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Germany and Croatia now have Sunday laws, part II

December 30, 2010

They say history repeats itself. It is truly amazing how many people turn a blind eye to history, particularly the history of the Catholic church. Protestant churches have “blindly” followed the Catholic lead in Sunday worship. Even the stated Catholic postion in the past  has been to label the Protestants “followers” of the Sunday worship mandate begun with the Roman Empire (Catholic church). Yet the Protestants ( Methodists, Baptists, etc.) mistakenly  declare that “they” know it’s  the Lord’s day, without studying history. The following 3 part video series (not real long) will explain in great simple and graphic view the REAL story of the Catholic church and it’s role in the prophecy. The beginning of the fulfillment is now starting with Germany and Croatia setting up Sunday laws.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

After watching this, you’ll come away with excellent “truth” and be in better position to know how the world is heading and what to look for, and what is coming,  sincerely  Rob

Let us act on what we receive

December 18, 2010

In the last post I wrote about how we should be on the “lookout” for God’s answers to our prayers. Now, I wish to discuss how we must “act” on what we receive sometimes.

As many of you know, I have talked about the many ways God can answer your prayer request. For me personally it seems to be dreams. Many questions I have had were indeed “answered” in a dream by God. And an important thing to remember is that when we receive  an answer or sign from God, if at all possible SHARE IT. Jesus said (Matt 5:15) “neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it gives light unto all that are in the house”. ( Luke 8:39) ” Return to your house, and show what great things God has done for you”.  In other words SPREAD the wonderful thing that God has done! Other’s may be inspired.

When Ellen White began to receive visions of the last days messages from God, it is said that a man named Hazen Foss received the same visions months before. But unfortunately he did not “act” upon them, to tell of them to the people. How sad it is when we too keep silent on our special signs and wonders received by God.

For awhile I have prayed a prayer about a certain person who is close to me. This person is a professing Christian. As far as I know he seems to be walking uprightly before the Lord ( except for the Sabbath). That has really concerned me. I mean, I asked God “is it possible this person is righteous still?”  This person even walks the streets telling people about Jesus. So I was in turmoil of the situation. But the answer came.  I got a dream about a week ago.

In this dream I am in the car with this person. I am in the passenger seat and he is driving. I look over at him and his eyes are open yet glazed over , almost like sleep walking (driving). Then I look ahead and there is a car coming straight at us! In a panic I reach over and grab the wheel   and steer it away and we just miss it. I look at him and say “what’s the matter with you!!?”  Then I awake. It took alittle while but the answer became clear.

God was telling me that this person is heading down a dangerous path. He is not fully awake of God’s truth and I am to reach out and warn him (try to help him). As I attempted to do this already in the past, it was now from God. So I must now “act” upon this vision. I must let him know about this dream and perhaps it will “awaken” him to some things. Sometimes we must do things that may seem hard to do, nevertheless it is right before God.

If, for example, you get a dream about your uncle Charlie and he’s in distress, it could be God telling you to reach out to him. That is why I say be aware of things sent by God  and then ACT on them.

In my case with this person I think it’s clear God was telling me that even when people “profess” to know Him and remain committed to ignoring and breaking His Commandments, they are NOT walking righteously before Him.

So remember to be ready to act on God’s signs and wonders given you. Please pray for “Rob’s special person” to have God open his eyes and to see the error of his ways.   Yours in Christ.

Are you on the look-out?

December 4, 2010

As I go further along on my Christian walk, it becomes more apparent to me that many followers of Christ really need to enhance and improve their “prayer” life. The Lord has guided me to post this message in hope that  it can lead you to discover a more meaningful prayer life with Him.

To begin with we must keep in mind that our life should be in obedience to His word. Meaning we are walking uprightly according to His Holy Commandments. Each day we should pray to be guided according to His Laws. For His word is downright  to the point in (Proverb 28:9) “If ANYONE (that mean’s even a professed Christian) turns His ear from hearing of the Law ( Holy Commandments) even HIS PRAYERS are an abomination”. “Abomination?”   Wow, talk about serious prayer requirement!  So once we are sincerely doing our best to obey His Commandments, we can feel confident to approach Him in prayer.

Jesus was our example on prayer and often withdrew Himself to a secret place to talk with God the Father. (Luke 5:16) ” He withdrew Himself into the wilderness and prayed”.  Infact Jesus told us to “go into a closet”  to pray(Matt 6:6). It is clear Jesus wants very little  or no “showiness” about our prayer. Better to withdraw privately one to One.

Another important thing Jesus said about prayer, was to not make long repetitious prayers. (Matt6:7) ”  But when you pray use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do, for they think that they will be heard for MUCH SPEAKING”.   That is why I cringe at churches that have set times for the same old prayer, it is vain repetitions! Our God is worthy of much more than this!

Now we get to the heart of this message and it is about BELIEF. This to me is the NUMBER ONE  reason we don’t draw close to Him through prayer.  WE DON’T REALLY BELIEVE  HE’LL  ANSWER. Sad but very true today. We ignore what our Lord said (Luke 11:19)  “And I say to you, ask and it shall be delivered to you, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”  Do we really want answers to our prayers? Then we better start believing. Ofcourse prayer can be just letting our Lord know you love Him and want to thank Him. I am specifically talking about “prayer requests”.

How is our Lord answering our prayers? There are many ways. There are dreams ( I have had this many times) , there may be a friend sent by the Lord to you, or a stranger. There may be some written page (scripture,newspaper, bilboard, book, etc.)  The point is that we MUST BE ON THE LOOK OUT! What good is it to pray then forget all about it a day or two later?? Is our Lord pleased with our non-belief in Him responding? Do we make Him out to be so weak and non-caring?

You see the Lord wants to be our Google!  You want to know anything? Have you ever thought of asking our Lord?  I can tell you from first hand experience, once you get answers from Him, it really does lift your closeness to Him to a new level.  We must be careful to be specific in our requests and pointed. We want to clearly understand. But once we ask,  then we must not forget about it.

Prayer is the lifeblood of our walk and it will bring a closeness and bonding to our Lord that will truly inspire you to GO TELL people about this ALIVE and ready to help Lord of ours!  Amen my brothers and sisters.

Heart to Heart

December 2, 2010

The following post is contributed by my dear friend Barbra Namuddu. They are some  pointed scriptures and may we dwell on their truth!

(2 Peter 3:9) ” The Lord is not slow to do what He promises, as some think. Instead, he is patient with you, because he does not want any one to be destroyed, but wants all to turn away from their sins”. Here is shows that even when we think He isn’t watching and caring for us He is!

(Mark 7:20-23) ” It is what comes out of a man that makes him unclean. For from the inside, from a person’s heart, comes evil ideas which lead him to do immoral things, to rob, to kill, commit adultery. be greedy and do do all sorts of evil things….”   Certainly all sin originates within our heart and mind. For our nature is evil and rebellious.  Only Christ can change this nature!

(Matthew 12:34) ” You snakes, how can you say good things, when you are evil? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of”  Amen. Our talk should be of love and gentleness, as Christ showed. Even though their is what is called ” righteous anger” it should be far and few between.

The Ten Commandments are God’s principles that originate from His heart. That heart is love and cannot produce harshness, so the Ten Commandments express love fo God to us, and love of us towards our fellow brothers and sisters. When God writes the Commandments in your heart, our heart is becoming like His heart, so it is heart to heart, as it were.

God says today, that my child I am giving you a new heart. Will you accept it?  Will you turn away from your sins? Please pray often for God to keep providing with this new heart and constant renewing of  His love!     Amen.

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