanctification!

Again we are told HOW important the Sabbath is (Ezekiel 20:20) “Keep my Sabbaths HOLY, that they may be  a sign between us. THEN you will know that I am the LORD YOUR GOD”  Amen!  How powerful is that?  God bascially is saying not to just ‘observe” His Sabbath but KEEP  IT  HOLY!!  There is the great difference. When we finally realize just how important this day is, we do indeed DELIGHT and have JOY in the Lord!    Amen.

For those of you interested in proper Sabbath keeping, you may want to see our post in  called “The Sabbath, what it is and how to keep it” listed under “Sabbath.”

The Lord turns on the light

September 4, 2010

It was Thursday(yesterday) afternoon and I was driving to a service call, and as the Lord oftens does, He leads me into thinking what my next post would be. The post would be about how so many people today are breaking His Commandment “Thou shall not worship idols or images”. I was jotting notes as I could, getting thoughts put down. Then it all changed(the message)  when I got home!

As I have posted before, I often pray this prayer “Lord, help me to be righteous, lead me in the right path, PLEASE admonish me and warn me if I am doing wrong in your eyes, just YELL it to me if you have to, so I am very clear as to what I am doing wrong”. The last few weeks I had sensed something was amiss. I have experienced a real closeness to the Lord, and of late it was as if my walk wasn’t just right. Somewhere I was doing a wrong or going down a useless path causing this feeling.

So I got home, tired from the day. I proceed to walk into my bedroom and what I saw stunned me!  My bedroom night light was on (next to my bed) and the clock was blinking! I stopped in mid track and just stared at them. I DID NOT leave my night light on as I always turn it off when I go to bed the prior night. “What is going on??” I thought. Then it hit me. The Lord has turned it on! Amazed, I knelt down and tearfully thanked Him after He told me what this was all about.

The Lord was telling me “Rob, you have been spending almost all your evenings watching TV (poker, sports, etc.) and forgetting about reading my word!” The clock was blinking, to remind me, that it was TIME to get back to studying and devoting myself to learning His word and other God inspired writings. He knew that I always read the bible and other God inspired writings in bed next to that light.  At first I thought that maybe we had a “brown out” because the clocks will go off then when the light goes back on,  they blink.  But I had checked the other clocks in house and NO blinking! Plus the time was correct.

Still stunned I walked around the house in a blissful daze, knowing my almighty Lord had spoken to me DIRECTLY. He had answered my frequent prayer and showed His power through this sign. I can’t tell you how elated I felt to KNOW we have such a caring and watchful Lord, able to show signs to tell us He’s with us,  watching our every move.  The scripture (John 14:21) comes to mind “He that has my Commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves me and shall be loved by the Father, and I will love Him, and WILL REVEAL MYSELF TO HIM”    Amen!    This “revealing” can do SO MUCH to boost our confidence in the Lord, it staggers the mind!

I have wondered just why the Lord has given me many such signs, and I believe that He wants me to spread His truth with a passion. “Go” as He said “and PROCLAIM the gospel to all nations” And this I will do! I am not unusual in this, because in these last days He is pouring out His spirit and His signs will get even greater as we approach the close of probation.

So please be aware of His speaking to you through many ways, such as dreams, signs, and people. Things are going to come your way from  the Lord, you must be on look out and BELIEVE He’ll speak to you. But don’t kid yourself, take a long look at your life.  Are you “obeying” His Commandments?  If so, you are indeed “loving Him” (1 John 5:3) “For this is the LOVE OF GOD, that we KEEP His Commandments, and His Commandments are not burdensome”

Let us go forth with FULL confidence in His love and power, amen.

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