The “Saul” lesson for Christians today

  The story of Saul in the old testament is a very sad,sad story. The people had lost trust in God and wanted a King to rule over them. The Lord had miraculously delivered their forefathers time and again yet their faith was so small they wanted “someone else” to rule over them. So God searched His land and found someone. A tall upright man called Saul to be their “King”. The Prophet Samuel (whom God spoke through) anointed Saul to be officially their first king.

Saul led Israel into many wars, and with God’s hand they defeated their enemies. Saul became a forceful leader among the people. But Samuel was getting alittle restless with Saul because of Saul’s tendency to “think for himself” and NOT for God’s ways.

But the final straw came when Samuel was led by God to tell Saul to go into the land of the Amalekites and utterly destroy “everything” people, cattle, homes, you name it. It was to be ALL destroyed. For these people had “waylaid” God’s people when He brought them out of Egypt. So God’s justice must be complete Samuel told Saul. Saul heard it and acted swiftly. He gathered over 200,000 men for battle.

Saul began the attack and destroyed everything BUT and here is the fateful  BUT, he spared the best  sheep and cattle. Saul wanted to sacrafice them to the Lord. Saul was in effect saying “I know how to obey you Lord, better than you know how to tell me to”   Now Samuel was a Prophet of God, meaning God spoke clearly to him. And God spoke to Samuel  ” I am grieved that I made Saul king, because he has turned away from me, and has not carried out my commands” Samuel was also grieved all night and cried. He could see the writing on the wall. Saul was not fit to follow the Lord. How sad he must have felt to know his people’s first king would be a total failure!  How many today are saying “oh I love the Lord”  But  don’t want to love Him like He said to do?

Saul was soon informed by Samuel that his kingship would be taken away. And so Saul began a downward spiral spiritually. And he tragically died soon after.

But when we look at this story we find some powerful truths.  Saul decided on his “own” what was more pleasing to God than what God said himself! Instead of obeying God’s word completely as given by Samuel, he obeyed “some” of His word. Then he exalted his own opinion  by “showing” God he knew how to love  Him and obey Him better. Wow, is this not what is happening today? Look around the Christian world. So many are saying ” I don’t have to obey God’s commandments, I’ll love Him MY WAY, and God will be happy”.  Jesus said emphatically how to love Him. In (Joh 14;15) He says “If you love me, KEEP my commandments” Plain and simple even the  uneducated man can understand these instructions. Can you see the same similarities with Saul? God wants truthful obedience not partial obedience. So if we obey 9 of the 10 commandments, is this complete obedience or partial?

I think Saul’s example should show us that GOD is the one who commands and directs us through His word. And when WE decide what God wants, and it’s in direct contradiction  to His holy word, we setting ourselves up for failure, just like Saul did.

2 Responses to “The “Saul” lesson for Christians today”

  1. Todd Says:

    Wow that was an awesome study! I didn’t see it coming…the way you connected Saul’s actions and thoughts to the way we are with God today. Excellent!

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes Todd, I was inspired to write about this. The great similarity between Saul’s thinking and actions and some of today’s “Christians”. If we claim to be Christian, we better listen and do what our Master said and not what WE think(in contadiction to His word) . And it’s ALWAYS for our good. Not a “just do it” attitude from our Lord.

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