A Spiritual Health Test

Recently I recieved in the mail an advertising mailer that said “Please go to our site for a financial checkup”. Then I got to thinking why isn’t there mailers,  or even online sites for a spiritual checkup? Afterall what’s more important then your eternal future destiny? We as Christians must have real concern for our brothers and sisters. Are they right with God? Or are they doing as so many around the world are, going through the motions, thinking that by just showing up to church on the Sabbath every week they’re covered? Let’s look at a straight test  that will help you to know where you stand, Biblically speaking.

Here is the test. Add the points up after you’re  done then you can see the score and find the result. Get a pen or pencil to mark your answers as you go down the questions, or print it out. Be honest. It’s a reality check not a wish list test. Then you’ll know better your condition.

1) I know all the 10 Commandments, at least the short version. I am able to repeat them 1 to 10.

A)  Yes  

B)   No

2) The Sabbath has come, however as I leave to go to service I  buy gas. Is this acceptable to God?

A) Yes: Because the Lord knows I must go to church and will allow me to buy it because it’s for a good cause.

B) No: I should not do it, Friday is the day to prepare for Sabbath.

3) Which is the correct answer to the following question :  The Sabbath has come and a  dear friend has called me right before service. She has flown into town to see me. She’s at the airport. The response I give is:

A) I tell her I am very sorry but it is the Sabbath service now and therefore I cannot drive to pick her up right now. I can see her after church , and we can fellowship together at my home.

B) I tell her I’ll be right over, God understands  this as a special circumstance.

4) A friend at work, who I sits next to me on my job, is chatting with me. As she chats I notice her taking several boxes of company paper clips and putting them into her purse, I do the following.

A) Nothing. It’s her business. The company has ton’s of them. Our friendship is way more important to me.

B) I gently mention to her that it’s the wrong thing to do. I would put that back if I were her. Even though I know this may not set well with her.

5)  A dear brother at church sits next to me before service. He starts talking to me about the week  and his different endeavors he’s done. I listen then do the following:

A) I casually nod, but remain silent. We’re in God’s holy sanctuary and I do this as a silent reminder to him. If he doesn’t get the message, I quietly tell him we’ll talk after service.

B) I engage in the chat  because I think it’s ok because service hasn’t started.

6) I’ve had a hard day at work, I come home and after dinner, I relax on the sofa and watch TV for a few hours. I do this almost each week day of the week for relaxation and enjoyment. I believe this is fine and acceptable before God.

A) Yes

B) No

7) I read the Bible during the week approximately:

A) 7 or more times

B)  3 times

c)  0 times

8) The very first thing I do when I awake in the morning is:

A) Shower and get dressed

B) Get a cup of coffee

C) Say a small prayer of thanks to the Lord, for another day of life and/or  any other matters I want to bring before Him.

9) I Listen to popular worldly music on the radio:

A) Everyday (auto, office, or home)

B) Not very much, only occasionally.

C) Never (when it’s in my control)

10) Sometimes I pray to the Lord, and then I do the following:

A) Go on my way, I really don’t think much more about it. I’ve done my duty and feel better.

B)  I clearly remember it, infact if it is very special to me, I’ll write it down to remember it. I wait and watch for a response back from the Lord, a clear specific answer or yes, no, or not now.

11) Father’s day is tommorrow, I think of my Dad. However we haven’t spoken in the last year because I was really wronged by him and still can’t let that go. So on Father’s day, I do the following:

A)  I say a prayer for him, and think of him much of the day. The Lord knows my heart and my thoughts of him this day.

B) I pick up the phone  and call him. I remember it’s the 5th Commandment. I swallow my pride.

12) There is a brother who want’s to do a bible study with me. I am very busy so I do the following:

A) I mention to him that I can’t now, but will let him know in the future. I never get time and forget about it. He’ll understand. No worries.

B) I tell him –sure. As soon as time will allow we’ll get together either in person or online. I keep my word and contact him in 3 days.

13) I told a church member I would do something for him during the upcoming week, during that week I do the following:

A) keep my word and do that which I said I would do.

B) I find I can’t do it, so I call him to let him know to reschedule.

C) some things came up and I didn’t have the time or just forgot about it. I know he will understand, so I bypass it and don’t mention it again  to him.

14) My income for the week was about 500.00. For the tithe I sent in the following:

A) 50.00 or more

B) 20.00

C) didn’t have it due to the large amount of bills this week, will send in it next week. I find I do this several times a year.

15) While I was driving today a man cut me off on the road, I became  very mad. I found myself yelling and even swearing, shortly after I do the following:

A) Calm down and proceed on. He was wrong and deserved my outburst.

B) I feel I have done a wrong before the Lord, I quietly apologize to Him.

16) A close brother or sister, whom I have known for quite a while hasn’t shown up to church service for a few weeks. I do the following:

A) I keep them in my prayers knowing God will take care of them.

B)  In additon to prayer, I pick up the phone or email them. Letting them know I am concerned.

17) Excluding Sabbath service, I contact other brethren either by phone, computer, or in person to discuss the Lord, things of the Lord, or His word approximately:

A) at least 2 or more times a week

B) not usually weekly, maybe a couple times monthly.

18) As a Christian I would  best describe myself as:

A) A steady church going member, living by the golden rule.

B) A zealous, obedient, studious Christ follower.

19) I go to the store, after checking out I put the change in my pocket and go to the car. In the car I happen to pull out the change to put in my wallet or purse. I find that there is an extra 10.00 bill there. I do the following:

A) I chuckle and think this is a nice mistake. The store has millions, no big deal. I put it away.

B) I immediately get out and walk back to the cashier, explaining that they made a mistake and I give it back.

20) If  I were to download the free helpful Bible software called ESword (translates the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek words) and use it regularly for a couple months,  getting good benefit from it, I would do the following:

A) Nothing, it’s free, no worries.

B) I really appreciate the benefit  and want to donate. It’s the right thing to do. Although it’s free to me, it’s not to them.

21) A true converted Christian life means the following:

A) Becoming baptized and living the best we can. Our sins are unfortunate and our current nature, but until the Lord comes we’ll continue in them. The main thing is that we go to church every Sabbath and pray often. Our Lord understands our weakness and will excuse our sins even if we haven’t overcome them in this life.

B) Our past life of sins and pleasures of this world are over. We daily live for him, remembering His holy 10 Commandments and applying these principles to our life daily. We don’t consciously sin if we can help it. If we do we feel terrible and repent. Our love for our Lord and His Law is so great that we sometimes sigh and cry for the sins in our life and those in the church.

22) I want to be known as a:

A)  A zealous and continually striving Christian. Never complacent with my walk and always wanting to improve and learn.

B)  A lukewarm satisfied Christian. I trust the Lord has done all that is needed in my life. My walk isn’t what really matters, it’s what He did for me that counts.


#1   A=1       B=0             Rev.22:14  ” Blessed are those who do His Commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and enter through the gates into the city” . How can we do them if we don’t know them? If someone  asks us  “What is Commandment no.6? We should  be able to quickly give the answer.   Also  see  John 14:15.   In Proverbs 6:20-23, we are told to tie them around our neck!   These are just a few of the many, many verses showing the importance of the 10 Commandments (both Old and New Testaments).

#2   A=0       B=1             Nehemiah 13:15-17. Numbers 15:32.

#3   A=1       B=0          The 4th Commandment     Luke 9:59-62

#4   A=0       B=1       The 8th Commandment forbids stealing. No matter how small it may seem. Watching another do it in front of you and not saying anything , makes us as an accomplice(spiritually speaking)  This ofcourse is assuming you have taken the log out of your own eye first(you don’t steal yourself). Ezekiel 3:18-19.

#5   A=1       B=0        Testiominies for the Church, Vol. 5, p.491 “Behavior in the house of God”.

#6   A=0       B=1         The 2nd Commandment(Idols)   James 4:4

#7   A  &  B=1     C=0     Hosea 4:6  “My people perish for lack of knowledge…”   Berean example – Acts 17:11.    2 Tim. 2:15

#8   A  &  B=0     C=1       1 Thess. 5 :18

#9   A  &  B=0     C=1       Again the 2nd Commandment (Idol).

#10  A=0      B=1         Luke 17:6     Psalms 27:14

#11  A=0     B=1          The 5th Commandment.

#12  A=0     B=1        Isaiah 63:8   Our word should be our bond.

#13  A & B= 1     C=0             Isaiah 63:8

#14  A=1     B & C =0            Lev.27:32   Num. 18:26  Mal. 3:9-10   Counsels on Stewardship p.80-82 (excellent tithing instructions)

#15  A=0     B=1              Matt. 5:22

#16  A=0     B=1              Mark. 12:31

#17  A=1     B=0              2 Tim. 2:15

#18  A=0     B=1               Rev. 3:16-19

#19  A=0     B=1               The 8th Commandment.

#20  A=0     B=1               Matt. 7:12

#21  A=0     B=1                Hebrews  10:26    Rev. 21:7-8      Romans 6:1

#22  A=1     B=0               Rev. 3:16-19     Romans 6:1    Yes it is true we are saved by what our Lord did on the cross. But we also have accountability which causes us to strive to “overcome”.

————————————-Test Results——————————

19-22 =  You appear to be heading in the right direction. Keep it up. Don’t stop striving. As we know the road is straight and narrow, and you are showing a real desire to stay on it.

13-18 =  There should be some soul searching done in your life. Prayer, studies, commitment should be increased. A closer examination of your walk is needed. Your risk of being “lukewarm” is higher than it should be.

0 – 12 = God’s word and way appear to be at odds with your walk. This is a serious condition. Seriously consider re-commiting to our Lord. Increase your desire to know His word and His way more closely. Your condition could be under the  Satan delusion of the all too common over-belief in “grace” instead of concentrating on obedience more.

Notes on this test.

This test is based primarily on Rev. 3:14-22. In these words of the Lord there is a direct message to us, His last church called Laodiceans. This message is a strong warning to not  be lukewarm or self satisfied. We are also told to be “zealous”. When we become zealous in doing the right thing our walk indeeds grows. With that in mind the test gives high scores to those who put into practice,  the Lord’s above words. Head knowledge alone of the right doctrines won’t save us. Only when we “overcome” with the power of the Holy Spirit will we be “granted to sit with our Lord upon His throne”(Rev.3:21).  Let us strive to do as our prophetess said, “It is the essence of all right faith to do the right thing at the right time.” (Ellen White, Testimonies for the Church, Vo.6, p.24)

4 Responses to “A Spiritual Health Test”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My husband and I just might share this with the young people at church, thanks again.

  2. Godsloveandlaw Says:

    Praise the Lord! May the Lord bless you sister as you try to help the young people to know the Lord’s way better.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Question, is this test a measure of our salvation prospects?

  4. Godsloveandlaw Says:

    No it’s not. Neither I nor do I hope anyone else would make such a presumptuous test. This test is just as it says– “a spiritual HEALTH test”. It measures one’s zealousness for the Lord and His Law, which as we know is a good indication of our spiritual health from God’s word perspective. As we know He despises “lukewarmness” we then ought to be the opposite, zealous in our walk.

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