Supporting our brothers and sisters

As the time was quickly approaching, for our Lord(The Lord of the Universe), to lay down His life for us,  He did something that I’m sure sent bewilderment through out the apostles. He WASHED their feet!  An act that showed the ultimate in support and servitude to another. In  this one act, we can gain so much. A true lesson for us to know and learn and DO.

As we know, the Lord’s examples are our examples in our Christian walk. If we just read about them and don’t APPLY them, we are like those white washed tombs our Lord spoke of. Once we announce to the world  —  “I AM A CHRISTIAN”, we now must live under different rules, higher standards. Our brothers and sisters, and the even the heathen, are watching how we act and live. Our life is an direct reflection on Christ!  Don’t forget this.

With the above laying the groundwork, let’s look at how we can support our brothers and sisters in the faith. In (Gal.6:10) it says “As we therefore have opportunity, let us do good unto all, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”  Here we are instructed to “do good” to our own fellow believers. Also our immediate family must be taken care of (supported) (1 Tim 5:8) “But if any provide not for his own, and especailly for those of his own house, he has denied the faith, and is worse off than an unbeliever.” So the Lord is watching how we “do good.”

Our Lord Himself told us to “strengthen our brothers” (Luke 22:32) “…And when thou are converted, strenghten thy brethren.” So our support pleases our Lord and our lack of, or ignorance, displeases Him.  Let’s look at some ways we can do good and support each other.

Before we go into “support” areas, I thought it important to show a most serious “opposite” trait — criticizing. Before we criticize, let us be sure we fully understand the situation. A good example would be ” I don’t follow you, can you explain more about this?”  Instead of being confrontational.  If two people approach a matter in  a disagreement, their similar motive must always be to arrive at the –truth. But if one has “cemented their stakes” by refusing to hear the other one out (carefully reading or listening), then it shows that “their opinion” is the most valuable thing to them, instead of arriving at the truth. It’s a serious condition known as spiritual pride. Christ could not reach people like this in His day, neither can He now.

Here are some ways we can be supportive in a real concrete way.

1) When in church, and they announce “visitors”, give them a nice applause. This let’s them know they are appreciated. We don’t know, maybe they made a real effort to come be with the brethren that day.

2) Return email. The sooner the better. What kind of message does it send to carelessly respond days or weeks later, to a brother or sister. Can this be called “doing good”? Ignorance is never -good.

Keep in mind, Jesus said “Do unto to others, as you would want them to do unto to you.” (Matt.7:12)  Do you want people to ignore you?  I wonder how many people would stop ignoring others, if they themselves were ignored when they sincerely reached out in email or question.

3) Be ready to offer assistance in study tools. One of the best online tools to have is called , It can be downloaded for free It gives the bible (both OT and NT) translations in both Hebrew and Greek. All at your fingertips, when you hover over any word. A great tool for studying!

4)On the internet, be supportive and let your bro’s and sis’s know theyare appreciated. One of the saddest things for me to behold, is to go on a fellow believers wall (on FB) and see they have posted numerous times over several weeks, trying to reach out and share and NOT ONCE has anybody made any comments, or even thumbs up. Yet they have hundreds of “friends”.

5) Our concern for our brothers and sisters and their salvation should be our upmost concern. Therefore lead them to end-time prophecie sites that will explain what our Lord has planned and how they can prepare for His coming . Unfortunately many are not even aware how and when our Lord is coming next. As many are now discovering the scriptures fortell a “surprise” coming of judgement FIRST before He comes in the clouds.

Lastly, be very careful about who you send money to on internet, especially if they are some type of “orphanage” over seas.

Let us remember that we are called to serve and support one another, just as our Leader showed us in that most humble act. Let us never think we are too important or busy to take time to support and reach out, thereby neglecting to show  Christian courtesy .

 (Matt 23:11)  “But he that is greatest among you, shall be your servant.” 

In Christ, Rob

6 Responses to “Supporting our brothers and sisters”

  1. B. Albert Graham Says:

    Right on, brother Rob.

  2. Leona P. Lowe Says:

    That is so true Rob, thankyou for sharing. Also thank you for sharing concerning ” e-sword” . I have been wanting a site such as that for a long time. God Bless you my friend.

  3. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thank you bro!

    Yes, Leona, that has to be one fo the best tools I have found on internet. It opens up the bible in such an amazing way. Infact I have found translations of certain verses that enlighten me even better than the so called “traditional” interpretation.

  4. Teri Says:

    That was beautifully written and a very important message. If we are not living as Christ and serving others here on earth, then how will we be ready for Heaven? Thank you for your encouragment and reminding us what is really important to God.

  5. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thank you dear sister for your kind words. Yes, when we declare to the world we are “Christians” we must live accordingly and not be careless about how we act towards others.

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