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Hal Holbrook’s “The Seventh Day”

April 30, 2011

In these last days God’s truth is being revealed in an amazing way. Many websites and even U-Tube offer occasional nuggets of brilliant truth. I have see one such awesome piece of work, surely  divinely directed by God, called “The Seventh Day” narrated by Mr. Hal Holbrook( on this site-

 the highly acclaimed actor. It is compiled by legions of religious scholars around the world. Very factual with only documented “true” pieces of evidence used.

What  I found fascinating (and learned) was the degree in which Satan has lead his evil workers to destroy NOT Sunday keepers but SABBATH KEEPERS through the church history.  When I often heard about the reformation, I would automatically think  Christians were persecuted with no particular prejudices and such. How wrong I was! The obeying and keeping of the Sabbath is what enraged Satan! The film will PROVE that to you beyond doubt.

There is SO MUCH to  be learned, such as the story of St.Patrick. Many think he was a “Roman Catholic”. He was not. He was a “Celtic Christian” who kept the Sabbath. Infact his Sabbath keeping became legendary. Many think he was divinely visited by an angel during Sabbaths (in human form). And look what the devil has done. He has turned this true saint of God into a “party saint”!

Then there is the truth revealed about Martin Luther. How many of you know that Luther was AGIANST Sabbath keepers? Although he rightly gets alot of credit for expanding the reformation, he was in grave error with some of his teachings. He often argued with his contemporary Andreas Carlstadt. Carlstadt was steadfast in keeping the Sabbath along with his reformation teachings. Has  HIS name became well known in history? No. Infact evidence shows Luther ended one of his letters with the following  ”  this letter may protect his friend against the Sabbatarians, and that he may preserve his Christian faith in purity”. (Source- J.N. Andrews-see below).

So there really was TWO reformations  that happened. One was led by Luther and gang. Teaching to “break away” from the mother church, hence protest which became the name “Protestant”. They taught that the Roman Catholic system of worship was not by the Bible EXCEPT that it’s day of worship “Sunday” was(??) Carlstadt and many others   taught that the mother church was in error in many respects INCLUDING eliminating the Sabbath  for Sunday as  God’s day of worship.

How many are aware that the original “Baptist’s” were Sabbath keepers? Today the Baptist church has largely  “forgotten” the one Commandment our Lord said to remember!

Perhaps the highlight of the film comes in part 4. It sure did make me well up, I’ll tell  you. In the late 1400’s the Russian reformation was gaining ground, lead by a few courageous leaders, one of whom was Ivan Kuritzyn. The reformation was largely lead by Sabotniks (Sabbath Keepers), They wanted to return the people to God’s Holy Day. It didn’t take long before the devil and his workers gathered up their forces (through Roman Catholic leaders in Russia). Trials began because of the supposed “heresy”. Then in the early 1500’s Ivan and some of the reformers were ordered burned at the stake.

History will repeat itself in this regard, the Sunday keeping “Christians” will persecute the Sabbath keeping Christians, who keep the Commandments of God.

The film shows the stately Ivan being walked to his cage, his hands tied. He is about to give the “greatest love” one can give according to our Lord (John 15:13) “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. Ivan was ready to lay down his life for his friend, our Lord Jesus Christ. As Ivan is put into the cage he says ” I pray that I can die a noble death today”  ” I will die today because I have observed the seventh day of the week as the holy Sabbath day of God”. Then as they start to light the straw around his cage he looks up and says ”  I  Die   today for  love  of  Christ  ——  AND—-   HIS—–  WORD!   Then amidst the flames the scene goes black. Stunning drama and love given to our Lord!

It is truly amazing that the vast Christendom doesn’t care to know the true history of the church and how we got to “Sunday” worship. The devil is perfectly happy to keep it that way. Jesus said (Matt 7:7) “Ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened”  Are people REALLY seeking? Do they want to know the truth?

On a final note, I recently received an email from a friend (fellow church member- Warren). In it he verified further eye- witness  proof of the extent of the persecution of the Sabbath keeper in the reformation days. He visited Lima, Peru  in 1994. While there he had the opportunity to visit one of the old Catholic churches.

The tour included  a visit to the “basements” called “catacombs”. It was explained to him, they were used to convince the wayward to repent and accept the “infallible” teaching of the Catholic church. Warren writes ” Of keen interest were signs that named the individuals that had died due to the torture. There were various listings of such things as blasphemy against the church, crimes of attacks against priests, and such. Of keen interest to me were the multiple listings of the crime of being a Sabbatarian”.

Warren goes on to correctly observe that because these people chose to obey God’s holy Sabbath instead of Sunday, they were tortured and lead to recant or die. So the wide spread persecution against the people of God had many times one key ingredient– IT WAS KEEPING HIS HOLY SEVENTH DAY SABBATH.  And I am afraid this will all  be repeated in the near future.

Please learn your church history and spread this far and wide, such truths that are in this film may very well awake a Sunday keeper to his error,   in God’s love, Rob

Ps. For those of you who  want more  truth on the Sabbath history, may I suggest the most comprehensive work done by J.N.Andrews  called  “The History of the Sabbath ”

The Shotsky Story

April 15, 2011

The story of my pet dog, called Shotsky, is interesting in two ways. His personal story and the spiritual story.

Many of us recall the horrible  hurricane  Katrina in Louisiana in August of 2005. Somewhere amidst those horrifying moments Shotsky was scrambling for his life!  Shotsky has incredible survival instincts, and I don’t just say that because he’s my dog, I have unintentionally seen it. Let me fast-forward to July 2007.

One afternoon my roommate and I decided to go visit a rental property I owned at the time. It was about 4 blocks away. I wanted to take Shotsky for the ride, so I put him in the bed of my truck and tied a rope around his collar. It was a longer one (about 10 feet) than I wanted but it was what I had, so I used it. It was secured to the hook at the cab side of the bed.

So after everyone was in and strapped down I proceeded to drive away. Very shortly I was going probably around 35 or 40 miles an hour. I drove down the first block then stopped, I had my music turned up ( as i usually did before becoming a true Christian). Then I  hit the gas and went on again, going again at about 40 miles an hour. We continued another  couple blocks  when my roommate notices this man waving his arms frantically. She looks in back and says “Where’s Shotsky?”    OH NO!!!

I immediately pulled over. I get out and look to see Shotsky panting extremely hard, blood all over his paws and legs and stomach. I am in mild shock. He was alive! He is standing on all fours just looking at me. We pick him up gently and take him to this neighbors soft lawn and use his hose to hose him down. Then I grab some rags I had and bundle him up somewhat. Shotsky had run his heart out just to keep up with the truck! Maybe even dragged some of the way.  Unbelieveable. So I knew right there I had  a special dog.

Eventually Shotsky made a complete recovery, except for some small scars. Guess who fully healed him? No doctors, it was our ever-working Lord!   He can run and jump just as good as he ever could. But knowing this we can only imagine the real desire and instincts Shotsky used to stay alive in the raging waters. His owners  could have very well died, as I got him from our local dog pound, which had picked up some of the abandoned dogs from there. Don’t ask me how they decided to bring some of them all the way to California(??) But I was told when I bought him for 25.00 that I must wait 6 months to “officially” own him, due to the original owners rights, should they be located. No one came forward.

So Shotsky is quite a dog. Loving, playfull and very intelligent. But the spiritual lesson I wanted to share is this. He is VERY obedient. When I say “Come: he comes. When I say “Jump” he jumps. When I say “Give me a pawn” he does so. I am his master 100%. Our Lord has told me that just as I am SO HAPPY when my dog is obedient to me, so to is He with me. I am proud of Shotsky because he does what I say. It is the same with the Lord and me. When I do the things He says to do, He is VERY HAPPY with me, I can feel it and know it. His is my Lord and Master 100%.

So to summarize let us remember that our Lord loves obedience just like we do. On the flip side, when we don’t listen and ignore His words, He becomes very sad. Let us  be like our furry friends, with that 100% loving and faithful desire to obey! amen.

God sends a Hummingbird

April 2, 2011

Image result for picture of a hummingbird

Many of us are fascinated with this beautiful little creature. Popular science says, and I quote ” By all rights they shouldn’t be able to fly. It’s wing movements are not at all like other birds. It’s the only  species that can fly backward and one of the few that can hover”. So we see they are blessed little creatures of God. God also, I believe, uses them sometimes as little messengers. As you will see in my following story.

Last month in church I told of an experience I had with a hummingbird. I pulled up in line at the local McDonalds. As I waited I noticed a hummingbird flying about this bush in front. God told me ” Keep an eye on that hummingbird”. So I watched it. In a few seconds later it stopped it’s activity and turned around and flew right up to my door window and just hovered and stared at me for what seemed like at least 4 or 5 seconds. I was amazed. It was like it was saying  “Hello, I am from God, to brighten your day, take care”. Then he flew away.  I looked up and said ” Thank you”. It certainly did brighten my day!

Many tell of similar experiences. A lady  came up to me after church and told me of a similar experience with a hummingbird. Also a friend of mine told how God uses hummingbirds to hover close to his Mom regularly.  I believe God uses these special creatures for such little signs and even  dramatic signs as I am about to show you.

It happened this last Sunday. As many of you know I am really big on this short little prayer — ” Dear Lord, guide me in my walk. Keep me mindful of your Holy Laws. Please warn me if I go astray. Let me walk righteous before you”.  And He is faithful in answering this prayer even to the point of a dramatic sign.

In (John 14:21) we read “He that has my Commandments and KEEPS THEM, he it is that LOVES ME and shall be LOVED BY THE FATHER, and I WILL LOVE HIM, and will REVEAL MYSELF TO HIM”. In this word of God we see a real “key” to knowing Jesus  — Keep His Commandments!  And once we do ( to the best of our ability)  He delights in giving us REVEALING signs and wonders, tokens of His love. This in turn strengthens our faith and we become zealous because we do indeed “know” Him.

You’ll remember in my last post “Draw Close” I pointed out how pop-music was beginning to be a problem again in my life. The Lord had made me aware of this. But He REALLY WANTED ME TO GET HIS POINT!  ” Rob, you cannot hear me with that playing . You are not advancing in your walk, as long as you continue to make music an idol like this”.

So after becoming aware of this I shut off the truck radio and didn’t listen at all for 2 days before last Sabbath. I felt closer to Him and could hear Him (His thoughts He made occur in my mind). I often call Him the “Great God of Occurance”, because many things that happen to “occur” to us, can often be Him sending it to us. They just “pop” into our mind.

Then Sunday morning came and I had to go out to my garage to do some appliance work. I have a small shop in  there where I often repair appliances. I opened up my electic garage door. I almost mindlessly and out of habit, walked over to my garage radio/tape player  ( yes, you go it! to listen to music!) As I got close to it and began to reach for the on button I jumped back!  I stood there in shock and amazement. It was a dead hummingbird slumped over RIGHT IN FRONT of the radio!  What is this about? I wondered. Then our Lord told me ” Just as this bird is dead, so too is your radio dead ”  WOW!

It took me a while to gain my composure but I did go to my room and pray to Him. Giving Him praise and thanking Him for faithfullylooking after me.

In the above story we can gain some real insight. We can see that when we pray WE MUST BE ON WATCH to look for His answer. They may come in any different kinds of ways. Some could have saw the dead bird and said “wow, how strange” then think NOTHING about it being a sign from God. Because they were not watchful or expectful of His speaking to them.

I can’t say strongly enough that our Lord wants to answer your prayers. It will all depend on your belief and faith and watchfulness. And if it is  ACCORDING TO HIS WILL   In (1 John 3:22) we read “Whatever we ask, we receive of Him, because we keep His Commandments, and do the things that are pleasing in His sight”.    God be your strength and desire! Amen.

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