A Present Truth Test

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Every few weeks we post a series of 24 questions on our Elijah message Facebook site called Truth Tellers. Recently we posted our questions and many were blessed.  We thought it’d be good to post them here. It’s truly a joy to be involved in this work of spreading the Lord’s Rod message (Micah 6:9) and see how many are really studying and learning His final message to us S.D.A.

Take the test and see how you do. Next week we’ll have the answers. Be sure to check the references next week to confirm where the answer is with Inspiration. May you be blessed and enlightened.

1) Can a Woman teach?

a) No (1 Cor. 14:34)

b) Yes

c) Depends on circumstances


2) What do the two tubes in Zechariah 4 represent?

a) Christian era prophets

b) Channels of the Holy Spirit

c) Old and New Testaments


3) What does the “little season” of Rev. 20 represent? And where in Scripture can we find the length of time for this little season?

Answer __________________________________


4) What is the anti-typical valley of Achor?

a) Old Jewish city where God gave strict instructions of obedience, hence the anti-typical must mean the strict obedience of the message

b) Means the soon to come freedom of His people in the kingdom

c) Means the Ezekiel 9 church judgment


5) Exactly what day and time does the three days and three nights In the heart of the earth begin and end?

a) Friday morning to Sunday morning

b) Thursday morning to Sunday morning

c) Thursday evening to Sunday morning


6) What does the Exceeding Great horn of Daniel 8:9 represent?

a) Rome first then non-descript beast second.

b) Rome, specifically the Pope

c) Roman Paganism down through the ages


7) What does the term latter rain represent according to the message?

a) The last workings of the Holy Spirit

b) The last shower of Truth

c) The final purification of the church


8) The Old family tree (based on Isaiah 11:1) consists of how many persons and who are they?

a) Three – Jesse, David, and Christ.

b) Two – Jesse and Christ the Branch

c) We don’t know as it encompasses all of God’s servants


9. True or False: The relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem is found in Daniel 11: 40.


10. True or False: The two-horned beast symbolizes a man who stands at the head of a European nation that has wide influence.


11. A true Davidian

a. Does not easily take offense to false statements about him.

b. Is quick to judge the motives of others.

c. Progresses with truth as he feels like it.

d. A and C


12. The type of the image of the beast is found in the following Biblical chapter.

a. Daniel 7

b. Revelation 13

c. Daniel 3

d. All of the above

e. None of the above


13. The following churches are represented in the prophecy of Ezekiel’s grains.

a. Lutheran

b. Anglican

c. Baptist

d. Episcopal

e. A and C.

f. All of the above


14. True or False: One of the best ways to avoid rearing misfits is to allow them to play all day until the age of 7.


15. True or False: 5 or 6 hours should elapse between meals to allow for complete digestion.


16. Which seal are we currently living under?

a. Fourth

b. Seventh

c. Fifth

d. Sixth

e. All of the above


17) In the prophecy of Ezek. 4, Ezekiel was told to eat ______ varieties of food.

a) 6 (wheat, barley, beans, corn, millet and spelt)

b) 7 (wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, spelt, and corn)

c) 6 (wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet and spelt) Answer : C (SRod, vol. 1, p.117)


18) The message says that after the 144,000 are delivered from bondage (under apostate

leadership) in the church the balance will be?

a) made an example to others

b) buried and lamented

c) some go with the 144,000 and most die from the failure to get the seal on their forehead.


19) Back in brother Houteff’s day, our S.D.A church taught that the 144,000 were –

a) Special prophets in our church that, along with the other S.D.A members were to give the Loud Cry

b) All that were to be saved in the church and in the world

c) All that would be saved in the S.D.A church judgment


20) If a believer in the message thinks that the current storehouses are not doing the right thing, they should do what?

a) Make their own home the storehouse and dispense the tithes as they see fit

b) Complain to the leaders and if they don’t make adjustments to correct the wrong, quit paying tithes to them

c) He has not made tithe payers responsible for its use, continue paying the tithe


21) How many people are there going to be that go to the pre-mil kingdom?

a) at least 200 million

b) 144,000

c) we don’t know, but the 144,00 and great multitude together will be under 200 million


22) The Elijah message contains how many Tracts and TG’s?

a) 15 and 98

b) 12 and 100

c) 15 and 96


23) Christ our Lord ate “butter and honey” in order to –

a) Learn and speak the Word here on earth

b) Refuse evil and choose good

c) Grow healthy and strong for His mission


24) What lesson can we learn from Felix (Acts 24:25) in connection with the message?

a) Have an open mind and listen carefully for the words of Truth when it comes

b) Show compassion and understanding but do research first

c) do not delay when the Truth presents itself for study/understanding



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