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God’s perfect circle plan of salvation

July 24, 2010

The 3 angels message is now beginning to be proclaimed. The”true” gospel is starting to be proclaimed and is getting louder and farther upon the nations. Very soon the angels messages as stated in Revelation are to be completed. They proclaim that Babylon is fallen and that we MUST come out of her. Babylon , meaning the false religion and it’s fowl(for the birds) teachings.( Rev 18:1-10)   Follow me as we see God’s circle about to be completed.

In the beginning God created perfection, and it was everything perfect. His perfect plan was in place. But, being the all-knowing God, he needed ONE thing placed in this perfection, to know beyond doubt that His creation, wanted Him and indeed appreciated Him and loved Him. That one thing was the apple tree. It was placed there as a point of obedience. For  if man and woman really loved Him they would SHOW God by their obedience.

Sadly, we all know what mankind proved. So from the very beginning,  there was ONE thing God would observe to KNOW if mankind  really loved him. So to, in these last days God has placed ONE thing to observe whether mankind loves Him and shows it by  “obedience” just like the apple. The circle comes full circle in this regard.

Also in the beginning, two kinds of worship was made by Cain and Abel. One was approved and one was not approved. One type of worshipper killed the other. So to will the circle complete itself in this regard. Very soon, the world will be a setting whereby “worship” is mandated in the form of observance that directly BREAKS a Commandment of God. Ultimately satan will call upon his followers to go out and persecute God’s  true worshippers. Some will be killed for not worshipping on MAN’S(and at  the devil’s instruction) day- Sunday.

Now we get to that ONE thing God will look to in these last days as “proof” that we love Him and obey him. It will be the observance of His long forgotten 4th Commandment– The seventh day SABBATH. 

The angels are instructing the world right now to “go and proclaim the true gospel to the ends of the earth.”  With the computer, satilite TV and radio, publications, etc. the true gospel is indeed ‘going out”. After this has reached the ends of the earth, a great final cry from God’s people (who obey His Holy Commandments) will be proclaimed loud and clear—STOP worshipping Him on man’s traditional day and obey His Commandment, the Sabbath. That ONE thing is yelled from the mountain tops as the angels message is declared.

Then the ones who accept this last message and decide to “obey” God, just as God had asked in the beginning, will be “sealed” and protected from the plagues that start coming, fast and furious. At this point there is NO turning back. If you did NOT decide to follow God and obey His Commandments, you are given the death mark(Mark of the Beast).    (Rev.22:14)   “Blessed are they that DO HIS COMMANDMENTS , that they may have the right to the tree of life”. This mark is not given by man but by God (unseen to humans).

Here is the final circle of His salvation plan being completed. God watches as He BEGS you to show Him you love Him by OBEYING that One last thing.

May you truly be in the spirit and understand this,  as time is quickly closing for all this to take place. God be with you and give you the understanding to make the right choice, my  friends!

Once saved, always saved, is it true?

July 10, 2010

Today a very popular doctrine being preached is called  the “Once saved, always saved” doctrine. As with ALL important  bible truths we must look to the scriptures for the real answers. I can tell you there is so much bible evidence against this , it would take up too much here to allow. So I will condense it.

The basic belief is that once a person “accepts” Jesus as their Lord and savior, that settles the issue once and for all. They are saved no matter what they do after this. On the face of this it seems perposterous, but MANY believe this. There are so many flaws to this I will post a few of the obvious ones.

Jesus died for us because we were hopeless “sinners”. His death paid our deserving death and punishment. It is because of this that our slate has been wiped clean. Would it then make sense to assume we can go ahead and filthy our lives with continual sinning and expect our Lord’s sacrafice to be therefore of  no significant importance? What was His sacrafice for? If we can continue to sin and simply “say” I accept Jesus as my savior, it makes a mockery of Jesus suffering death!

(Romans 6:1-4) says “… are we to CONTINUE in sin, so that grace abounds? God forbid!  How shall we who died in sin, still LIVE IN IT?”  Here it is bascially saying that once we are saved, do we continue to willfully sin, relying on His ever expanding grace to cover us? God forbid!  Meaning –Don’t do  it. Stop your sinning and appreciate His suffering sacrafice for you.

Then we have the powerful (Hebrews 10:26) ” If we sin willfully AFTER receiving the knowledge of the truth, there remains NO MORE SACRAFICE FOR OUR SINS”. Now this one is about as straight forward as you can get. It means that once we acknowledge that our Lord paid the sacrifice for our sins, we CAN’T continue to willfully sin or else we can’t rely on the Lord’s sacrafice to save us.

(Eze 33:11) says ” Say unto them, as sure as I live, says the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but want that the wicked turn from his way and live, turn ye, turn ye  from your evil ways, for why will you die, oh house of  Isreal?”  Here it says if we continue to live wicked lives (continual sinning) we shall die, but why do it when we can live righteously in Christ? The Holy Spirit will help us to keep from this continual sinning, IF WE SUBMIT!

All this really shouldn’t be a  concern  for the true believer. Because the Holy Spirit should have taken up within us to help us overcome this repetitive sinning. Sanctification takes place and our life is changed.

In summary, let us never think we can carelessly continue to sin, relying on the false belief that we are saved no matter what. The Lord’s sacrafice was an awesome thing for us and we can never hold it in contempt.

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