Peddling the Word of God

One of the most striking things I learned in the journey for God’s truth is that God’s word specifically says his “bread” (word) should be free. That the Holy Spirit should move the conviction upon the receiver of His word to “help out”. Let us look at this neglected area of His word.

A while back members of our church and myself got together and raised several hundred dollars to post a large billboard in our town, about the Sabbath being the day of the Lord, not Sunday. Our plan was set, we wanted them to call and when they did we sent out info, such as Sabbath literature and  DVD’s. I contacted a well known SDA ministry to order.

The DVD’s sent are a very powerful tool in explaining why the Sabbath is the Lord’s day and not Sunday. It goes into all the arguments for and effectively counters the arguments against God’s real day of worship- the 7th day. I decided to order many of them. I called their office and spoke to the man in charge.  We discussed the situation and I mentioned I wanted to order quite a few, maybe 100 or more. Thinking that just maybe our billboard would be a divine success.

As we discussed, I figured that this man would appreciate our efforts for proclaiming God’s Holy day on the billboard. Plus I said we would use their own site as reference on the billboard itself. But as we talked it became clear I wasn’t getting much of a break. I sensed that something was amiss. Money was too important to them to budge much and eventually I capitulated and paid a hefty cost for about 50 of them. But this episode made an impression on me.

I sensed that the real concern was the dollars/profit , not spreading God’s truths. Little did I know , later in my walk I would see the obvious clear light on this subject, hence this post would be made some day (now).

In the New Testament, apostle Paul makes clear how some have the wrong motive in spreading God’s word.  ” Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit, on the contrary in Christ we speak before God with sincerity like men sent from God.” (2 Cor. 2:17).

Again we read “freely you have received, freely give”. (Matt. 10:8) Although that quote is spoken of in the context of spiritual gifts, after reading the Cor. quote, we can see it clearly applies to the spreading of the word as well. Can we imagine our great role model, our King, saying to someone who want’s some word’s of wisdom  “Ok, I’ll give you some advice, but that’ll be 20 dollars”? Or the apostle’s saying they want to be paid for spreading the word of God? Absolutely not. Should it be any different today?

So with the clear words of instruction on spreading God’s word, we should then be in a better position to see who is and who is not obeying these word’s of instruction from our Lord. What do we find in almost all of the current church ministries today? A DVD or CD for “only” 21.95 here, or another over there for “only 19.95” , etc. etc. SDA churches are no exception. The holy (word of God) and the common are of no difference.The products  are “marketed” first and foremost, you don’t pay,  most of the time– you don’t get.

This is one area where I was very surprised to learn,  the Lord’s end time messenger’s the DSDA (Davidian Seventh Day Adventists **) —do not charge one cent for literature , DVD’s, or CD’s(scripture and SOP based). They even mail it out for free. Are they hurting? Apparently not. God has and continues to provide. This has been practiced for  several decades by the DSDA.

In Isaiah we read a beautiful worded scripture basically saying the same thing. “Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters;and you who have no money, come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend money for that which is not bread?And your wages for that which does not satisfy. Listen unto me, and eat that which is good, and delight yourself in abundance”.(Isaiah 55: 1-2) Here we see that often when we spend money on  a “peddler” of God’s word, it will many times not  satisfy. Does this mean that if they charge for books or other literature (DVD’s, etc) that it is automatically not spiritually good? Of course not, Ellen White’s books are mostly sold, as an example.

But the greater point is that when you see  God’s servants  trying to give you at no cost literature based on the word of God, then these are being “peddled” exactly how our Lord said to peddle them–free. Obedience to His word can only bring great joy and reward!

The great One who knows how many hairs are on our head, knows how to make sure we have enough compensation to fulfill the spreading of His word.

Just look at the many SDA ministries today, nearly all will charge you.

Let us look at what Brother Houteff (Co-founder, with the Lord,  of the DSDA) had to say on the matter.” If your literature is any good at all, it should not be sold at such high prices, but instead it should be given away free of charge and thus be scattered everywhere as the leaves of autumn. On the contrary though, books that should be sold for $1 per copy you are selling for $2 or $3. If the literature is  given away for free, and if it is convincing, it should bring added multitudes of souls and thus yield more in tithes and offerings than it’s purchase price now brings. Your love of money, though, makes you afraid to take that chance.” ( 3rd Jezreel Letter)

Also we read “Everyone who endeavors to do whatever he or she can, be it little or much, be it part or full time, is now provided with free literature of unlimited amount, with free transportation, be the trip a mile or a thousand miles long, and whatever expenses one may incur by his busying himself in this great and grand work, are all paid by this Layman’s Movement.” ( 4th Jezreel Letter)

To summarize, we see that our Lord really want’s His people to take the “Bread” (His Word) free. Those who follow His instructions on this really do step out in faith and call upon His word, that He will provide. The greatest faith brings the greatest rewards.

(** Not to be confused with “Branch” Davidians, off shoot movement from the original Davidians, started in the early 60’s. They add and subtract from the original writings of brother Houteff)

2 Responses to “Peddling the Word of God”

  1. BG Says:

    Amen. Very good, bro. God Bless.

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks my dear bro, yes, it truly is sad that marketing of God’s word is the main focus in many ministries.

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