A New Year — Time to take Inventory


As we begin the new year, we thought it’d be good to review what we have learned about the Lord’s  last message to us from the  Elijah, the prophet.

The Lord promised an end-time prophet to come before the “great and dreadful” day of the Lord (Mal. 4:5), and if we slight this or ignore it, the time will come when we wish we hadn’t.

So let’s look at some questions this week. Please review them and print it out and write your answers, and then next week we’ll show the correct answers. You can then know whether you’ve advance in the knowledge of His important message, or whether you’ve got more to study. In (Hosea 4:6) it says, ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” And “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.(2 Tim. 2:15)

In addressing  specifically our church, our Lord said we think we have “need of  nothing”(Rev.3:17). Did He mean we think we don’t need more tangible and worldly things? Of course not. He means that we’d not be interested in “present truth” that He would send through His last prophet–Elijah. We do indeed need it.

Let us take this test to see where we’re at.

1) The message of Elijah is known as the —

a) Peace and love message  b) Spirit of prophecy message  c) The sealing message

2) The original Elijah message in the book of Kings 1 and 2,  was a message of —

a) Calling out sin and sinners and to revive and reform  b) Coming doom upon the inhabitants of the earth  c) The Lord’s new kingdom to come

3) The anti-type message of Elijah (today) is a message —

a) To go to the world to prepare for Jesus’ second coming  b) To go to the remnant church and not to the world  c) To go to both

4) In Testimonies to Ministers, what page was written of the prophecy that Elijah the prophet would come? 

a) p.334  b) p.475  c) p. 80

5) In that above quote, what are two of the clues she gives to identify the Elijah prophet to come?

a) Will be known as a General Conference church leader and a prophet  b) She herself will be known as the Elijah and her writings would prove that out in the last days  c) A man would come as Elijah after her, and be known as an interpreter of Scripture and SOP.

6) Again, in that same quote of question 4, how will the people react to Elijah the prophet?

a) The majority of people will reject this end-time Elijah,   b) The people will embrace Elijah, but it will be a mixed multitude   c) All the people will finally  believe in Elijah  before the great and dreadful day.

7) The Elijah message is strictly based on what two inspired sources?

a) The Old and New Testaments  b) The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy  c) The Bible and the book called Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith

8) What year is the first year considered to be the beginning of the end-time Elijah message?

a) 1844  b) 1890  c) 1930

9) What Spirit of Prophecy quote did Elijah use to connect Revelation’s sealing(Rev. 7:1-4) with Ezekiel’s sealings (Ezekiel 9-11)?

a) Test. to Ministers page 445   b) Manuscript Releases, vol. 1, page 260   c) Great Controversy page 425

10) What proof does the Elijah message use to show that the sealings (Rev. 7 and Ezekiel 9) happen before the Sunday law?

a) Rev. 14:1-12  b) Test. for the Church, vol. 5, p.152 , Rev. 7:1-4,   c) Daniel , chapter 11  and 12, Rev.18

11) What does the message teach that is an important requirement to get sealed?

a) Attend church without fail, with a near spotless record   b) Leave the church if there is much corruption and dis-honor to the Lord  c) Sigh and cry for the abominations done in the church and our own lives

12) What does the message teach us that explains what the seal of God is for us today?

a) We are sealed by accepting present truth taught in one’s own day  b) By obeying the Sabbath  c) By keeping our walk sin-free everyday

13) What does the Elijah message tell us will happen to all within the church who do not receive the seal of God in their forehead?

a) They will be left behind and have to suffer persecution in the time of the Sunday law  b) They will be given one last chance after the world’s beast system is set up, to repent  c) The destroying angels will smite and destroy all those without the mark (sealing).

14) What does the message teach concerning the final event timeline?

a) 1– The Sunday law, 2– the Loud Cry, 3– The 7 last plagues  b) 1– Church judgment (Ezek.9), 2– Loud Cry, 3– The 7 last plagues  c) 1–The Loud Cry, 2– Church judgment, 3– The 7 last plagues

15) What type of message does Elijah teach us that God will not tolerate today?

a) A message that leaves out the love of God  b) Peace and safety  c) A message concerning the ploys and deceptions of Satan

16) What specific Old Testament Scripture quote does Elijah teach us, showing the 144,000 going out into the world to proclaim the Loud Cry?

a) Rev. 7:9   b) Isaiah 66:19-21  c) Psalms 66:1-7

17) The Elijah message proclaims that God’s upcoming kingdom first begins–

a) On earth during this existing world  b) In heaven during the Millennial reign of Christ  c) When the “new heaven and earth” kingdom comes down from heaven

18)  The Elijah message proclaims that there will be ——–people who will survive the church judgment?

a) A great multitude  b) Doesn’t say   c) 144,000

19) The Scriptures and SOP teach that there will be ——–  prophet(s) to come before the “great and dreadful day of the Lord”?

a) One   b) Two  c) Four

20) The Elijah message teaches us that there will be a last world war over what country?

a) United States   b) Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, etc.)  c) Israel

21) What did Jesus say that Elijah would do before He returns —

a) Announce the “second coming” of the Lord  b) Restore all things   c) Purify  the church

22) Today, our churches do what with the Elijah message?

a) Side-step and ignore it   b) Teach it often in Sabbath school  c) Preach it from the pulpit

23) Who are the only ones that will be allowed to sound their voices in the Loud Cry message to the world?

a) SDA pastors and leaders   b)The 144,000 literal Jews (Rev. 7:1-4)  c) Only those who overcome sins prior to the Loud Cry

24) Who has been the only person within the SDA church history who has had a sizable church-wide following, and was known for his voluminous Scriptural and SOP interpretations and had new revelations of hidden prophecies, and was largely rejected. And proclaimed their message as that of Elijah?

a) Ellen White  b) M.L. Andreasen  c) Victor T. Houteff

25) What glorious promise is given in the Elijah message?

a) The first phase of the Lord’s kingdom will be set-up pre-millennially in Israel in front of the heathen as a last witness to the world

b) Nearly all churches of the world will be converted once the Loud Cry comes

c) The Lord will save all who simply profess His name, even sinners in the midst

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