Let us be good representatives of Christ

When our Lord answered the Pharisees in (Luke 17:21) He said  “… The kingdom of God is within you.”  Here our Lord made it clear that the way to the kingdom STARTS within each and every one of us. No exceptions.  The meaning is that we must be sure to be right with the Lord first. And once we have been truly converted and decide to “follow” Him and put away sins in our own life, we can then concentrate on being the “best” representative we can for Him.

We can know all the truths, scriptures, doctrines but yet still not be converted and saved, because we failed to apply it all — INTO OUR LIFE FIRST. Our actions and knowledge go in different directions. Infact the most pitiful and sad situation for a “Christian” is to know so much truth, have so much light, yet ignore the basics of love, caring, and a close righteous walk with our Lord daily. Even the most vile and sinful man who finds one day that he must protect a woman being beaten, and thereby get’s killed, will indeed be with the Lord, amen.(1 Cor 13:2) ” Though I have prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I can move mountains, yet have not love, I am nothing.”

There are two basic areas where we represent our Christian ways. They are in the church (meaning fellow believers) and in the world (general non-believers). Let us look at each one of these areas. First we’ll look at the world.

Every day, when we step out into the world, we should have a spiritual “sign” on us, saying “worker for Christ”. Our mind should be firmly planted on “doing right” according to the Holy Law, thereby enlightening  those we meet and work with during our day or night.

Let me give you some personal examples that may be beneficial to your walk as well.

Many times, in our walk God will purposely lead you to a person he would like you to share your testimony with. They or you, may not even be aware of it, but our Lord sure is! In my own case I have discussed this with the Lord. We’ve made a pact, that whenever I go to a home to do a service call (in my line of work) and I see a cross, or the person has some type of religious sign in the house, I’ll know that I am suppose to hand them a “Steps for Christ” book.**

That will lead to discussing the Lord, and I’ll be able to mention I am a SDA. Which they’ll remember when they read that enlightening book. It’s a good simple way to show them your faith, and highlight God’s holy day-Sabbath.

Ofcourse during our work, we should be doing the very best we can. My Grandfather told me something (though not a particularly religious man) that was quite biblical about “work”. He said “always do what you are suppose to do, and alittle more.”  That  has been my model in my line of work, but as I do that little extra I think the Lord’s words (1 Cor. 10:31) “…whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.”

We can buy the bumper stickers that say “The Seventh Day is the Sabbath.”    “For God never changed it.”   and place on our vehicles, giving silent testimony to the Lord and His Law. One of my friends at church took some that I put in the church foyer a while back and he told me this reaction he got. Someone had followed him into the store, and when they were in there, this man said to him “You know I have been thinking about that, I think the world will have to make a decison concerning that soon.”  I was told he wasn’t a SDA, but just maybe this inspired him more along those lines.

A neat little idea is to put on your phone’s answer machine ” Hello, this is _______, It is Friday evening, the Sabbath of the Lord, I’ll be off for His holy day, please leave a message, and I’ll get back with you after Sabbath on Saturday evening or Sunday.”  I’ve had customers mention that little message to me, and was able to give them a book and share some words of the Lord. We shouldn’t be picking up the phone and talking worldly conversation anyway.

Lastly concerning worldly testimony, you can get some business cards together and put your favorite online Christian website on them and pass out to your  friends and co-workers or even your own church members. Just make sure the site promotes the number one rule  (Isaiah 8:20) ” To the Law (meaning 10 Commandments) and to the testimony( the Lord and His prophets) ….”.

In regards to the church, we also can show our fellow members good solid ways to enrich and enlighten their walk. To profess being a “Christian” really is something to NOT take lightly. We have a solemn responsiblilty. Woe to those who take this professed life lightly and carelessly.

To be a TRUE Christian we must first and foremost strive to “love” Christ. And the way to love  Christ is plainly and directly given by our Lord Himself, not prophets, or anyone else spoke these words on “how” to love Him. (John 14:15) “If you love me, KEEP —MY—- COMMANDMENTS.”  So once we know this and believe His words, we use this as our guide for daily living. Surprisingly, my own church (SDA) apparently needs our most attention in this regards. We are told by our prophetess, that not one in twenty members are ready to meet our Lord, talk about sobering!

But never the less, let’s look at areas we can reach out and help. The Sabbath is indeed the Lord’s day and as such we can start there. As we are entering His his temple (sanctuary) each Sabbath, we can set a good example of dressing very nicely. Our grooming is at it’s best and we are indeed representing a respectful attitude into His temple.

We can also rememeber that this is the Lord’s day and any “wordly” conversations, we can steer away, back to the things of the Lord. Here’s a very unique and good example of showing our Lord, you don’t go to church just to go through the motions. You really believe it’s His temple, so you stay awhile in church, after service to pray. How often have you seen that? The Lord LOVES these little extra things! I will say that is one thing I respect the Catholics for, the reverence many show in the church. May we as SDA learn and do this kind of reverence.

Lastly, our fellow believers are more and more fellowshipping and sharing things of our Lord on the internet. This is indeed a great thing. But let us remember, Satan will turn each and every good thing into a bad thing, if he can!  The computer, I’m afraid has become an idol to many, thereby breaking a Commandment of God. Let us set a good example by staying away from it a portion of the week and especially during Sabbath.  I try to do only this post and be off most of the Sabbath.

Let us remember our life should be a direct reflection of who we are and who we worship. If we keep His holy Laws solidly in mind each and every day, and DO THEM we represent Him well. We must also never forget that He validates our walk by how we look after each other.

Your servant in Christ, Rob

** For those who would like to order the books “Steps to Christ”  and the bumper stickers (both very reasonable) call Harvest Books at 1-931-692-2777

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