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Are we DOING the great Commission or the great omission?

June 26, 2010

One of the last words our Lord said as he rose up into the heavens was ” Go ye into all the world and PREACH the gospel to everyone”. Are we as Christians do this great command, or are we “sitting” on our salvation? (Mark 16:15)

First of all, what “gospel” are we to preach? To really understand this we must look to the “last” book our Lord provided for mankind,as the FINAL word on who will be saved. It is the book of Revelation.  The lost are identified in the last days as those who worship the “beast”. The saved are clearly identified as believing in Jesus AND keeping His (and his Father’s) Commandments. Not just believing in Jesus alone BUT doing BOTH! (Rev. 14:12) “Here is the perserverance of the saints (those saved) who KEEP the Commandments of God, and the faith of  Jesus” (Rev 22:14) “Blessed are they that DO his Commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life”

So the “gospel” to be preached right now is to tell people to accept our Lord as savior AND once they do, then to OBEY the Holy Commandments. That is the reason Jesus died for us! We were sinners (transgressors of His Law) and He paid our price. Now that we accept Him, do we then go out and transgress? Ofcourse not. This is the message to be preached. Many today are doing the first part  of telling people of Jesus but ignoring the second part (?)

So now that we know what gospel message to proclaim , are we doing it? Let me give you an example of “sitting” on our salvation.In my own church, I attend a bible study before church service every Sabbath morning. A few Sabbath’s ago I brought with me some flyers and doorknob hangers about,  to show our group (about 20-25 people). I explained to them that was offering to mail these out FREE (approximately 500). They all heard this and showed their interest. But guess what? I don’t think even ONE called and requested them!

For those of you who don’t know about, it is one of the fastest growing Christian ministries in the world. They are bringing people to Christ in an awesome way. They provide testimonies, bible studies,prophecy studies, missionary work, and a myriad of other great works for Christ. It is now available to watch online in most of the countries all over the world.

So I guess I could throw up my hands and say “Oh well, I guess I’ll also just sit on my salvation, and not worry about bringing other people to Christ”   No! I must do the great commission and so should anyone calling themselves “Christians”. Do you think Jesus would be happy if we are content to be good and enjoy ourselves, not helping others come into salvation? Ofcourse not!

With all that being said let me give some good concrete advice on how you can GO and preach the gospel.

1) You can call at 618-627-4651 and order those free flyers. Take them to the Sunday churchs and put them on the cars as they are in service. Keep some in your car and when you pull up to the supermarket, get out and place a few on the cars next to you. I personally pray before hand “Lord, help me to park near someone who needs this message”.  I also go out in my neighborhood and put them on the house doors.

2)Tell them about , also a great ministry proclaiming God’s final message. Pastor Doug Batchelor is probably one of the most spirit lead pastors today and believe me, he can help you understand God’s word almost better than anyone else alive today.

3) Tell them about and have them watch the “666” video. It excellently explains the mark of the beast. We want people aware of this “beast” and just exactly what  it will be in these last days.

4)Order the book called “The Ten Commandments twice removed” from  I personally came back to the Lord after reading this. An awesome book, and eye opening! If you want  FREE copies just contact me and I’ll send it, no charge.

Finally, let’s not “sit” on our salvation rather let’s “GO” and preach the gospel. The Lord is counting on us to work hard these last days to bring the TRUE message to the people so they may be saved, yours in Christ.

Ps. Recently great results were had on “going out” and spreading His word, go to our sister site at for the amazing story. Listed under the heading “Revivals”

Can you imagine?

June 12, 2010

The word says that if we see our brother and sister living in “sin” it is our responsibility to help them see the error of their ways. This post is to help show those who are living in error, their wrong ways.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, stealing week after week, from their friends, then proclaiming  “Oh, I love Jesus”.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, having sex week after week, with someone other than their spouse, then professing “Oh I love Jesus”.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, cussing profanely God D this or JC that,week after week,  then proclaiming “Oh, I love Jesus”.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, saying “Oh I hate my Dad, he’s such a so and so, week after week, then proclaiming “Oh I love Jesus”.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, angrily yelling at people with murder in their eyes, week after week, then proclaiming “Oh I love Jesus”.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, wanting more and more “things”, a new car,a craving for more money, more pleasure toys, etc., week after week, then proclaiming “Oh I love Jesus”.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, lying and telling falsehoods about their fellow human beings, week after week, then proclaiming “Oh I love Jesus”.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, bowing down to a statue of Buddha, week after week, then proclaiming “Oh I love Jesus”.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, spending so  much time living his life with all the pleasures he can find, dedicating very little time to God, week after week, then proclaiming “Oh I love Jesus”.

After reading all the above most Christians today would definitely say “God forbid!” They would readily say ” That is not right, that  is  real hypocrisy”.  “Please stop this sinning  and live righteously with God.” Each of the  above  examples are of breaking God’s Holy Commandments. Christendom is unanimous in this agreement of condemnation. Now let’s look at the last example.

Imagine a Christian brother or sister, every seventh day (Friday evening to Saturday evening) doing their “own” thing. Enjoying their pleasures, going to parties or even working, then proclaiming “Oh I love Jesus”. Yes! We can imagine this and we see it ALL OVER Christendom!

Now, think about this. To many Christians,  Jesus has come to release ONE Commandment at the cross. It was the Sabbath! Jesus wants us to “forget” the only Commandment He said to “Remember”. Does this make sense? After all we just established that Christians hold all Commandments in truth of Jesus’ righteous living, but ONE Commandment has no truth(?) One Commandment is not to be obeyed?

Please send this post to your Christian friends and family,  just maybe it will make them think. For Jesus said “Whoever breaks the LEAST of the Commandments, and teaches others to do so, shall be called least in heaven, BUT, whoever does them, and teaches others to do so, shall be called GREAT in heaven”. (Matt.5:19) . We break ONE we break them all.

Are you esteemed by God?

June 5, 2010

After searching the scriptures I discovered some qualifications for being “esteemed’ by God.  Can you imagine being highly thought of, by the creator of the universe? Wow!  It should send shivers up your spine! The amazing thing is that our great God DID give clues on what makes Him esteem us.

In (Isaiah 66:2) it reads “… This is the one I esteem, he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word.”

What is interesting about the above verse, is that we see that humility is very important. What is being humble all about? Let’s look at it like this. Suppose I have a belief concerning God and a brother or sister tells me I’m wrong for such belief. How to I react? Do I say “oh, you are wrong!” Showing my exalted postition. Or do I say “ok, please show me in scripture my error, that I might see my mistake” My point being that I am humble and WILLING to learn. If I am shown, by reading the scripture, the error of my beliefs, do I then become “contrite”? Ofcourse I should. I am willing to summit to the truth of God’s word! This should also apply to those who I likewise show the truth, and error of their beliefs.

But how many times do we attempt to show God’s word in scripture, only to be ignored, or even rebuked? Can this be a real sign of humility before the Lord? Do they exalt their opinion above God’s word? Without humility it will be VERY hard for contriteness of spirit. My eyes and ears are ALWAYS open to learning, are yours?

Then we find another example of God showing His high esteem of someone. It is in (Daniel 9:4). Here Daniel begans his very long and contrite prayer. In the  beginning of his great prayer he says ” O Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with ALL who love him and OBEY His Commandments. We have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and rebelled, we have turned away from your Commandments and Laws.” As Daniel continued, the Angel Gabriel came in mid prayer and said ” Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and understanding. As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given, which I have come to tell you, for YOU ARE HIGLY ESTEEMED”

What can we learn for the above example of  Daniel? We can see he was humble and contrite, acknowledging his and his peoples sins.Then Daniel shows God just what He values greatly. It is the obeying of His Holy Commandments. After this righteous prayer God did not hesitate to let Daniel know he had spoken beautifully before the Lord! We can see that when we have an almost “trembling” fear and concern to obey His Commandments, we are looked on with high favor by our Lord.

To summarize, let us always strive to be humble. Ready to listen and learn, no matter how much we “think” we know. And if we are shown the REAL truth from scripture, let us not turn away.

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