666 and the Two-Horned Beast

666 and two horned beast

“We have many lessons to learn, and many, many to unlearn. God and heaven alone are infallible. Those who think that they will never have to give up a cherished view, never have occasion to change an opinion, will be disappointed. As long as we hold to our own ideas and opinions with determined persistency, we cannot have the unity for which Christ prayed.”(Testimonies to Ministers, p.30)

As our counsel shows us, we as SDA must be prepared to re-think our old traditional understandings of certain Scriptures and lessons. One such area is the understanding of 666 and the Two-Horned Beast. The Lord’s Elijah uncovered the rubbish that had hidden the truth from this most important prophecy. Let us look at 666 and the Two-Horned Beast of Revelation chapter 13.

No doubt many of us are aware of our SDA historical belief that the number “666” represents the Papacy.

For example, adding up the numbers (Roman numerals) of an alleged title of the Pope, Vicarius Filii Dei, equals 666 (if letters with no value are rendered 0 and the U is rendered V). Many think this to be a basis for that belief.

The Scripture says–
“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you..” (Matt 7:7)

I have recently received a booklet called “A Word to the Little Flock” A reprint of the FIRST PUBLICATION of the SDA as jointly prepared in 1847 by its founders James White, Ellen G.White, Joseph Bates, from a sister in the faith who is an active researcher and Bible student who seeks Truth.

Published by Willis Printing Co. 724 19th St. Denver Colorado, published– 1935

The introduction is from a W.S.Butterbaugh, M.D. who was a prominent physician and member of the SDA organization back in the early 1900’s. The introduction begins as follows.

“The following twenty-four pages are an exact word-for-word reproduction from a photo-engraved copy of the original 1847 print, which contains certain words, phrases, clauses, sentences,and paragraphs omitted from “Experience and Views” and later from “Early Writings.”

The primary purpose of the republication of this tract is not so much to call attention to these omissions, as it is to create and to foster in the minds of all sincere Bible students more of a desire to seek after the great truths which were opened up and revealed in part in this the first vision given to Miss Ellen G. Harmon– a mere school girl but seventeen years of age!…

The omission on page 19 of an entire paragraph on the subject of the “mark” and “number” of the image beast is the very work that impairs correct prophetical interpretation, to the unity of inspiration, undermines faith in its manifestations, provokes to controversy, leading successively to perplexity, confusion, bewilderment, incredulity, disbelief and apostasy, of which viscious progression there are numerous tragic instances in the history of Seventh-day Adventists…

Hence, the moral obligation to republish this tract , which has never heretofore been published by the denomination. It will assist all candid and honest Bible students within the church to arrive at a correct conclusion after further comparative study.

The true light on this one question of the mark and number of the IMAGE BEAST was first given on pages 8, 9 and in the expunged paragraph, (p.19) and is nowhere else obtainable in early denominational exposition.

W.S. Butterbaugh, M.D.
1070 Acoma St.
Denver, Colorado
October 15, 1935

The following is very important, as it is the paragraph that was omitted from page 34 of Early Writings.

“I saw all that “would not receive the mark of the Beast, and of his Image, in their foreheads or in their hands,” could not buy or sell. I saw that the number (666) of the Image Beast was made up; and that it was the beast that changed the Sabbath, and the Image Beast had followed on after, and kept the Pope’s , and not God’s Sabbath. And all we were required to do, was to give up God’s Sabbath, and keep the Pope’s and then we should have the mark of the Beast, and of his image.”(Page 19)

We  must now go into a little history concerning the above quote. In April of 1847, the first print was made of EGW’s  vision of 1847. SDA author/editor Francis D. Nichol , considered the leading twentieth-century apologist for the prophetic ministry  of EGW, in his report on this omission wrote.

“..we may conclude that in 1851—the crucial date in the charge—and before and after that date, there was held by various Sabbath keeping spokesmen the idea that the number 666 applied to the second beast of Revelation 13, and that the 666 represented that number of churches. We cannot say to what extent the view was held before 1851. But this much we can say, that there is no evidence to support the idea that the view had suffered any eclipse or abandonment in 1851.”

Apparently the Revelation chapter 13 beasts were not a clear issue, with varied opinions. So down through the years, many church leaders rallied behind a few different ideas on this matter. But for whatever reason the prevailing idea was not in accordance with what our prophetess wrote there in page 19. Hence the omission. In Mr. Nichols report , he concludes that EGW knew about this, and the evidence suggests that her role in  this regard was not of suppression due to change in her beliefs.

Mr Nichols ends with, “We think that the unprejudiced reader will conclude that this mark-of-the-beast paragraph was dropped out, not with evil intent to conceal, but simply to save space or to avoid repetition or perhaps to avoid ambiguity until a more comprehensive statement might be made.”
http://pdf.amazingdiscoveries.org/eBooks/EGWhite/Ellen_White_and_Her_Critics.pdf (report number 18)

In 1881, a final version of “Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation” was published by Uriah Smith. Here, I believe lies the basis and foundation for today’s traditional belief that 666 represents the Papacy.

Brother Houteff comments after quoting the above original EGW quote, ”

“Contradicting this heaven-given view Thoughts on Daniel and The Revelation applies  the number “666” to the pope. From this we see that Elder Smith did not share in the same Inspiration which guided Sister White.  Though as her follower he was influenced by her yet his book shows that he was also influenced by the writings of uninspired authors.  Containing doctrines from her writings as well as from theirs, the book, consequently, is an admixture of truth and error.

   But the most inexcusable part of the whole thing is that the leading brethren have entirely disregarded the inspired vision concerning the number 666 (Rev. 13:18), and in its place have almost unanimously accepted these traditions and theories of men.  The sad result is that they have become blind to the light, rebellious against the Spirit of Christ, and consequently untrustworthy servants, unfit and disqualified as leaders of His people. 

And yet, withal, they go on the while complacently assuring themselves that they are the “men of experience,” who alone are capable of investigation and deciding whether or not the messages that come to the people are from God!  An arrogation of authority which no one has a right to make unto himself, it is the despotic spawn of egotism and

Glaring Inconsistency.”(Tract 5, p.21-22)

So we are left with a “jury is out” as far as why the important paragraph was omitted. But it is clear Uriah Smith became the general leader in promoting 666 as the pope , not Ellen White. But we see God’s hand in this because , His Elijah would come and “restore” the knowledge of the beasts of Rev. 13, just as he restored  many traditional SDA lessons we have assumed as truth.

The following report from Mt.Dale DSDA organization unveils a most compelling Rev. 13 report, based on Scripture, SOP and the Elijah message, may you enjoy.


It is well known, particularly in Adventists circles, that this two-horned non-royalist power, represents our blessed country, the United States of America. (9) No doubt you’re also familiar with the reasons. Unlike the first beast, he comes from the earth, the new world-the domain away from the sea, the old world.

The two crown less horns show two non-royalist rulers, while their lamb-like appearance forecasts youthful innocency–Christian–established upon the principles of peace and liberty. And his having the power to dictate who should buy and who should not, shows that he represents a nation that leads in controlling the world’s wealth and industry.

Having only two horns, not ten, the beast therefore depicts a local, not a universal government. Nevertheless, he will influence all Christendom to “make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” That is, he will engineer a worldwide government setup, re-enthroning the principles of the church-state rule of Ecclesiastical Rome; a system now characterized by Catholicism, apostate Protestantism, and Capitalism.

In other words, the world will copy the Leopard-like beast. (Verse 12) Put still another way, it means that America will urge the world to reestablish a apostate religious-political system after the model of Western society, with principles imagining those of the Dark Ages. (Verse 12).

Note that it did not say that the Two-horned beast urged the world to worship the “head”-the Papacy, but the”beast”- the system-Catholicism, apostate Protestantism, and Capitalism, topped off with Spiritualism!

This is when, “Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power, when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism, when, under the influence of this threefold union, our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government . . .” (10)

Time or space will not allow us to delve into the identity of the false Prophet–the one who deceived the world through his “miracles.” (Compare verses 13, 14 with Revelation 19:19, 20), except to say, that he will be revered as a great religious leader, although in reality he will be Satan’s chief agent.

Now that we have looked at the context of Revelation 13, we are now better prepared to identify the 666. “Here is wisdom,” says the Scriptures. “Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Verse 18).

To identify this “man,” we must identify the “beast”–the power the “man” represents and leads. Thus we must ask, to which power is Verse 18 referring? The Leopard-like or the Two-horned? Look at it again! Note that it did not say, count the number of the beast with the wound! Or count the number of the beast which had his deadly wound healed! It just states, “count the number of the beast.”

Whenever the Bible refers to the Leopard-like beast, it always mentions the wound! (See verses 3, 12). In contrast, “the beast” is the Two-horned Beast or the Image Beast” without mention of the wound. So the beast or power in verse 18 is the Two-horned or the United States of America-not the Papacy!

Furthermore, if this is not so, why so many symbols for the Papacy? We have the little horn of Daniel 7. We say that the Leopard-like Beast, the 666, the Woman of Revelation 17, the seven head on which she sits, and the Scarlet-colored Beast are symbols of Rome! Why? What about the rise and fall of Protestantism? What about the rise of Western culture? What about our present world? Why would God leave them out?

Still skeptical? Consider the following inspired references: “This power is the last that treads down the true church of God and as the true church is still trodden down, and cast out by all Christendom, it follows that the last oppressive power has not ‘come to his end;’ and Michael has not stood up. This last power that treads down the saints is brought to view in Rev. 13:11 -18. His number is 666. . . (11)

“I saw that the number (666) of the Image Beast [the two-horned] was made up; and that it was the beast [Leopard-like] that changed the Sabbath, and the image Beast had followed on after, and kept the Pope’s and not God’s Sabbath.” (12)

These two statements make a very pungent point: that the number 666 is the power found in verses 11 – 18, and that this beast is the two-horned which we all know is the USA; otherwise known as the “Image Beast.” So the number 666 is not on the Leopard-like Beast who is found in verses 1 – 10 of Revelation 13 who changed the Sabbath during the Dark Ages, but on the “Image Beast who followed. This is Clear, logical, and Biblical! After all, the context of verses 11 -18, reveals the identity and work of the United States, not the Leopard-like!

So the “man” who stands at the head of the USA would be the 666. Biblically could not be the Pope! Yes, the Bible does state that the USA will pay homage to the Leopard-like Beast, but, we have already seen that the Leopard-like Beast is not the Papacy alone, but in fact, represents the Western world model or system. Again, the Bible did not say that the USA will tell the world to worship the “head” but the “beast”-the system!

The truth is that the Papacy will never again rule like she did in the Middle Ages. That’s right! Never! Her time for dominance is over. Yes, she will be influential. Yes she will probably gloat over the homage paid her through a Sunday law, however, she will never again sit atop the world. We know. About now you’re probably saying that old ideas die hard. Well, that may be true, but don’t keep them alive.

“I saw that the two-horned beast had a dragon’s mouth, and that his power was in his head, and that the decree would go out of his mouth. Then I saw the Mother of Harlots; that the mother was not the daughters, but separate and distinct from them. She has had her day, and it is past, and her daughters, the Protestant sects, were the next to come on the stage and act out the same mind that the mother had when she persecuted the saints. I saw that as the mother has been declining in power the daughters had been growing and soon they will exercise the power once exercised by the mother.” (13)

Obviously the Enemy wants us to focus in one direction while he attacks from another. While we trace the Papacy’s every move, the real danger lurks behind us, waiting to snag our unwary souls into his honed craws.

“All who will not bow to the decree of the national councils and obey the national laws to exalt the Sabbath instituted by the man of sin, to the disregard to god’s holy day, will feel, not the oppressive power of popery alone, but of the Protestant world, the Image of the Beast.” (14)

“why does the Latin numerals on the Pope’s title, Vicarius Filii Dei, add up to 666? A fair question indeed. But somehow it seems, we have forgotten that this phenomenon is replete throughout the long history of Paganism, Astrology, and Witchcraft. The numbers 6, 36 and 666 are sacred in these circles. So why would it be strange for the Pope’s title to equal 666, when the Papacy is itself fraught with Paganism!

Furthermore, there are countless names that numerically compute to 666-it is not restricted to the Pope alone! XIUN, one of the names for the Sun-god in Greek, numerically added to 666 ( Higgins, Anacapypsis, Vol. 2, p. 210.)

The Mythological bird of the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and many of the Indian tribes of North America, was the Phoenix, worshiped as the bright and morning star. In Egypt it was the representation of the nocturnal symbol of the Sun-god Osiris. In Greek transliteration, the Phoenix was spelled the FENEX, whose numerical value equaled 666. (16) An ancient Greek name for Satan was TEITAN, which equals 666 in its numerical values. Even the original Roman Numerals, IVXLCD, also equaled 666.

Astrologers commonly used 6, 36, and 666 for their divinations. “They invented magic charts. . . Like the roulette wheel, the charts were divided into 36 numbered divisions. There were 6 columns in all directions with the numbers 1 to 36 placed inside the entire chart. Any direction you add the columns, they add to 111.

There are six squares in each column and 6 times 11 equaling 666. If you add all the numbers from 1 to 36 they will also add to 666. . . .the number 666 was the summary number of the sun-god, because it was his sacred number as the Ruler of the Zodiac.” (17)

The Bible places the number on the Two-horned Beast-the United States, not the Papacy. So the prevailing belief that the number 666 is the numerical identification of some other power is the spawn of the Prince of Darkness, and is calculated to conceal if possible the identification of this two-horned power. God places the number on the United States, and there we must leave it.

Thus The Beast’s civil authority–the man 666–combined with the False Prophet’s supernatural power, points to a union of beast and prophet-an affiliation of state and of church representatives. Together they, leading the United States, will control the world’s politics, economics, and religion, and will seek to compel all to bow to the “Image of the Beast.”

Maybe we need to look less at the Pope and more at ourselves and apostate Protestantism. No wonder Inspiration intimated that if we studied Daniel and Revelation more closely, we “may have less to say in some lines, in regard to the Roman power and the Papacy.”(6)

6. Evangelism, p.577

9. E.G. White, The Great Controversy, pp. 440 -442.

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17. W. J. Sutton, The New Age Movement and the Illuminati 666, pp. 66, 67.

4 Responses to “666 and the Two-Horned Beast”

  1. heraldingking Says:

    Hello God’s Love&Law:

    Thaks for sharing this information. I’m at the point in my book discussing this very matter, and wanted to use some of your sources. I had the others, but not Butterbaugh’s introduction statiment. Please verify the word in bold “…of which *viscious* progression there are numerous tragic instances in the history of Seventh-day Adventists…” Should it have beeen *viscious*, or *vicious*, or *viscous*? I want to be true and accurate, it would be best if you could scan those pages and send to me.

    Thanks much for your timely reply.

    Shalom in Messiah,

    Garrick Augustus 770-722-7969

    PS: What’s your name?

  2. godsloveandlaw Says:

    Hello brother Garrick,
    The word “viscious” is the correct word as used by brother Butterbaugh. it appears it is a mis-spelling of vicious. The other word does not make sense as it means sticky or glue like. Hope that helps. We will be having a SRod phone conference fellowship meeting middle of May, let me know if you would like to join in, bro. Rob

  3. rene Says:

    Excelente mi hermano. This is meat in due season. Praise the Lord.

  4. godsloveandlaw Says:

    praise the Lord! yes my brother this is our meat and those who study it and know it and most importantly–apply it to their lives will be rewarded.

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