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A story of true faith

January 29, 2011

Sometimes we get alittle discouraged in our walk and need stories like the following.

His name is Mike Mudd. He was in his mid twenties when he gave his heart to the Lord and became a Christian. ” I had been an atheist my whole life and then had an experience with the Lord. I went from an atheist to telling everybody about the Lord”, Mike said.

Mike was an valued employee at a local auto parts  store. Shortly after becoming a Christian Mike became aware of the Sabbath and felt he must keep it. Mike’s pastor wrote a letter to the company explaining Mike’s beliefs. The company was very supportive and agreed to give Mike Saturday  off.

Later the company changed management. In 2007 they contacted Mike and told him he would have to work Saturdays. Mike refused! He valued the time spent with the Lord and knew that day was the “Lord’s day”. Mikes says “they told me if I wouldn’t work they would let me go. So I was terminated. It was scary as no income was coming in”.  Mike went for making good money to no money!

But Mike and his family stood firm! Just like the prophets of old they drew the line and would not cross it. God’s law was just that, GOD’S LAW. Later a friend heard about Mike’s story. He told Mike about a Seventh Day Adventist program that helped people who had be wronged by their convictions.

The organization heard the details about Mikes situation and contacted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and filed charges against the company for religious discrimination. In the meantime Mike and his family were PRAYING for a way to share the gospel to others. They looked not upon their own suffering but  to others  whom they could help. Now  is that not what Christ taught!!?  Serve and not think about what we need, amen!

God heard their prayers for it was sweet to Him! Their selflessness was truly a good thing before the Lord. Shortly therafter they decided  to attend the Lay institute for Evangelism. Mike said ” we didn’t have the money to cover the cost for the program but we were convinced it was what the Lord wanted us to do”.

Mike then heard from the organization defending him that his former company had made a settlement offer. They agreed to pay him EXACTLY the amount needed to attend the program!  God came through!  Wow!

Mike said “My wife and kids got to see how the Lord works when we are faithful. It has been an unbelievable experince for us. If we set our hearts upon God and according to His will, He will always be faithful, always!”

Let the above story be a reminder that when we put GOD FIRST he comes back and lifts us up to Him! amen.

Ps. The Seventh Day Adventist Church has a department called “The Department of Religious Liberty” should anyone need help in any similar circumstance. 1-800-456-3991

” My Covenant I will not break…”

January 15, 2011

In (Psalms 89:34) we read this word of God ” My Covenant I will not break, nor ALTER the word that has gone out of My lips”.  We can clearly see that God cannot and will not break the 10 Commandment Covenant made to His people. Even though His people continued to break their end of the deal , God has remained steadfast in honoring His part. Which means  that ALL of the 10 Commandments are still in force  and have not been “altered”.

Unfortunately the vast Christian empire says ” Yes, God did alter the Covenant. He replaced a spoken Commandment with another Commandment”. But when pressed and asked “where” does He say that His “new” Covenant has been changed in the Bible? Where is it said that EVEN ONE of the Covenant Commandments was changed?  They draw a blank.  They CANNOT produce ANYTHING to back up their belief. But unfortunately it really doesn’t matter to them because they would rather follow the crowd than to really study God’s word. The Bible says (Hosea 4:6) “My people perish for lack of knowledge, because they have rejected knowledge, I will also reject them…”

He goes on in Hosea to say  it  is because they have forgotten His “Law” that they perish. Should we also fail to study His word and Law? To take the chance in also perishing because we didn’t look up God’s word on all that we believe? To verify if certain doctrines are sound when compared to God’s word? IT IS IMPERATIVE WE SEARCH SCRIPTURE!

If we really study God’s word we’ll find that there was a “change” in the Old and NEW Covenant. But it wasn’t what was IN the Covenant. It was “where” the Covenant moved to. It went from tables of stone to our hearts and minds!( Heb.8:10)  THAT is the change. NOT ONE of the original Commandments was “altered”. If it had been then God is a liar. And ofcourse we can never accuse Him of this, God forbid!

How do we know God’s original 10 are still in force? There are TONS of scripture pointing to this but I’ll use my favorite (Psalms 111:7-8) “ALL His Commandments are sure, they stand fast forever and ever”  Now, think about this. This word of God was written centuries BEFORE our Lord came to earth. So it was said way before the time where many Christians say it was changed. So here again God word is lying if they did not stand forever and ever because ONE was changed ( Sabbath to Sunday). So one did not remain standing. You see how when we really believe God’s word, we become clear on His truths!

Some will say, “Rob, why are you dwelling so much on His Law?” I would answer that GOD HIMSELF  dwells on it!  In ( Rev. 11:19) we read ” And the temple of God which is in heaven WAS OPENED, and the ark of the COVENANT appeared IN HIS TEMPLE….”   Now look at that!  Right in the middle of the MOST HOLY PLACE is God’s Law– His Covenant with His people.  Do I need say more??

So I beseech all whom call themselves ” Christian” to study His word. And once you do, with humble heart, you’ll find that His word says in essence— OBEY, LOVE, FOLLOW  JESUS. But Jesus can’t be followed unless you are willing to OBEY His Law- Covenant. Sadly most don’t study and only follow the crowd.  May God be near to all who humble themselves and say ” Lord, I know nothing, teach me your word”  Then you can be SURE He will!   Amen.

2010 in review

January 9, 2011

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