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The “Sunday Law” Hoodwink

January 26, 2013


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It seems many of our fellow SDA are pulling out all the stops on Facebook, emails, countless books and articles and a host of other ways, to warn the world about the dreaded upcoming Sunday law. Lately I have seen several new Facebook groups sprouting up, with quite a few invitations given to join. It is true that our beloved prophetess warned us years ago that the great test upon mankind will be the acceptance or non-acceptance of the “Sunday law”, thereby receiving or not receiving the “mark of the beast”.

However, the evil one , Satan, has taken full advantage of this upcoming event and has “hoodwinked” many of us into thinking that this is the next big upcoming event to watch out for. Let’s dis-mantle this ploy and expose why it is not something we must focus on now as God’s remnant church.

This is not the first time Satan and the evil angels have known about God’s upcoming plans and put a monkey wrench into it, a true diversion. All we have to do is go back to our Lord’s time  on this earth to see the same thing played out.

The Jews had mis-read the Scriptures (just like many of us SDA today) and as such were looking for a Kingly Messiah to soon come and thus bring  His majestic kingdom to the earth. They did not diligently search the Scriptures. The leaders had basically taught the people what was what in the Scriptures, so few studied for themselves ( as it is today).

So Satan basically had hoodwinked the leaders, thus the people, into looking for a certain event– the King’s arrival. However, as we know He came in a way that was not expected. So the people misread His appearance and it’s significance. And sadly the vast majority failed to believe in God’s plans and were lost. Why? Because they trusted their leaders first and foremost!

So let’s fast forward to today. The Satanic trick is no different. The leaders have got most of the people looking for and preparing to reject the “mark of the beast”. What presumptiousness! By taking this stand we are  claiming we will make it all the way to behold the Sunday law decree! Which means we assume we will be part of the “Loud Cry”, God’s elect who go out to the world and Sunday churches to warn them to “come out” of her. Do we not see great assumptions made here?

Furthermore, just like the Jews of old, we are telling the people to expect an other event than what the Scriptures and SOP clearly tell us. History and it’s mistakes are being repeated all over again.

As we have learned from our present truth studies, our Lord makes no moves upon us, His remnant church, unless He reveals it to His prophets, Surely the Lord does nothing, unless he reveals His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). Has the last prophet, Elijah, told us what to expect in the last days? The events, and how they will play out? Ofcourse. We just have to search it out. Unfortunately we, as SDA remnant believers, are doing exactly what the Jews did–trusting our leaders and not personally investigating the word ourselves. We cannot expect any different results.

Look at what our prophetess has to say about this, ” Only those who have withstood temptation in the strength of the Mighty One, will be permitted to act a part in proclaiming it (the 3 angels message) when it shall have swelled into the Loud Cry.” (Review and Herald, Nov.19.1908)

We as SDA know that the “swelling into the Loud Cry” comes only as the world receives the last and great final call to “come out of her my people” (Babylon)(Rev. 18:4). But as we have just read we must have reformed our lives and “withstood temptation” before we can be part of the last proclamation.

Why is it that Satan and crew want this Sunday law warning the primary focus today? It is because then, the Lord’s final Elijah message will be ignored. It’s what we have called the “great bypass”. They want us to forget about striving to be among the 144,000(Review and Herald, March 9, 1905). Forget about worrying and striving to be part of the “small portion” of the saved.(Test. for the church, vol.1, p.608-609).

Brother Houteff says, “..they are sound asleep, which is shown by the fact that they still think Satan is working terribly hard to fulfill God’s word by trying to pass blue laws and are not aware that he is only playing with them as a cat with a mouse, and the brethren “to whom the Lord has entrusted the spiritual interests of the people” (Test. for the Church, vol.5,p.211) instead of sounding the alarm to arouse the church are determined to even silence the voice of the Rod, and thus rocking her to a more sound sleep!” (Symb. News Code, Vol. 2, no.1, pg.9)

The work that God’s people do in the Loud Cry has not taken place yet, we read “God’s displeasure is upon His people, and He will not manifest His power in the midst of them while sins exist among them and are fostered by those in responsible positions.”(Test. for the Church, vol. 3,p.270) Thus we see that the outpouring of God’s Spirit (Holy Spirit), which gives us the power to declare the Loud Cry, is dependant upon a purification of God’s people. It’s the next event to come!

Again our prophetess explains “ God has not changed toward His faithful servants who are keeping their garments spotless. But many are crying, “Peace and safety,” while sudden destruction is coming upon them…When purification shall take place in our ranks, we shall no longer rest at ease, boasting of being rich and increased with goods, in need of nothing.” (Test. for the Church, vol. 8, p.250).

The Scriptures clearly explain this as well. “And it shall come to pass, that he that is left in Zion, and he that remaineth in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem. When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, by the spirit of burning” (Isa.4:3,4).

This is why we have continued to proclaim the message that the Davidian SDA  (Not to be confused with Branch Davidians), are the ones to listen to right now. They are taking up the burden of sounding the trumpet. Their message is not one of peace and safety, it’s one of  –be prepared, clean up your walk, sigh and cry for sins in the midst, for He is about to walk through the church doors, unannounced!

“Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap:cAnd he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” (Mal. 3:1-3)

God’s people have to be purified in order for the Loud Cry to come. Then it is that the proclamation shall be loud and clear saying,  “Watch out for the Sunday law!! Come out of her my people!!”

“And at that time, I will search Jerusalem with lamps, and I will punish the men who are complacent, those who say in their hearts ‘ The LORD will not do good, nor evil” (Zeph.1:12)

So let us not be hoodwinked any longer. The evil ones got those who profess this “Sunday law” warning right where they want them–in total ignorance. Let that not be our situation dear brethren. Yes, there will indeed be a time when the Loud Cry will go out unto all the world, but that will be at our Lord’s appointed time when He will “search Jerusalem with lamps”, not before.

“Surely They are My People”

January 19, 2013

In (Isaiah 63:8) we read “For He said, ‘Surely they are My people, Children who will not lie.’ So He became their Savior”

How many of us men have been quite satisfied to hear someone  say the following about us –“He’s a man of his word.”? I know that would be just about the best compliment I could receive. Or how about, “His word is his bond”? Or “You can take his word to the bank”?

Our words tell a great deal about each and every one of us. On the flip side, it’s quite shameful to be spoken of as “He never keeps his word” or “His word is worthless” and so on. How many of us have had that sinking feeling when we know we are talking to someone we can’t count on, as keeping their word?

But as much as most of us value keeping our word and not lying, our Lord values it so much more, as His word reminds us so often throughout the Scriptures. Let’s look at the basic and simple act (speaking and writing) and how we can make or break our life with God and even each other.

In the above quote we noticed that the Lord claims a certain kind of person (people) as “His”. They are non-liars. You see, lying is really so much worse than most of us think. In fact the Lord says it one of the things he “hates”. He says “These six things the LORD hates… A lying tongue.” (Proverbs 6:17)

Many of us think that lying is outright and purposely deceitful, however that’s not what generally constitutes–lying. For example, every time we say we are going to do something for someone, and fail to do it–we have lied. This is so much more plentiful in the world than outright lies. It’s kinda known as the “not so bad” little white lie. But let’s not get fooled, it’s just as bad as those outright lies.

Granted , we are all sinners and imperfect and we all have spoken lies in our lifetime, but knowing this important truth in His word in this regard, we are then made accountable for the truth we know and understand.

As we have learned in studying the present truth of the Elijah message, we are called on to strive “with all the power God has given us to be among the 144,000” (Review and Herald, March 9, 1905). And to be found to be one of those elect,  we must have “no deceit (guile)” in our mouth (Rev. 14:5).We, as present truth believers, are to be reforming our lives to be able to be among God’s elect, the 144,000.

This really cannot be over emphasised. Our promises made must be kept. It’s like anything in life , if we make an effort to get good at something, we’ll get good! So we must make a careful and thoughtful effort to please the Lord in this regard. And most importantly we should ask our Lord for His guidance and strength through the Holy Spirit to accomplish this.

In the 59th chapter of Isaiah, we read specific Scriptures concerning lying. ” For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; Your lips have spoken lies, your tongue has muttered perversity.” (verse 3) . And later in the chapter,  after explaining why we have become unrighteous, it reads “For our transgressions are multiplied before You…In trangressing and lying against the LORD, and departing from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.” (verses 12-13).

“Better that you do not vow, than that you vow  and not fulfill it”(Ecc.5:5)

Being in business most of my life, I can attest to the value of keeping your word and how people so much appreciate it. If I tell a person I’ll do something for them , I sincerely try to do it. If I can’t I at least call them and let them know. I just feel bad if I don’t do what I say I will do, kind of like a bad reflex that wells up inside and says ” Your integrity just got a lot lower”. On the flip side, when I receive a verbal commitment from someone, I expect that which they said they would do, to be done. I shouldn’t have to remind them. Again ,  our word = our bond.

In the “old days” a man would receive one of the best honors among his fellow-men, when someone would say “Oh so and so, when he shakes his hand on a deal, you can take his word to the bank”. Now that was and is, a high compliment, and no doubt cherished from our Lord.

Have you ever felt that good solid inner feeling and confidence when you are speaking to someone whom you can trust, and know that what they say they will do, they will do? This is what we , as God’s image bearers, were intended to be.

With the advent of the computer, todays society revolves around less speaking and more typing. But let us not think that this gets us off the hook for accountability with keeping our word, both to people and to our Lord. Although it’s in writing, we  still make commitments, which should require us to hold true what we promise. It’s just a different avenue of “keeping our word” but with no less accountability.

Let us not think that we can, for example,  go on a Facebook message or send an email to a friend and say ” I’ll send that article to you about —, tomorrow” and then forget all about it and never do it. We may think this is no big deal but the recording angel has recorded it as a lie, a false promise made.If we continue to do this on a regular basis, we’ll be known as liars, not word keepers.  “Every man’s work passes in review before God and is registered for faithfulness or unfaithfulness…all chronicled by the recording angel.” (Great Controversy. p.482)

This truth telling is a basic component of our reformed Christian life. Unfortunately this simple yet needed requirement will be overlooked by the masses. We will get “above it”,  meaning we’ll look at it as  not really needed.  We know all the doctrines, attend church every Sabbath, why worry whether we speak lies?

Ellen White explains, ” In the last vision given me, I was shown the startling fact that but a small portion of those who now profess the truth will be sanctified by it and saved. Many will get above the simplicity of the work…” (Testimonies for the Church, Vol.1, p.608)

Our Lord gave one of the most beautiful Scriptures for us to live by, known as the Golden Rule  — “Do under others as you would want done unto you.” (Matt. 7:12).  Would you like to be lied to? Not able to rely on what other tell you?  Most all of us would shun this like the plaque, and say “definitely not”. Then we must speak truth and keep our word. Both our Lord and fellow-man and woman would be very happy and appreciate it.We just might be fortunate enough to have the reputation, and spoken of as a word keeper, “He’s (or She’s) a person of their word”.

Let us remember that the Lord will be a Savior to the “truth tellers” not liars. In the end of Revelation our Lord puts out the last important warning on those who will not make it to heaven. Included in this list is “all liars” (Rev.21:8).

This elemental quality of truth-telling will lead us to draw closer to Him daily and thus wanting to fulfill even more of His will. We have spoken quite a lot on “present truth” the last year or so, but let us not forget the “basics”. An essential in our Christian walk,  is –keeping our word.

God the Father and  our Lord our King, together with the Holy Spirit be with you all,    Your servant, Rob.

God’s True Biblical Medicine

January 12, 2013

After many years of my prior “worldly” life, shall we say, I have had a mal functioning stomach at times. This along with some other aches and pains popped up now and then, and I typically took the normal over-the counter meds. Yet I found my self talking them over and over with no real relief. Then in early 2012 I met a sister in the faith, ms. Bonnie Henderson. I was thrilled to learn that she had quite a thorough knowledge on what is called ‘Essential Oils”.

Anyway, I soon bought some oils from her such as peppermint, lemon, oregano, and others. I was impressed to say the least. The peppermint just knocks out whatever stomach trouble I have and it appears to be strengthening my whole system as well (sinus, breathing, etc.)  So tonight we are honored to have a guest writer, who can explain this healing system that is both Biblical and current in providing medicinal value to many aches and pains.

God’s Healing Oils

“In the beginning God created… and God said, let there be…” When God created the earth he spoke everything into existence. That means that everything God created was imbued with His power.

The One who sees the beginning from the end created in advance everything that we would need to live and survive on this earth. In Genesis 1:29 we are told that God had given us every herb bearing seed, and every tree yielding seed as our meat (food). So naturally, we have been clearly instructed as to what would be the best food to sustain and keep us healthy. The Spirit of Prophecy enforces this by saying that “Grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator.” {(1905) M.H. 296}

But did the all-knowing God when looking forward see that man would disobey his health laws and go his own way? Of course He did. However, we serve an all-powerful and amazing God who provided in advance.

Many people are aware that fresh and dried herbs along with untainted fruits, veggies and nuts in their purest form hold health and healing properties, but sadly many are not aware that the most potent form of the healing properties come from the essential oil within said fruit, plants, tree, etc.

So what exactly are essential oils? Essential oils, known as nature’s living energy or the life force, are the natural, aromatic volatile liquids found in shrub, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds that are usually extracted through steam distillation. Essential oils can be hundreds to thousands times more potent than fresh and dried herbs, carry the highest level of oxygenating molecules known to man (cancer cells cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment), have much higher frequencies than fresh or dried herbs, and hold some of the highest antioxidant levels as reported on the ORAC Score. For example, if you think blueberries have a high ORAC Score at 2,400, let’s look at the essential oil of clove that has an ORAC Score of 1,078,700. Essential oils in short are our most powerful form of nutrition and most potent form of natural medicine.

Essential oils are nothing new and are nothing to be scared of, as some seem to think, but their healing power and many uses is something that everyone should take time to study and understand. If they were not important, I don’t believe they would be in the Bible and/or would have been used by our LORD.

All throughout the Bible there are references to aromatic plants and/or essential oils for healing and anointing. In fact, do you realize that in all the gifts the three wise men could bring to the baby Jesus they chose Myrrh and Frankincense? And according to Exodus 30:22-25, what did the LORD tell Moses to use to anoint the sanctuary, which protected His people from sickness and disease? Yes, the LORD commanded that Moses make holy anointing oil using pure myrrh, sweet cinnamon, sweet calamus, cassia and olive oil (fatty oil). And in John 12:3 what did Mary Magdalene anoint Jesus’ feet with before his crucifixion? Yes, the very precious and expensive oil of spikenard.

The Spirit of Prophecy even tells us that “Light was given that there is health in the fragrance of the pine, the cedar, and the fir. And there are several other kinds of trees that have medicinal properties that are health programming.”–Letter 95, 1902 (Written June 26, 1902)

So if God provided us with the perfect food and perfect protection, why is it that we are so sick? And why is it that instead of seeing that we are sick because of our own rebellion that we make it worse by turning to man’s concoctions that only destroy the fine machinery that God gave us? And what makes it worse is that we have been clearly instructed that “the drugs administered to the sick do not restore, but destroy. Drugs never cure.” {2SM 288.3}

The LORD is pleading with us to “return, ye backsliding children” saying “I will heal your backslidings.” {Jeremiah 3:22} Our creator wants nothing more than for us to live the abundant life He created us to live, but we must do our part. We must “cease from man whose breath is in his nostrils” {Isaiah 2:22} and return to God and His ways.

If we truly want to serve our LORD, we cannot do it with sick and enfeebled bodies and minds. Sister White exclaims that “The Lord has given me light that when the Israel of today humble themselves before Him, and cleanse the soul-temple from all defilement, He will hear their prayers in behalf of the sick and will bless in the use of His remedies for disease.” {9T 164.1} Will we hear or will we forbear?

Health is one of the many blessings that come from obedience. If we want to truly walk with and follow Jesus we must follow His commands, and that includes the health laws and examples He has given us to follow. As you strive to either maintain and or regain your health, I encourage you to learn more about God’s Healing Oils at and start incorporating them into your life. My life has been forever changed, and I pray yours will be too!

Health & Blessings,

Bonnie Henderson

Is the SDA Church –Babylon?

January 5, 2013


One of the promoted teachings that has been among the splinter groups among us Seventh Day Adventists, is the view that according to some,   the SDA church has become “Babylon”. This arose as far back as Ellen White’s day.  We’ll term those who have that belief as  “Outers”.  They believe that the church has become corrupt (this we do not dispute) and as such we should be “clean” and come out of her. Let’s look at a comprehensive view of this belief.  As always, we’ll go to God’s three sources, the Scriptures, Ellen White “The Spirit of Prophecy”, and Bro. Houteff  “The Elijah to come”.

The outers hold that since the early days of the church, we have steadily retreated towards Egypt and have allowed much sin and corruption to enter our church. Again this premise is solid and truthful. However these people assume the position that we as members must make a move, ie. get out of the SDA church. They often use these quotes (2 Cor.6:17) “Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing and I will receive you.” (Isaiah 52:11) “Depart! Depart!, Go out from there, touch no unclean thing; Go out from the midst of her, be clean, you who bear the vessels of the Lord.’

The above assumption in effect says that “we” are to do the separating of God’s house (temple-sanctuary-church). This assumption, as we will see,  throws in dis-array many other inspired writings on this subject.  Scripture that contradicts this idea that man is to separate himself from sinners in the church,  is Ezekiel 9. As we have learned from our present truth studies, this solemn chapter details what our Lord will do about HIS separating of those in the church, in the beginning phase of the judgment for the living.   (For more on this see our post here- )

We notice that He orders His angels to separate the sealed ones from the unsealed ones from among His church. The work of separation is not with man and his separating, but only with the Lord and His angels. Ellen White solidly confirms this. In the Review and Herald, Sept. 1893, under the title called “The Remnant Church Not Babylon” she emphatically points out that the SDA church is not Babylon and further that we are not to take upon ourselves the act of “separting” ourselves and coming out of the church.

She says “..the Master says, “Let both grow together until the harvest”, then the angels will gather out the tares, which will be appointed for destruction.” … “The church of Christ on earth will be imperfect, but God does not destroy His church because of it’s imperfection. There have been those and will be those who are filled with zeal not according to knowledge, who would purify the church, and uproot the tares from the midst of the wheat”… “the work of separation is given to the angels of God, and not committed into the hands of any man.”

There is but one church in the world who are at the present time standing in the breach, and making up the hedge, building up the old waste places; and for any man to call the attention of the world and other churches to this church, denouncing her as Babylon, is to do a work in harmony with him who is an accuser of the brethren.” (Review and Herald, Sept 5, 1893)

So from the above we see clearly that our Lord will give the work of separation to His angels at the appointed time. And that those who work to call the SDA church -Babylon are doing Satan’s work. The church is to have sinners and righteous co-mingle  (wheat and the tares). The outers think that they must form a new group or church and to “clean up” God’s people , and abandon the church. This we see is not God’s intent for His church right now, despite it’s current failings.

Some may ask, “Why not get out and become clean with other brethren, and not be a part of their worldly and unGodly ways and acts?” It is simply because our Lord has always had ONE church body that has been His regard. EGW explains ” The church, enfeebled and defective, needing to be reproved, warned and counseled, is the only object upon earth which Christ bestows His supreme regard.”(Same article above).

As with any important subject we  must go to the Lord’s  “restorer” or “re-constitutioner” of all things, His Elijah messenger(Matt.17:11). The one who was to clear up any such confusions, like this Babylon thinking. Let’s look at what the final word says about this.

In brother Houteff’s Symbolic Code News, Vol. 1 , No. 14, page 9, we read “It matters not what they may do to us, we would rather die than to disobey the commandment of the Lord. The SDA church is not Babylon. If it were we would have been duty bound to come out, but since it is not, we have no place to go. Consequently, we shall stay in “Jerusalem” though it may be filled with thieves..”

So as we approach these last hours of probation, we must be so on guard for any and all the Satanic traps. One group will say you must do this, go there, and so forth. Another will say “Ah, we have interpreted Scripture this way, or that.” But to be safe and “remain standing” (see Mal. 3:2) we must read and study our Lord’s inspired words (Scripture, EGW, VTH).

Yes, our church is not right in many ways, and as true “sighers and criers” we feel quite sad at times about it. Brother Houteff explains “Many of our people are getting their eyes open, and as they do, their confidence becomes shaken in poor frail humanity in whom they have long trusted their salvation, not authoritatively, but traditonally, yet honestly. They have been led to believe that our human organization, which the Lord gave us for the prosecution of the work, is some sort of sacred institution where consciences of His people are to be surrendered in the hand of men to the extent that they dare not investigate for themselves even the doctrines of the Bible. Nevertheless, the poor sheep are beginning to awake to the situation.” (Same Sym. Code news, p.13)

In the above we see that, though our church has serious failings, the honest seekers of truth are being awaken. And as we have seen we remain in the church, and continue our best to keep ourselves unspotted despite failings all around.

Yes, we do indeed feel sometimes as one who is trapped in Babylon (unclean church). We see the worldliness in our churches but let’s not forget that the Lord knows all about it and will do something about it very soon. “It shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set His hand again a second time to recover the remnant of His people who are left..He will set up a banner  for the nations and will assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah, from the four corners of the earth.” (Isaiah 11:11).

In closing, the outers may mean well but they make a big mistake. They take upon themselves a work of separation that belongs to the Lord and is part of His plan, not theirs,  for the church.

“But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31).

2012 in review

January 4, 2013

 Once again –Thank you for reading this blog and we hope you’ve been blessed by our reports.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 12 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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