The Solemn Half Hour Silence (Part 2 of 3)

Ezekiel 9

(NOTE: Due to the Lord’s guiding, we’ve had to expand upon this subject, so we’ll have three parts)

It’s a regular Sabbath morning, John get’s up and then shortly begins to get ready for the local Sabbath service in his town. After cleaning up, grabbing a bite to eat, he heads out the driveway down to the local SDA church. He arrives about a half hour before service.

John has been a member for several years. But he now has a  unique relationship with his church. You see, he once was a deacon. A man who was “going places” within his church. He’d advanced fairly rapidly in the circle of the church, being frequently asked to go up before the church on occasions and give a motivational talk based on Scriptures and Ellen White.The local laity had shown much appreciation for the talks, as he was one to “tell it like it is”, in other words–the straight testimony.

However his last pre-Sabbath school speech, he was particularly straight, pointing out sins in the church and startling Scriptural revelations of what God was soon to do to purify His church. Unfortunately, there were a couple in the pews who objected to the straight talk. Later he found out that the pastor wanted to speak to him in his office later that week.

He was asked point blank– Are you a Davidian and believe in the Shepherd’s Rod? He did not flinch and said–Yes. The three against one conversation then proceeded to discuss what the leaders called a meeting of passion. A meeting to help steer John back into the regular SDA beliefs. But John pointed out that he still believed in them however he found “new light” which the Scriptures foretold would come to God’s people through His Elijah prophet, right before the “great and dreadful day of the Lord.”

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” (Mal. 4:5-6)

Prophecy must be fulfilled. The Lord says: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” Somebody is to come in the spirit and power of Elijah,  and when he appears, men may say: “You are too earnest, you do not interpret the Scriptures in the proper way. Let me tell you how to teach your message.”(Testimonies to Ministers, p.475)

The meeting went nowhere as far as John was concerned, he had looked deeply into the Elijah message and it all clicked it was harmonious with Scripture and Ellen White. A true majestic message with power and strength to convert the worst of sinners into the Lord’s bountiful and righteous light! John himself has witnessed this power in his own life. He converted completely to the Lord, his Master was now his passion.

But it all fell on deaf ears, they would have none of it. They steadfastly spoke of deceptive teachings from  the man who brought the Elijah message to the SDA church. John wanted specifics, but none were given. They closed the meeting by making the ultimatum, either John gives up his new beliefs and acknowledges it, or they would have to demote him and remove him from being as deacon.

He wrote a resignation letter (upon their request) within the week. But in that letter he warned them that they were making a serious mistake and an unjust one as well.

So soon the word spread among the church. Gossip and heresy was spread. John kept going to church faithfully but it would not be the same. A couple months later the head elder called a meeting, which John chose to attend, pointing out to the members that John was a Shepherd’s Rod believer. As if to not only demote him but to smear his name as if he had gone apostate. John defended himself and surprisingly most in attendance were on John’s side that day.

Being convicted that the Elijah message, though solemn , was true, he continued to look for opportunities to reach out to members in the hope that someone would study it as well and learn the Lord’s final plans for His church. He’d talk to this one and that one, and they’d give an excuse why they didn’t have the time or they’d get back to him later.

He sent out packages to some (Cd’s, DVD’s, literature) and no one would want to study it. They remained relatively silent about the contents after receiving it. In other words, no engagement occurred. He therefore continued to go to church with a heavy heart, for he knew that someday soon each one that rejected this last “pleading message” from the Lord would not escape the church judgment. This Elijah message was THE LORD’S LAST to His church, there would be no other!

So this was the church situation as John walked into church that morning. He sat down in his regular area and looked over the church bulletin. He said hello to some of the members as they walked by or came down his aisle. The church, this day, was surprisingly full. As if by some divine power many were drawn to services this day.

The service begins on time and starts with the first song. The schedule moves along. John starts to feel eerily strange. Something or someone is tugging on him as if to alert him of something. The service continues, yet John is really feeling something alarming! He knows it is not human. For since his conversion he has remained faithful to the Lord and knows the Lord’s voice.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” (John 10:27-28)

John tries to remain calm but he knows something is up. Now, the time has come for the pastor to get up for his sermon. All are quiet and attentive.

Suddenly there is a strong wind within the sanctuary! A howling is heard, as the wind gusts up and down and side to side. People start to look at each other, some get up to walk out of the sanctuary. The door is closed, it has locked itself! The wind and howling continues. What is going on? All are wondering. Some young ones and women start to cry out amid the strange occurrence. The pastor begins to speak, and says, “Please remain calm, please.” He is visably shaking.

By now the congregation is very fearful–what is this???!! They are frozen in fear. Suddenly a thunderous Voice speaks, ” Why have you not listened to my servant John — ?”  Those within the church who know John, and what he said, now begin to shake tremendously. The others are now even more confused. The Voice continues, “I sent him to you, he had a message from Me, yet you rejected it.” The wind continues to howl, the Voice stops for a few moments to let it sink in, particularly to those who had heard John’s  solemn message of church judgment. They start to feel a deep sense of wrong doing from their past actions. But the majority church members have no clue what the Voice is talking about because the leaders had effectively silenced the Lord’s message through John, to a large degree.

Suddenly John stands up and cries aloud “Save them my Father if You can!!”. He is weeping and pleading on behalf of his church, his hands stretched out. He now knows this is the great and dreadful day of the Lord! The time has come, the word of the Lord has began to be fulfilled. It is the beginning of the prophesied “half hour silence” –Ezekiel 9!

The Voice responds , “My judgment now begins!”. Suddenly, the leaders of the church begin to fall to the ground. There are screams every where within the locked church. The Lord’s angels begin to execute His righteous judgment. John kneels and prays, he cannot look, as the wind continues to howl and blow. There is now a earthquake in the sanctuary, the building shakes. The angels have gone through the church.

Suddenly after what seemed eternity, it is now quiet in the church. The wind stops. John feels a calmness over him. He gets up and is startled, there are only a few others standing. But he is perplexed, he sees two of the leaders who fought his message still standing(?) But he quickly realizes why that is, he silently kneels in prayer, for he knows it will turn out horribly for them. The rest is laying dead on the church floor! Ezekiel 9 has come! His prophesied word has been fulfilled.

“And the songs of the temple shall be howlings in that day, saith the Lord GOD: there shall be many dead bodies in every place; they shall cast them  forth with silence.” (Amos 8:3)

“In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of  their tinkling ornaments , and  cauls, and  round tires like the moon, The chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers, The bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings, The rings, and nose jewels, The changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins, The glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the vails.

And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.” (Isaiah 3:18-24)

And I will come near to you in judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger, and fear Me not, saith the LORD of hosts.”(Mal. 3:5)

John has now witnessed the Lord’s coming “near” for judgment. His heart is heavy yet he feels as if the yoke has been lifted off him. No more is he bound by the restraint of the false shepherds.  The Elijah message of Zech. 6:1-8 comes to his mind, where the  Lord’s true horse team (real leaders) which were hitched and bound by the SDA horse team(false leaders) in the hitched chariot, is now unhitched and free to go throughout the world. (link to the Zech. 6 prophecy-

The Three Angels Message is about to be proclaimed to the world with God’s power entrusted to His “Jewels.” The fourth angel has now come to join fully with the other angels. John now realizes  that he has been counted worthy to go to work in this last great proclamation known as the –Loud Cry.

“And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.” (Mal. 3:17)

In this part two we have covered the day itself, but remember that there are “7” days of silence in heaven. In other words the heavenly beings are in solemn silence as the Lord works those 7 days to do His “strange act.”(Isaiah 28:21)

Next week we’ll close by looking at what happens those other six days.And if you can believe it , it’s even worse than the first day!

My brethren please seriously consider accepting His final pleading message , it is your future destiny we are talking about! Eternity! Our Lord is pleading to all who are listening, let’s get away from false shepherd’s and listen to His true messengers.

“The message of the True Witness finds the people of God in a sad deception, yet honest in that deception. They know not that their condition is deplorable in the sight of God. While those addressed are flattering themselves that they are in an exalted spiritual condition, the message of the True Witness breaks their security by the startling denunciation of their true condition of spiritual blindness, poverty, and wretchedness. The testimony, so cutting and severe, cannot be a mistake, for it is the True Witness who speaks, and His testimony must be correct.”(Testimonies, vol. 3, p.253)

Questions and Answers–

If Ezekiel 9 starts in America, let’s say east coast, then won’t the west coast people hear about it several hours prior to services, and then be scared and not go to church that day?

As the message of Elijah did indeed start in the USA, possibly the church judgment would start here as well (before going around the world). One scenario would be that the doors on all the churches, starting in the east coast would stay locked by the Lord’s angels, for the necessary hours until the west coast services have been underway. This would stop, at least for the first few hours, the panic that would surely spread once the doors are open. This is just our conjecture and obviously the Lord has His plan.

Once Ezekiel 9 is over, what happens to the churches? Do they remain or are abandoned?

As the message tells us , there will be few who survive the judgment because of the prevalent pride and rich and increased with goods attitude among the SDA members. The rejection of His Elijah message is THE specific message the Lord had in mind (they would not heed) when He wrote the rebuke of Rev. 3 to the SDA church. So logically the church will be quite silent after the judgment. We know that the surviving “elect” of God will very quickly be on their way to Israel to set up the headquarters for the final proclamation of the –Loud Cry to go around the world. Rev. 14:1 -5 describes the time right after Ezek. 9 where the Lord meets up with His people (the 144,000).on Mt. Zion. As the elect help bring the people out of Babylon, it may well be that the former SDA churches will be a new gathering place for those who come out of the Sunday churches. We are not told in Inspiration much about this unfortunately. We do know that many around the world will come to Israel to join the 144,000. Keep in mind, Israel will then be protected from Satan’s attacks by the Lord Himself, so naturally many will want to relocate there for safety.

“And, behold, the angel that talked with me went forth, and another angel went out to meet him, And said unto him, Run, speak to this young man, saying, Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein: For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her. (Zech 2:3-5)

Will there be any immediate warning that Ezekiel 9 is about to happen, such as a month or week in advance?

The Elijah message does tell us the approximate time when it happens. In explaining this brother Houteff says,

They are enjoined to fix their vision upon the feet of him who brings “good tidings” (message from the Lord), who publishes “peace” (the peace of Christ’s Kingdom), and who declares that while the powers of earth are engulfed in a gigantic war, the wicked in the church shall be cut off, no more to pass through her.  Specifically, the prophet exhorts all penitently to turn unto  the house of Judah (the latter-day Kingdom of Judah — Mic. 4; Ezek. 37:16-22), the church in the purification of which are to be sealed 12,000  out of each of the 12 tribes, as firstfruits.  

And he urges the subjects of the kingdom to perform their religious duties and to keep their promises to the Lord.  In short, he admonishes them to give heed to the message of the hour — the message which announces the imminence of the church’s purification, after which, as the promise is, “the wicked shall no more pass through” her, for “he is utterly cut off.” (See also Matt. 13:30, 47-50, Isa. 66:16, 19, 20). (Tract 14, p.22-23)

Here we see that it is during the upcoming great world war 3 over Israel that this occurs. Some say right after, but this does serve as the great sign that it’s about to happen.

6 Responses to “The Solemn Half Hour Silence (Part 2 of 3)”

  1. sda1844 Says:

    What church did these people die in? Can you give me a phone number so I can verify this information please?

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    My friend, this is a projected scenario of what may take place in the near future, they have not yet taken place. Our prophetess said, “Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel. These words will be literally fulfilled; yet the time is passing, and the people are asleep. They refuse to humble their souls and to be converted. Not a great while longer will the Lord bear with the people who have such great and important truths revealed to them, but who refuse to bring these truths into their individual experience. The time is short. God is calling; will you hear? Will you receive His message? Will you be converted before it is too late? Soon, very soon, every case will be decided for eternity.”(Manuscript Releases,vol. 1, p.260)

    While we are not prophets, we can portray, based on this event, a likely scenario to come. God will perform this very solemn church judgment upon His people, as Scripture says, and we had better be ready and sealed before hand. May I suggest you read the posts under the heading “Ezekiel” on the right side of this page. May He guide you into all truth.

    • sda1844 Says:

      Dear fellow Berean,

      I enjoyed your first page about the solemn 1/2 hour. Although it differs somewhat from my studies, I always love to investigate a idea. I am still in the process of investigating it further.

      However, based on my studies, the second page I do have particular truth on that topic that I would like to share with you for you to prayerfully consider.

      I have found, that the parable of the Ten Virgins represents the Adventist church organization. This group, divides at the end, after a tarrying time. The 5 wise virgins wake up and GO OUT at the call of the Bridegroom and the Bride to JOIN the Bridegrooms procession to the gospel feast at His House. His body at the time we stand in the sight of a Holy God without a mediator. The other 5 foolish laodicean virgins wake up to late, at the Sunday law, which is too late. Only those who wake up and GO OUT (Matthew 25:6 and Revelation 18:4 and many more texts) of the 501c3 apostate laodicean corporate church that has changed its religion to Catholic Adventists will be given the privilege of helping to give the loud cry message. I believe the terrible judgement is that like Judas and Haman realize they have betrayed the FEW true followers of Christ who obeyed and left the apostate organization like the true believers left apostate Jerusalem in 70 AD, part of the judgement, at least, will be that they commit suicide by hanging themselves? They will realize that they are lost, forever lost.

      Probation closes for the house of God first. Then those who are imbued with the Spirit of Christ, have His character, will go forth in zealous effort represents the fire on their heads like in the day of Pentecost, proclaiming the law of God and the Sabbath more fully.

      So – and I can give you all the quotes I have for my conclusions above, if you desire them, but the reason I differ with you on the second page, is that no true Adventist, or true Jew if you will, will be inside the four walls of apostate 501c3 non-profit Adventism when the terrible fulfillment of Ezekiel 9 occurs.

      If you are interested I can share with you more on this topic. And I would like to hear more about your studies on this topic as well. Thank you for sharing. God will have a people who speak with one mind and one mouth! Romans 15:6.

      May God bless you as you seek to serve Him and His Son alone! “The Father and Son ALONE are to be EXALTED.” YI July 7, 1898, par. 2

      Warmest regards,

      Cindy Haynes 573-996-6401

      Cindy Haynes P. O. Box 125 Doniphan, MO 63935 573-996-6401 The Way:

      “Faith and prayer are the two arms which the needy suppliant lays upon the neck of infinite Love.” THE REVIEW AND HERALD, October 30, 1900

      Upon His arm depended the salvation of the fallen race, and He reached out His hand to grasp the hand of Omnipotent Love.

      “It is better to trust in God then to put confidence in man.” Psalms 118:8

      “Truth is truth, and will remain truth, and in the end will triumph gloriously.” Ellen G. White

  3. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Thanks sister Cindy, for your thoughts on this very important study. What I can tell you is that there is, unfortunately, a wide divide between how you see the final days playing out and how the message tells us. Is that bad? Not necessarily because it may be you’ve not had the light shine upon you yet in regards to His Elijah message. In Mal. 4:5, we read that He will send a male prophet to His people (obviously His true church today) for the express purpose to prepare His people for the “great and dreadful day of the Lord.”

    Through this prophet, many today who have studied his writings, have found truly divine light. It tells us a complete picture of the end times. One of the things it tells us (as does S.O.P) is to not leave the SDA church. Yes, I agree that much terrible things (called abominations by Him) go on within our church. Such as bad and improper dress in God’s house, not keeping the Sabbath holy as we are told via Scriptures, cooperation with infiltrators in the church (Jesuits, etc.) and more. But we are to stay in and help our brethren see the light as best we can. Elijah message is very clear on this.

    May I suggest you check out 3 specific headings and the posts we made under them. Ezekiel, Victor Houteff, End times. I will contact you via email. Yours truly in Christ, bro. Rob

    • Cindy Haynes Says:

      I would love to read the pages you suggest if you give me the links for them. I do not see them anywhere….if you could email a link to the three pages, I would love to read them. Thank you.

      I understand we as a people have been told that a church will save us…it is not the church…it is Christ who saves us. The laodicean church is spued out. They are also known according to our very own true blue messenger from the Lord Ellen White the laodicean condition is also represented as the foolish virgin spiritual condition. Neither one of those do I want a part.

      THE SDA CHURCH AKA LAODICEANS SINCE 1852 ARE ALSO KNOWN AS FOOLISH VIRGINS: “The (SDA) church is in the Laodicean state. The presence of Christ is not in her midst.” EGW-Notebook Leaflets, p 99

      “The state of the Church represented by the foolish virgins, is also spoken of as the Laodicean state.” E.G. White, Review and Herald Articles, vol. 2, 420.

      Personally, I want to be with the 5 wise virgins who obey the call of the Bride and Bridegroom and GO OUT of all churches and join the wedding party procession that has been going on since October 22, 1844. Psalm 68:24 “Your PROCESSION, God, has come into view (started on October 22, 1844 when Christ moved into the Most Holy place aka Bridal chambers- until Christ returns with a shout!), the procession of my God and King into the sanctuary.”

      Church becomes Laodicean in 1852 (June 10) “Many who profess to be looking for the speedy coming of Christ, are becoming conformed to this world, and seek more earnestly the applause of those around them, than the approbation of God. They are cold and formal, like the nominal church, that they but a short time since separated from. The words addressed to the Laodicean Church, describe their present condition perfectly….And unless they heed the counsel of the ‘faithful and True Witness,’ and zealously repent, and obtain ‘gold tried in the fire,’ ‘white raiment,’ and ‘eye-salve,’ he will spue them out of his mouth.” E.G. White, Review and Herald, June 10, 1852, Vol. 1, p. 18, col. 2.

      James S. White, Sister White’s husband according to the Lords messenger was ALSO given GREAT LIGHT that he was to write out and share with others: FIRST ANGELS MESSAGE: “Many who had been trained to worship their church and their minister, here learned to “fear God” alone, and “give glory to him.” This message weaned us from this world, and led us to the feet of Jesus, to seek forgiveness of all our sins, and a free and full salvation through the blood of Christ.” James White “from heaven,” Amen. p. 3, Para. 2,

      “By associating with those whom they should avoid, they place themselves in the way of temptation. They INVITE the enemy to tempt them, and are led to say and do that of which under other circumstances they would never have been guilty.” -Desire of ages p712.1

      “The sins of Babylon will be laid open. The fearful results of enforcing the observances of the church by civil authority, the inroads of Spiritualism, the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power,–all will be unmasked.” The Great Controversy 1888, p. 606.2

      “There was a coming out, a decided separation from the wicked, an escape for life. So it was in the days of Noah; so with Lot; so with the disciples prior to the destruction of Jerusalem; and SO IT WILL BE IN THE LAST DAYS. Again the voice of God is heard in a message of warning, bidding His people separate themselves from the prevailing iniquity.” Patriarchs and Prophets, p 166.

      Ellen White says, “Those who become confused in their understanding of the word, who fail to see the meaning of antichrist, will surely place themselves on the side of antichrist.” Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol. 7, 949. Now that is quite a prophecy. If you do not know who antichrist is, you are going to be with the antichrist.

      The SDA ministers today are similar to the bribed false prophets in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Telling people to stay inside Jerusalem, that God would save them in the end, even if their sins reach unto the high heavens. SDA’s today teach the same thing:

      Bribed false preachers or preachers who are blind, “She is the ship of God, perhaps listing badly, yet we are assured that she is sailing steadfastly into the heavenly port…. STAY WITH THE SHIP!” “She is the ‘apple of God’s eye,’ ‘the remnant church.’ DON’T GIVE UP, NOW!” “Defective and feeble though she be, — indeed, she is not perfect, — but God will purify His church. THE APOSTATES WILL LEAVE! DON’T BE FOUND OUTSIDE WITH THEM.” “The church will appear as about to fall, BUT SHE WILL NOT FALL!” Stay INSIDE the church – you can’t help reform it from outside the church!

      “These men were constantly saying, “God is with us. We stand in the light. We have the truth.” I inquired who these men were, and was told that they were ministers and leading men who had rejected the light themselves, and were unwilling that others should receive it.” EARLY WRITINGS, PAGE 241

      False Preachers bribed to tell the people today: “The church will appear as about to fall, BUT SHE WILL NOT FALL!” “They (the remnant few) resisted the efforts which were made to fasten the cords tighter and refused to heed the repeated assertions: “God is with us.” “We have the truth with us.” Early Writings, p. 240.2

      “A light would come from the Father to the Son and from the Son to the praying company. Then I saw an exceeding bright light come from the Father to the Son, and from the Son it waved over the people before the throne. But few would receive this great light. Many came out from under it and immediately resisted it; others were careless and did not cherish the light, and it moved off from them. Some cherished it, and went and bowed down with the little praying company. This company all received the light and rejoiced in it, and their countenances shone with its glory.

      Seal Is a Settling Into Truth—”Just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads—it is not any seal or mark that can be seen, but a settling into the truth, both intellectually and spiritually, so they cannot be moved—just as soon as God’s people are sealed and prepared for the shaking, it will come. Indeed, it has begun already; the judgments of God are now upon the land, to give us warning, that we may know what is coming.” (Manuscript 173, 1902).

      I saw the Father rise from the throne, [see page 92.] and in a flaming chariot go into the holy of holies within the veil, and sit down. Then Jesus rose up from the throne, and the most of those who were bowed down arose with Him. I did not see one ray of light pass from Jesus to the careless multitude after He arose, and they were left in perfect darkness. Those who arose when Jesus did, kept their eyes fixed on Him as He left the throne and led them out a little way. Then He raised His right arm, and we heard His lovely voice saying, “Wait here; I am going to My Father to receive the kingdom; keep your garments spotless, and in a little while I will return from the wedding and receive you to Myself.” Then a cloudy chariot, with wheels like flaming fire, surrounded by angels, came to where Jesus was. He stepped into the chariot and was borne to the holiest, where the Father sat. There I beheld Jesus, a great High Priest, standing before the Father. On the hem of His garment was a bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a pomegranate. Those who rose up with Jesus would send up their faith to Him in the holiest, and pray, “My Father, give us Thy Spirit.” Then Jesus would breathe upon them the Holy Ghost. In that breath was light, power, and much love, joy, and peace.

      I turned to look at the company who were still bowed before the throne; they did not know that Jesus had left it.Satan appeared to be by the throne, trying to carry on the work of God. I saw them look up to the throne, and pray, “Father, give us Thy Spirit.” Satan would then breathe upon them an unholy influence; in it there was light and much power, but no sweet love, joy, and peace. Satan’s object was to keep them deceived and to draw back and deceive God’s children.” EARLY WRITINGS, PAGE 55

      The disciples were known as THE WAY. See Acts 24:14. So will the last end time remnant Saints… Jesus said I AM THE WAY….
      The 5 wise virgins GO OUT – Matthew 25:5, Mathew 14:4, Revelation 18:4.

      What I see is that JUST LIKE the Israelites wanted a KING to rule over them instead of Christ to lead them, the SDA’s have wanted a Pope to rule over them. They have even changed God’s. Changed their religion….just like Ellen White predicted:

      “The enemy of souls has sought to bring in the supposition that a great reformation was to take place among Seventh-day Adventists, and that this reformation would consist in giving up the doctrines which stand as the pillars of our faith, and engaging in a process of reorganization. Were this reformation to take place, what would result? The principles of truth that God in His wisdom has given to the remnant church, would be discarded. Our religion would be changed. The fundamental principles that have sustained the work for the last fifty years would be accounted as error. A new organization would be established. Books of a new order would be written. A system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced. The founders of this system would go into the cities, and do a wonderful work. The Sabbath of course, would be lightly regarded, as also the God who created it. Nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement. The leaders would teach that virtue is better than vice, but God being removed, they would place their dependence on human power, which, without God, is worthless. Their foundation would be built on the sand, and storm and tempest would sweep away the structure.” 1 Selected Messages, pg.204,205.

      Ellen White’s very first vision predicted today’s backslidden SDA’s:

      “Others rashly denied the light behind them, and said it was not God that had led them out so far. The light behind them went out, leaving their feet in perfect darkness, and they stumbled and lost sight of the mark and of Jesus, and fell off the path down into the dark and wicked world below.” TESTIMONIES FOR THE CHURCH VOLUME 1, PAGE 59

      I appreciate your comments Rob. I will read your pages you suggest as soon as you send me the links to them. I want to be a Berean and see if these things are so…. Please prayerfully consider what I have shared and let me know your thoughts….

      God bless!


  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Yes indeed, we want to be part of the 5 wise virgins. Hopefully we’ll do a post about the wise and foolish virgins, soon. concerning calling the SDA church- Babylon, we did a post that addresses this issue – see this link I like your comment–“I want to be a Berean and see if these things are so..” That is truly Biblical. Search it out in the closet of prayer, amen.

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