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Ezekiel 9 (Part 1 of 3)

October 27, 2012

Note: This post is primarily for SDA and DSDA.

Many of us are familiar with the Titanic shipwreck and the great tragic event that occurred  close to 100 years ago on that dark night in the middle of the sea. That experience is an analogy of what Ezekiel 9 is about. Allow me to draw some comparisons to it.

The ship set sail with many very happy and excited passengers (our church started out strong in the beginning right after 1844).  The ship sailed among smooth waters into the deep ocean, for a short while. As the journey progressed much merry times were had and no worries existed. Then soon after on their journey,  one night while the people enjoyed much music , good food, and celebrations, a couple of men in the look out tower were startled. An approaching huge iceberg!  They immediately went to work warning the people. Time was closing quickly in, and the iceberg was but a few minutes away. Then disaster struck, and the majority perished.

The above short synopsis is an example of the church (ship)  quickly approaching a similar huge iceberg (Ezekiel 9) The watchmen are  at their posts and are scrambling , as God’s people, to warn that this iceberg is right ahead and that all on board must prepare (The people must do something per Ezekiel 9). Many of God’s leading watchman, the leaders in our church, are busy downstairs enjoying the music and food (satisfied in their lukewarmness, full and in need of nothing,). The job of warning(sighing) is left with but a few of us (the ones willing  to stand out in the cold, willing to be less than comfortable, in order to protect the church members). Nevertheless this warning is being sounded, the trumpet is being blown and thank God, more and more are coming to the forefront of our church to put this message out — prepare and be ready, the Lord is soon to appear!

Ezekiel 9 is a very solemn message to God’s people. From the beginning our Lord has had a good and righteous plan for us His people, but He has also set a plan in motion that will effectively let Him  take control of  His beloved church. As the great all-seeing Lord, He knew  well that , just as His people said to Him  in the old days, “All that the Lord has spoken we will do” (Exodus 19:8) and they miserably failed,  His people would continue to fail Him through out the ages following. His Spirit and power have been  stymied. What will He do? What can He do?

The book of Isaiah, is packed with references concerning the Lord’s plans in regards to the church purification. One of those describes why He must take the reins into His own hands. ” His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant; They are dumb dogs, they cannot bark; Sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. yes they are greedy dogs which never have enough. And they are shepherds who cannot understand; They all look to their own way, everyone for his own gain, from his own territory.” (Isaiah 56:10-11).

If our leadership would not be in the condition it is today, He would not need to bring upon His church His “strange act” (Isaiah 28:21).The Scriptural evidence is overwhelming concerning our Lord’s next coming.  The Lord said in (Amos 3:8) “Surely the LORD GOD does nothing, unless he reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” 

Ezekiel 9 is revealed in many, many Scriptures, and as such we dare not look the other way at what the word of the Lord says. What we will do is present the soon to come “judgement for the living'” evidence. And specifically, the very act of the Lord that begins this judgement.

Let us begin with the Achan story. We remember  in  Joshua Chapter 7 ,  the people lost what should have been a certain and  easy victory with the Lord’s backing. But one man, just one man, in the whole camp had stolen what the Lord expressively said was not to be touched or taken. The Lord let Joshua know that it was this man, Achan, who had caused the people’s defeat and the Lord’s anger. Achan, along with his whole family, were stoned at the Lord’s direction.

Ellen White explains, ” .. if the presence of one Achan  was sufficient to weaken the whole camp of Israel, can we be surprised at the little success which attends our efforts when every church and almost every family has it’s Achan?” (Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 5, p.157).

“God’s displeasure is upon His people, and He will not manifest His power, in the midst of them while sins exist among them and are fostered by those in responsible positions.” (Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 3, p.270)

 The outpouring of the Lord’s Spirit cannot come while the church has a mixed group of converted and unconverted ones. Just look at the above example of Achan, we know the Lord is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He does not change (Mal.3:6). One Achan stopped His power. Those who think the Lord has done some kind of  strange metamorphic change since then, will be sadly mistaken.

Think of this for a moment. Let’s say for argument’s sake that the Lord does pour out His Spirit upon His current church, as  most of our SDA leaders teach. It would show that He accepts both converted and unconverted. His power would come upon His church despite its current condition.  A total change and departure from our Lord’s prior behavior through out the Scriptures.

 But we know that Achan was not converted, as he was a coveting thief. The Lord refused to accept him as such, as every one else obeyed the Lord. Then it would be apparent that the Lord would have to go back and apologize to Achan for having ordered his stoning. What folly! He would have to admit to Achan that He now allows disobedient thiefs and worse among our church today. How about Korah and all those who followed him? That large camp consisted of coverted and uncoverted, did the Lord accept it? Of course not, the earth swallowed up Korah and his followers.

Ellen White speaks of those who will be permitted to take part when the Lord’s Spirit is poured out. ” Only those who have withstood temptation in the strength of the Mighty One will be permitted to act a part in proclaiming it when it shall have swelled into the loud cry.”  (Review and Herald, Nov. 19, 1908)

We know that in the last days, our Lord will do His promised outpouring  upon mankind. “And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh” (Joel 2:28) So what can the Lord do with this problem in His church today? Can He expect His people to right the ship and get their act  together?His answer is —  Ezekiel 9, the “great and dreadful day of the Lord.”

“For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” (1 Peter4:17)

The founding leaders of our church knew that 1844 was the year that our Lord entered the most holy apartment of the sanctuary. And has revewied(judged) all those who professed to know the Lord starting with Adam. But very shortly He will pass to the living.”The cases of the righteous dead have been passing in review before God. When that work has been completed, judgment is pronounced upon the living.” (1 Selected Messages, P. 125)  “So in the day of final atonement and investigative judgment the only cases considered are those of the professed people of God.” (Great Controversy, P.480)

We currently have an SDA leadership who , for the most part, deny His very last message to us, the Elijah message. They ignore it or worse, they hinder it by saying those who promote it, as brought by the brother Houteff, aren’t teaching the message properly ( just as prophesied per EGW , Testimonies for the Church, p. 475). There has been only one man in our church history who has claimed to bring the Lord’s Elijah message, and interpreted Scripture to show us the prophecies concerning Ezekiel 9. This was Victor T. Houteff.

 The leaders have refused to accept that there is a last message needed or promised (Mal. 4:5). They proclaim “I am rich and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing” (Rev. 3:17). With this spiritual “wealth” they don’t see any reason to warn the church. Why should they? Many think that both sinners and the righteous are saved, why warn? Grace has ever expanded, conversion not needed.

 When we begin to understand the Lord’s plan, we see it all coming clearly into focus.It is only because His promised  “Spirit of Truth” guides us, that we know and understand His plans. All who have a “healthy fear”of the Lord will take heed now and convert. Ezekiel  Chapter 9 will happen whether will want it or not.

How important is it that we know and study Ezekiel 9? EGW explains,   “Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel. These words will be literally fulfilled; yet the time is passing and the people are asleep. They refuse to humble their souls and be converted. Not a while longer will the Lord bear with the people who have such great and important truths revealed to them, but refuse to bring these truths into their individual experiences.” ( Manuscript releases, Vol. 1, p.260)

 I don’t know about you but those words are serious instructions to get involved and study,  the next appearing of the Lord-Ezekiel 9!

Next week we’ll look at more direct Scripture of the Old Testament that point to the Lord’s special coming to the earth. Ellen White and Victor Houteff will also show some clear verses of the Lord’s surprise plan.  

Your servant, Rob

A Christian Approach to Voting

October 20, 2012

As we near the date of our national vote, we thought it would be helpful to examine what inspiration has to say of this patriotic act. Because there is very little in Scripture on this subject, we will  look to the two last prophets, Ellen White and Victor Houteff, for their inspired views that can guide us in this area.

We all have the human nature to have opinions on policies, national and local. The purpose, as we know, for our public voting is to effect rules and government that we deem right and fair. As a Christian we want to be in line with what our Lord has spoken through the prophets on any subject, including voting. Let us see what we should know about this. We’ll not only look at voting but the general practice of being involved in politics .

Our prophetess said the following ” Whatever the opinions you may entertain in regard to casting your vote in political questions, you are not to proclaim it by pen or voice…My brethren will you not remember that none of you have any burden laid upon you by the Lord to publish your political preferences in our papers, or to speak them in the congregation, when the people assemble to hear the word of the Lord..We are not as people to become mixed up with political questions…Keep your voting to yourself. Do not feel it is your duty to urge everyone to do as you do.” (Selected Messages, volume 2,p.336-337).

That’s quite specific in instructions. Let’s try to grasp its significance. In the first part , we “are not to proclaim it by pen or voice” would appear to guide us in not advocating  our own beliefs.   Next we see that our “publishing or speaking” of our political opinions is not a work that is given us by the Lord, and we should not take part in this.

So from a general viewpoint, we see that she is advocating that we keep our political views to ourselves. Activism in this regard is certainly to be refrained from.

As we mentioned we all have our human nature to want “our view” to be understood and followed. Even right now, at times I find myself sometimes speaking privately to people on my political views. But it would be wrong to post those views or even engage in a public dialogue with others over political views. The only exception would be when such views are connected with Biblical or moral issues, such as prophecies or breaking the Commandments, for example.

If a presidential candidate said “I want all grade school children to stop reading the Bible at home and start doing their homework instead”, you can be sure we would have free reign to discuss this “political” situation and our views.

This political issue came up in  a meeting in the early pioneer days of our church. Ellen White explains,  “Attended meeting in the eve. Had quite a free, interesting meeting. After it was time to close, the subject of voting was considered and dwelt upon. James first talked, then brother (J.N.) Andrews talked, and it was thought by them best to give their influence in favor of right against wrong. They think it right to vote in favor of temperance men being in office in our city instead of by their silence running the risk of having intemperate men put in office.

Brother (David) Hewitt tells his experience of a few days (since) and is settled that (it) is right to cast his vote. Brother (Josiah) Hart talks well. Brother (Henry) Lyon opposes. No others object to voting, but brother (J.P.) Kellogg begins to feel it is right. Pleasant feelings exist among all the brethren. O that they may all act in the fear of God.”(Selected Messages, Volume 2, P.337)

The above is quite significant. EGW basically records an obvious approval of voting.  The main concern being that “right” doing (by voting) is much preferred than allowing wrong doing into office. Sister White puts the final stamp of approval on this with her next comments.

“Men of intemperance have been in the office today in a flattering manner expressing their approbation of the course of the Sabbath keepers not voting and expressed hopes that they will stick to their course and, like the Quakers, not cast their vote. Satan and his evil angels are busy at this time, and he has workers upon the earth. may Satan be disappointed, is my prayer. (Selected Messages, Volume 2, P.337)

Clearly EGW confirms that our voting for the “right” in the political arena certainly is good to do, and that Satan would have us to not vote for the right, thereby helping him to sow wrongs among us.

In our studying the issues, obviously we as Christians stand with all issues that stand for good solid moral values. Anything that involves God’s creation such as the very hot topic on GMO foods. We shouldn’t be for man being allowed to tamper with God’s wholesome food. This would be one of the issues that sister White would obviously  not be including when she spoke of not “proclaiming” our opinion. Why?  Because we are standing up for our Lord and “His” creation (food), thus this is not a “political” issue in the real sense. It’s a moral and health issue (keeping our temples healthy).

Our last prophet, the Elijah prophet , brother Houteff, had this to say about this voting issue in The Answerer, question 145.  “Is voting becoming to a Christian?”  

“As the franchise is one of the inalienable rights of a free people, there cannot be any wrong in exercising it if thereby either the law or offices of the land can be better served. To cast a vote though, which will further such an end, requires conscientious study; failing that, one’s vote  can only be unintelligent guesswork, and thus adverse rather than conducive to good government.

Those, therefore, who are in no position to devote the time and study necessary to inform themselves on political issues sufficiently to qualify them to vote intelligently in them, cannot  conscientiously cast such a vote.

Being ministers of the gospel, with our time completely preoccupied  with the spiritual interests of the people, we  ourselves are not able to give attention to their political interests also, just as people’s political representatives  are not able to give proper attention to their spiritual needs also. And therefore rarely, if ever, do we see our way clear to vote.”

Here we see an approval of sorts. Brother Houteff let’s us know we should only vote if we are well informed on the issue or candidate, as is our right. But those of us who are too active in the work most likely won’t be up to speed on the issues due to our devoted work to save souls. Bottomline, if we vote we are to be very sure of that issue or candidate, no guess-work  should be involved.  This answer compliments EGW’s earlier statements well, by letting us know that the informed voter is the  correct voter, and conscientiously voicing his opinion for the right as opposed to the wrong.

I don’t know about you, but before I learned about VTH’s above statement, I would sometimes vote and just check (guess) which proposal or candidate sounded best, even if I was not familiar with it. This we see, is not to be practiced.

In closing, we must conclude that when voting for issues that we are well-informed on,and appear to be the “right” course ,  it is right before our Lord. But  we should not become an advocate of our views, unless as we stated, it’s a moral or Biblical  issue, which it then ceases to be only a political issue. But the  servants who are too busy doing the Lord’s work , and don’t know the issues at hand, are  justified by our Lord for not taking part. They have the eternal glory foremost in their minds. Let’s be sure to follow our prophetess’ words and not  “become mixed up in political questions”.

We have much more important issues to deal with now at this late hour, than to get involved in political issues. Are these issues going to stand for a long time? Of course not, they will stand for a fleeting moment, a mist of time. The Lord’s issues will stand  for eternity.

May the Lord be your strength and wisdom.

The Lord Cancels Chess

October 13, 2012

As some of you are aware, I am a big believer in the following prayer. “Lord help to keep me on the straight and narrow. If I go off it , please let me know. Yell it out to me if you have to. Keep me walking righteously before you.” And as I often pray this prayer, I am aware and watching for His guidance. I fully expect He will do what I have requested.

When Jesus heard about the young dead girl, He said “Do not be afraid, only believe.”(Mark 5:36). Those two little words -“only believe” really nail our whole Christian experience. Because if we can’t believe, we’ll lose faith as Scripture says. “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”(Hebrews 11:6).

It all started about 10 years ago. One evening, while bored, I went on the computer and saw an advertisement for pogo games. I joined up and saw chess. I had been not at all interested in this game,  only playing it maybe 4 or 5 times in my life. Ofcourse it was the actual table game I had known up to that point. Anyway, I join up and get into the “chess room”.

Online chess is the same as regular table chess, except for its format. This pogo system had regular ratings for all players (the standard international chess rating system). I started to play. I’m sure my moves were quite unusual and amateurish (not really knowing what I was doing,lol).So I played a couple of games that night, but something clicked in me. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I had entered into a powerful magnet, that would take hold of me for close to 10 years.

After that night, I played again the next night after work.  And so it went. Night after night I would be on the computer playing chess. In this pogo system, you get to play chess players from all over the world. So while you play , you can chat with them on the side as well. Soon I found myself not going out of the house much in the evenings or on Sunday, to play more games of chess. I was fascinated with this game because of the utilizing of your mind and it’s requirement of foresight thinking. I even bought Bobby Fischer books to learn more.

As the old saying goes “the more you practice the better you get” and it was true. I steadily climbed up the ratings scale. They rate you as follows. Blue players are the beginners (the bottom skilled players). Green players are intermediate. Orange is the advanced rating. Purple is the expert rating. And the rarefied rating is called Master. Believe me the “masters” are in a class by themselves. Their moves are so advanced, some thinking 10 or more moves ahead!

In my chess “career” I was able to advance up to expert, with my two big games of my life coming about the 2 year of my playing. Beating  master players. But as the years went on I was up and down like a yo-yo. From expert to blue and back again. But regardless, I enjoyed the fascinating moves and how there was always a different challenge on each game. I thrilled when I was way behind and somehow mated the opposition against great odds.

Fast forward to about 3 years ago. When the Lord changed my life and woke me up. It started with my obeying the Sabbath. As  this blog has  told, my experiences gradually changed and my values as well. The Lord took control and I happily consented.

As He was guiding me in the walk, I learned all the 10 Commandments, and started to put each one into action in my life. I called my Dad, who I had not spoken with for several years (Honor thy Father and Mother). I started keeping the Sabbath “holy”. I started watching carefully how I charged my customers (appliance repair) (Thou shall not steal). And so on.

But then after I converted, I started to hear from the Holy Spirit, about my chess playing. The 2nd Commandment forbids us to have “idols”. It became clear chess was indeed an idol. I played everyday and it was taking up precious hours of my free time. The Lord was keeping His part of the bargain, He was warning me where I was off the path.If there was any doubt about a certain aspect of my walk, I took it before the Lord.

So I went in prayer before the Lord. I told Him I would cut down the playing to two days a week . This went on for about a year and a half. Then I began to feel I needed to cut it back to one day a week (Sunday). For the last year this was my routine. The Holy Spirit was still working on me as I was becoming aware that  chess was something I shouldn’t be doing at all. In (James 4:17) we read “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”  I began to know that,  for me,  playing chess was not “good” and staying away was good.

So even  down to just one day a week (Sunday) I began to feel more and more guilty about it yet I did not want to leave it out of my life, I still enjoyed the games. But the Lord came first, and I knew I had to clear this issue.  So finally, recently,  I went before the Lord and said  “Lord if You want me to give it up for good, let me know”. I have learned that there is nothing more precious than the close feeling with our Lord, and I didn’t want have anything in my life that was separating me from Him.

So I was on “lookout” for the answer.  I was expecting  communication from the Lord, His clear answer to me.  This has been our relationship since  observing my very first Sabbath about 3 and half years.

 See our posts under the heading “God’s signs” for an examples of inspiring signs given from the Lord.

As we’ve posted many times before,  the Lord has promised to reveal Himself to us when  He said,  “He who has My Commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves me will be loved by the Father, and I will reveal Myself to him” (John 14:21).  Revealings certainly come in the form of signs.

So on Sunday morning I awoke, and as usual I was soon on the computer playing chess. I played a few games then went off and did some other things. Then as my custom was I took a short nap in the afternoon. After the nap I woke up and wanted to get in another chess game. So I click over to the chess site and WHAT? What happened I thought? The chess system had been removed! At first I was bewildered, but then it hit me. The Lord has answered my prayer! I looked up and said “Thank you Lord”. I went into my room and we talked.

The Lord will always be faithful in this regard.Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you (James 4:8).

So the Lord’s answer came, chess would be forever history.   I was content to know my Lord’s will and follow it. The Lord knows each of our walks, what is right and what is not,  individually. The straight and narrow path will be shown to each of us, if we humbly ask for it. 

 If you have any area in your walk that you’re not sure about, take to the Lord! Ask to be guided, and He will answer you in a way that you will know. Do this frequently and your walk will bring you closer and closer to our Great Lord.

Sowing Unity Or Discord?

October 6, 2012

In Proverbs 6:16 we read,   “These six things the Lord hates, Yes seven are an abomination to Him:  A  proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises  wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.”

In this post we’ll look at one of these abominations and see how we can sow unity instead of sowing discord. The Lord has inspired me to discuss this because of a recent experience, and if it had been handled biblically, unity may have been the fruit of the experience instead of discord.  Our treatment among our “brethren” is far more important than we often realize. If we aren’t careful, we’ll take part in something our Lord  hates.

In our relationship with our brothers and sisters, we would do well to keep in mind our Lord’s words. “But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.” (Matt. 23:11). Our attitude must first be to “serve” and help them. And from that frame of mind we can approach a brother or sister who we may differ with.

The situation arose from activity on Facebook. With this powerful tool today, we can use it to further the gospel and our Lord’s present truth. One of the brothers had become quite active in posting present truth, in this case, the “Timely Greetings” sermons by brother Houteff. He was following the Lord’s advice in being “zealous” in his work for the Lord.

As many are well aware, the Lord’s last Elijah message from brother Houteff has been fought since it came upon the scene, about 1930. So down through the years the mention of “Shepherd’s Rod” or ‘Davidian” is likely to bring prejudice and ignorance from many within the SDA, just like that of the 1888 message that was also mostly rejected by the remnant church.(Note–Davidian Seventh  Adventists are  not  “Branch Davidian” SDA  who were involved in  the Waco fiasco)

So this brother (we’ll call him brother A) posted the sermons and other writings from brother Houteff, but left out the author’s name and date of the writings. They were well received with many reading and sharing them on Facebook. This was producing the desired effect– to have many of our brothers and sisters read the inspired writings and gain some present truth without being prejudiced up front by mentioning names.

After a while, another brother (we’ll call him brother B) took offense to this practice. He felt it was wrong because brother Houteff, who was the author, was left out as the “author”. Plagiarizing was the accusation. Brother B contacted brother A and let him know it wasn’t right according to him. Brother A disagreed in this.(This part was done right, a private message was sent).

Brother B, was the more experienced brother(in the present truth message). And in all honesty he had a legitimate point. Afterall some could have gotten the idea that brother A was the writer. But brother B took it upon himself to by pass direct counsel of the Lord in regards to the proper procedure in handling this kind of dispute.

After he was rebuffed, he began to follow brother A’s postings around and add the author’s name and date of that sermon. Then he went further and posted an article on his website accusing brother A of plagiarizing. Although brother B didn’t mention brother A’s name, he then posted it on Facebook. This whole episode was a spectacle in discord as far as I could see. Let me give the reasons.

Let us view this episode from the point of “Mother” (the SDA members who are not familiar with the Elijah message or much present truth). This term is taken from the Hosea prophecy.  Brother A, as mentioned,  had posted for several months present truth messages from brother Houteff. Mother had been noticing and spreading (as evidenced by the share counts on FB).

Mother has largely been told that the DSDA and their belief of the Elijah prophet,  and foretold exactly described by sister White ( Testimonies for the church, p.475) is incorrect. Although the leaders of the church since 1930 haven’t been able to explain away the numerous interpretations of many hidden prophecies, in Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah, Joel, Hosea, Isaiah, Revelation, and more, written out and published by brother Houteff.

So with that understanding clearly understood by brother A, he reposted the messages without making reference to a name that many would simply ignore due to their prior prejudice. Mother is impressed with such truths, and spreads them. Along comes brother B.

Brother B doesn’t take into full consideration that there is a sizable audience (ie.Mother) who is watching and learning what brother A is posting. He goes to brother A in a private message. Brother A  is frankly confused and in bewilderment. Being somewhat new to the message, he is made to feel his efforts have somehow been bad before the Lord .

Brother B, rashly starts to “upset the apple cart” and follow brother A’s posts. He comments after them who the author was and the date of the sermons. Again Mother is watching.  But now Mother sees some discord among the two brothers. Comments are made on FB. Quickly thereafter a post is made by brother B accusing brother A of plagiarizing and posted on Facebook.

Now Mother has witnessed a major discord among the brothers. So now Mother may be saying ” If these brothers have such great truths and can’t even get along amongst themselves, maybe what they teach really is off  like they say.” And sadly, no doubt some have been put off  by this spectacle.

Did this have to be a spectacle? Most likely not had brother B followed the counsel below. If this whole affair could have been handled by the  Lord’s direct advice below,  then no such discord would have affected Mother and most likely unity would have been achieved.

In (Matt 18:15) we read ” Moreover if your brother sins against you, go tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother. But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector.”

Here we can see clearly the error from brother B. He did not go to one or two other brothers to try to get the issue resolved in private. In this case, myself and a few other brothers were mutual friends of both these brothers. Had he done so, there would have very likely been a mutual understanding of the issue, particularly because our Lord would most likely had blessed us because we were taking His direct advice.

It is noteworthy that our Lord made this statement right after discussing differences between brothers “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My father in heaven (Matt 18:19). Had brother B gone to brother A  and claimed this promise, and agreed to ask (prayed) to receive instruction from the Lord how to handle this problem, the Lord would certainly have kept His word and answer given. When all else fails look to our Lord’s word and believe the promises!

So after this public spectacle , brother A quit posting for awhile, then did more but with a disclaimer that he wasn’t the author. So what was the net effect?  A public spat with evidence of discord. The whole disagreement would have likely been settled if brother B would have taken counsel among brother(s) who could also talk to brother A, and no public discord shown.

As we have pointed out before in numerous posts, those who take up the Elijah message must be courageous and willing to stand up to the naysayers and even those who will ridicule.  Brother A was/is  doing that by posting many present day messages,  the straight testimony. Brother B took  little consideration of that effort. Many may  be drawn to present truth by brother A’s efforts. Should any contact him to inquire who is the author, you can rest assured he would not hesitate to disclose brother Houteff.

Additionally we can see how brother Houteff himself made note in regards to this. In His letter “to any seeking to be DSDA” under rule number 1  he says (describing one who is seeking)  “He is unselfish, he rejoices over the good fortune of others, and loves to have others receive credit for something he himself may have accomplished. He expects his credit from the Lord only.”

Based on the above, would brother Houteff had gotten upset that his name was left out on the wonderful truths he was inspired to write, and was posted by brother A? I think not, as he was a person known to have practiced what he preached.

Ellen White makes a further enlightening comment, “..Those who are busy in dissecting the words and acts of others, to discover all that is objectionable, fail to discern the good and pleasant things.” (Manuscript Releases, Vol. 12, p.7-8, no.922)

“..whatever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be anything praiseworthy –meditate on these things.” (Philippians 4:19).

 Sure there are times when we must warn a brother or sister,  but our approach is the Lord’s way not our way.Do we still consider brother B,   a brother? Yes we do. And we must remember our Lord’s instruction,  “See that no one pays back evil for evil, but always try to do good to each other and to all people ” (1 Thess.5:15). He has done some good work in many areas of the present truth message. But no one is beyond reproach. If we humble our souls and seek the truth in all matters, we should appreciate it when  corrected.

Our Lord said “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). This should be our primary focus towards our brothers and sisters- love and concern. Our Lord can do wonderous things if we abide by His word and instructions.

In these very last days before our Lord comes to begin the judgment for the living, we have but little time to get caught up in discords, especially public ones. This is viewed not as unity but public squabbling, and can only hurt our cause. Despite the example above, the Lord’s work on Facebook is going on powerfully and many are accepting the present truth message. Praise the Lord!

The grand work will go forward with or without us,  only let us strive to be found  sowing seeds of unity and not discord, to the best of our ability.

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