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Satan- the great blender of mixed truth

August 20, 2010

From the very beginning satan has mixed truth with lies. That has been his modus of operation from the beginning of the world. In Genesis(3:4)  satan said “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”  Here, satan mixed truth with lies. Yes, man would have his eyes “opened” and would know good and evil (sin), but he would also “surely” die. This mixed truth has not changed from satan, even to  today.

Satan and his devils ardently went to work after Christianity burst upon the scene. At first he used persecution as his method of silencing them. When he found out that it only strengthened the movement, he switched his plan. It would involve mixing truth with error. His knew that his very first “mixing” had worked, why not now? So a plan was made and put in motion.

That plan would involve blending a true Commandment , with a pagan ritual. Rome, being a world wide empire had marked “Sunday” as it’s day of worship for their  “Sun” god. Constantine, a very shrewd emperor, was satan’s choice to begin this plan. Constantine in early years of the 3rd century would issue a decree that “Sunday” would be the consolidated day of  rest (worship) , for both Christians and pagans. “It’s ok to worship the Lord, you Christians, as long as you stop doing it on the seventh day, and do it on the first day-Sunday”  Constantine thus consolidated his power with the people.  (* The official councils of Laodicea (343-381) Canon law #29  “Christians shall not judaize and be idle on Saturday, but shall work on that day, but the Lord’s day (Sunday) they shall especially honor…”)   Satan had made his important imprint on Christianity(through Constantine). And it would stick, through the centuries, even to this very day! The deception would be ingrained in the people’s minds  and actions.

Now, this deception has caused even the vast amount of Christians, to believe in this “mixed” truth. The truth being that they come to worship the true Lord, our God, yet they break a Commandment to do so (ignoring the true seventh day Sabbath, for satan’s day- Sunday). Satan proudly points to his fellow fallen angels and says “See, my power and works, and how they pay homage to it!”  He truly is like the mad suicidal man who knows he is going down but wants to take as many as he can with him.

Satan know’s God’s word cannot fail like scripture such as (Matt 5:18-19) “Until heaven and earth pass away, not ONE iota or letter  shall pass from the LAW, until all has be fulfilled. Therefore, whoever BREAKS the least of the Commandments (yes, even the Sabbath) and teaches others to do so shall be called least in heaven, but whoever DOES THEM, and teaches others to do so, shall be called great in heaven” . So this  MUST be ignored, so he can bring the people down. And sadly it has worked to a very large degree!

So please understand this deception and decide to obey God’s word and you’ll be safe from that great deceiver who loves to have you believe in “mixed” truth. It’ll also save you from receiving the soon to be issued–mark of the beast. The Lord spoke true, when He said in (Matt 7:14)” For narrow is the gate, and the straight way that leads to life, and FEW find it”. 

With the great deception by satan working today, we can see that possibility. Stand firm for God and His word, and you’ll obey the “real” truth , not “mixed” truth.

View the “mark of the beast”  at, click ” The Mark 666″

God protects His message

August 6, 2010

The following story shows how God protects His true message. With so much false teachings are out there today, this shows the length at which God goes, to help His people stay tuned to His messengers who proclaim the “true gospel”.

Her name is Liduvina, and she’s a spanish lady. They have a satellite on their home to watch their many stations. One day her and her husband were channel surfing to watch something good.They came across something that caught their eye, it was a station called  3ABN. They liked this station and would, from time to time come back to this station and enjoy the message it proclaimed.

One day after their spanish programs ended, they pressed their remote and nothing happened. The satellite appeared to stop working except that they could ONLY get 3ABN( a station proclaiming God’s true gospel). After watching  3ABN for about two weeks they finally called a technician to come and repair and reprogram their system. Once again they could get all their stations. But they now could not get 3ABN. Apparently the technician hadn’t programmed it into their receiver.

Two or three weeks later they still missed 3ABN. They thought about calling him back again, but didn’t get around to it.Then one day it began to rain hard as they were watching TV. They heard the thunder and lightning, and considered turning off their TV for safety. But the soccer game was too exciting to miss, so they kept watching. Then there was a flash of lightning, followed by a loud clap of thunder which caused  a momentary loss of electricity. But it was what next happened that startled them!

They watched in amazement as they both stared at the screen. Instead of the soccer game they were now watching 3ABN! Dropping to their knees right then and there, Luduvina’s husband thanked God that they could once again watch this network. To them, that flash of lightning was God’s way of getting their attention. Indeed it was!

God has shown this couple that he wanted them to hear His message and went to such a length to help guide them in the way they should go. I have also been given such signs to guide me into the way I should go. He will also guide YOU, if you’ll seek Him and ask for His guidance.

God is watching “who” is really spreading His truth and God is really using this station to help His people in these last days. I hope you will consider watching this station for the many truths it brings. God want’s you to.  You can also get it online at ( Three Angels broadcasting Network)

Story Source: 3ABN monthly updated publication

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